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+368% Organic traffic revenue growth in a year

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Client Goals


Increased visibility

Maylily approached us to increase the site’s visibility in search results and stand out in the competitive baby and children’s goods industry.


Increased traffic

Along with visibility, Maylily also wanted to increase organic traffic. This was not an easy task due to the numerous and strong competitors such as SMYK and Allegro (big players in the Polish ecommerce market).

About Maylily

We have been working with Maylily for a long time. Our adventure began in June 2018 and continues uninterrupted to this day.

Maylily is a dedicated client, and working with them feels like a true partnership. They stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and have extensive knowledge of SEO. Maylily actively keeps track of relevant keywords and enthusiastically participates in optimization efforts.

With their in-depth SEO knowledge, Maylily recognizes the significance of optimizations and modifications. Right from the start, they had clear requirements, but as they witnessed the positive outcomes we achieved, they began trusting our expertise and capabilities. Gradually, they started delegating more decision-making to us.

Our collaboration revolves around recommendations, which Maylily implements to carry out optimizations and any necessary changes.

Maylily skillfully combines SEO strategy with other marketing activities, advertising, and social media, leading to great results. These efforts complement each other and help increase brand recognition, online presence, website traffic, and customer conversions, turning potential buyers into loyal customers.

SEO Team

Cooperation with Maylily is extremely rewarding for me. The client is well aware of the importance of marketing and is actively involved in our activities. They ask a lot of questions, efficiently implement our recommendations and trust our actions. This is a fruitful and partnership cooperation, based on mutual trust and effective action.

Dagmara Weder-Grygielewicz
Dagmara Weder-Grygielewicz SEO Specialist

Initial Strategy

As we began working with Maylily in 2018, as usual, the first step was to conduct a site audit. As a result, we found out that basic elements such as meta tags, on-page content, loading speed, etc. needed our attention.

The initial strategy involved fixing problems on the site and optimizing individual categories for specific key phrases. We looked into improving titles and meta descriptions and recommