+1,430.90% increase in ROAS
in September 2022

Google Ads Stationery products

Client Goals


Improve brand visibility as a premium manufacturer

Papierniczeni aims to position its company as synonymous with top-notch quality, niche products, and artisanal craftsmanship within the paper goods industry, including notebooks, calendars, and calligraphy tools. To help our Client achieve this business goal, we focused on running text ads and branded campaigns. During peak sales seasons, we also made use of display campaigns.


Increase sales revenue

By building brand recognition among their target audience, Papierniczeni also wanted to increase sales. They placed a particular focus on calendars, which is a highly demanded product from October to December, gradually tapering off from January to March. In addition to calendars, Papierniczeni offers a year-round selection of products, including notebooks, planners, notepads, and various paper goods from global brands and their own crafted items.

SEM Team

We had a clear strategy in place for Papierniczeni advertising campaigns. Our main goal was to help the Client sell more of their products. To achieve that, we had to make our regular SEM process maximally efficient, using the limited budget we had. It’s worth noting that migrating the store to Shopify and connecting Google Merchant Center to the API played a significant role in delivering impressive results to the Client. Plus, we set up Google Analytics 4 for even better insights and tracking of our advertising performance, which appeared to be superb.

Agnieszka Glińska
Agnieszka Glińska SEM Specialist

Google Ads Campaign for Papierniczeni

Search Campaigns

Why we did it

We began our partnership with Papierniczeni back in 2019, starting with a pretty modest ad budget. Fast forward to today, thanks to our improved performance, the Client has upped the budget by 67%. Right from the start, we rolled out Search Campaigns as one of our primary campaign types.

In our Search Campaigns, our main goal was to adapt the right tone of voice and the whole messaging, making it tailored to the target audience. This way we ensured that Papierniczeni ads weren’t seen as just another run-of-the-mill sales pitch. Instead, we aimed to capture attention by highlighting the exceptional quality of their products.

It’s worth noting that our Client’s assortment comes from both well-known and niche manufacturers worldwide and features a minimalist aesthetic, unique designs, exclusive collections, and artisanal craftsmanship.

In these campaigns, we made it clear that Papierniczeni is a workshop where customers can discover handcrafted, niche products.

Below is an example of a text ad that was a part of the Search Campaign developed for Papierniczeni

text ad Papierniczeni


Add • www.papierniczeni.pl/papierniczeni/cracow

Papierniczeni | Unique design | Take a look

Get ready for 2023! New 2023 calendars are finally available! The offer is continuously expanding. Designer collections. Minimalist aesthetic. Craftsman / artisanal quality. 48H Shipping.

Undated planners

Notebooks and writing pads

Our collection

🕻 Call: 504 865 233

Papierniczeni text ad


Add • www.papierniczeni.pl/ ▼ 504 865 233

One-of-a-kind paper goods | Designer’s notebooks

Simple form, high-quality materials, and meticulous craftsmanship. See our best-selling products! Minimalist aesthetic. Free shipping from PLN 200,00. Designer collections. Artisanal quality.

We also made use of structured ad snippets. Apart from all the available assets, ranging from classic Sitelink, Price, or Promotion, we also made use of the latest addition, which is available from 2022 – Image. This asset allowed us to add images to text ads displayed on mobile devices.

Here’s an example of a text ad with an Image asset

text and image ad


Papierniczeni. Cracow | 48H Shipping | See the products

2023 calendars! Classic, Copper, Everyday, and more! Order in Papierniczeni! Designer collections. Artisanal quality. Free shipping…

Assets are there to make the text ads’ visibility more prominent, increase users’ engagement through extra visual content and information, and thus potentially drive higher conversion rates.

Shopping Campaigns

(now Performance Max)

Why we did it

Shopping Campaigns took center stage in our efforts for Papierniczeni because they drive the highest sales. To keep a closer eye on the results, we grouped the offered products and created separate campaigns for each group. The first campaign highlighted three brands that were a top priority for the Client, including the bestsellers. We also launched another campaign for the remaining products, except for calendars, which had their own dedicated budget, and hence a separate third campaign.

Starting from August 24, 2022, we switched from Shopping Campaigns to Performance Max, a versatile and goal-based campaign that mixes several campaign types (e.g. Search, Video, Shopping, and Display) in various combinations.

At the moment, we’re still waiting for the results to unfold over the long term, yet we can already see these campaigns gaining traction and delivering highly satisfying outcomes.

What’s particularly crucial with Performance Max campaigns is a shift in how we create such content. These campaigns demand a lot, not just in terms of ad content, but also in the choice of graphics and video materials. We also need to carefully plan our product structure and target audience.

For Papierniczoni, we took care of several important factors:

  • We created ad content that suited the way we communicated with the Client’s customers.
  • We made sure that the headlines in our text ads were unique (ie. didn’t duplicate), which is something that is often overlooked by Performance Max campaign managers
  • We carefully chose the right number of high-quality images that matched Papierniczeni’s image (we provided the Client with clear guidelines for creating these graphics).
  • We selected relevant ad assets.
  • We set up the target audience properly, considering user behavior, the keywords they searched for, and the niche brands they were interested in.
  • We narrowed down the product categories and specific products for the campaigns to focus on, such as bestsellers, major brands, 2023 calendars, or other selected products.

Moreover, in PM campaigns, it’s crucial to select video materials thoughtfully. Otherwise, Google might end up creating these materials on its own, which may not necessarily align with the company’s communication strategy.

To avoid this, at Delante, we always provide our Clients with a full guidebook. We’re also available for support and feedback.

More on Performance Max campaigns and their efficient optimization can be found in our guide: Performance Max: Automated Google Ads in a Nutshell

Below is an example of a Performance Max Display Campaign for Papierniczeni

performance max ad example

example of performance max ad

performance max ad campaign example

Seasonal Display Campaigns

Why we did it

Before we introduced Performance Max Campaigns into the Google Ads system, we ran Display Campaigns exclusively during the peak sales season to convey information about the new calendar collection to potential customers. Our primary goal at that time was to increase awareness of the new offering among both new and returning customers.

We developed distinct strategies for both new and returning customers at Papierniczeni to ensure that the conversions generated by the campaign would be as high as possible.

Every year, we started the campaigns in September and October to increase Papierniczeni’s visibility to the target audience, consequently helping the brand become more recognizable at the start of the sales season. However, with the introduction of Performance Max, pure Google Display Network campaigns have become less critical due to budget constraints and increased competition.

Below are two examples of Display Campaigns created for Papierniczeni

Papierniczeni banner ad




20% OFF


*until October 5th

example of display ad papierniczeni



20% OFF


*until October 5th

As we approached the new year, our primary goal was to facilitate the customers making the purchases in the easiest way possible.

The Performance Max and Display Campaigns were aimed at increasing visibility, hence driving more conversions. Additionally, the Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) analyzed the website, headlines, and titles to tailor ads to users’ queries. This helped us attract extra traffic and capture potential new search queries. This multi-stage approach delivered exceptionally positive results.

Entrust us with your advertising


Better Outcomes of Performance Max Campaigns

Between September 1st and October 15th, 2022, we achieved an impressive 1,930.54% return on ad spend (ROAS) and a highly satisfying level of sales.

papierniczeni results

For comparison, below are the results of the intelligent product campaign (iPLA) conducted during the same period the previous year (September 1st to October 15th, 2021):

Google ads results papierniczeni

This shows a significant increase in revenue by 378.26% (in terms of conversion value) and a 222.74% higher ROAS.

What’s even more rewarding is that, in addition to the noticeable increase in sales, the cost per conversion also decreased.

September 2022 vs. September 2021 Ad Campaign Comparison

During these 12 months, we saw substantial improvements in various key metrics, including transactions (conversions), revenue (conversion value), ROAS (return on ad spend), and a significant reduction in the cost per conversion. You can see the details in the chart below.

papierniczeni results

January-September 2022 vs. January-September 2021

Comparing the same periods year-on-year, we see clear increases in transactions (conversions), revenue (conversion value), ROAS (conversion value/cost) and a clear decrease in conversion cost:

papierniczeni wyniki porównanie

Year-over-Year Sales Comparison

When comparing October 1st, 2019 – October 1st, 2020 to October 1st, 2020 – October 1st, 2021, the revenue generated by Google Ads for Papierniczeni increased by 9,65%.

However, when comparing October 1st, 2020 – October 1st, 2021 to October 1st, 2021 – October 1st, 2022, Papierniczeni’s advertising revenue increased by an impressive 158.82%, which is an extremely satisfying result.

Here’s a quick summary of the % of revenue generated by advertising:

  • Year 2022: 28% of website ad revenue
  • Year 2021: 17% of website ad revenue
  • Year 2020: 10% of website ad revenue
  • Year 2019: 21% of website ad revenue

This clearly indicates that Google Ads has been playing a growing role in boosting the company’s revenue, which is something we’re extremely pleased about! It’s especially rewarding considering that working with clients like Papierniczeni is an absolute pleasure

Black Friday

Over the weekend of November 25th-27th, 2022, we achieved a remarkable ROAS of 6,216%. This outstanding result can be attributed to two key factors:

  1. Consultations that guided us in optimizing the design and functionality of the Client’s website for Black Friday.
  2. The launch of dedicated ad campaigns.

papierniczeni results black friday

The Delante team has been managing our Google Ads campaigns since 2019. Right from the start, their dedication and ideas have consistently delivered results. Our conversion rate has been steadily increasing, and we appreciate our collaborative working relationship, especially having direct contact with the SEM Specialist overseeing our ad campaigns. We highly recommend their services!

Magdalena Konik-Machulska

The Founder of Papierniczeni

Let’s achieve great ROAS together!

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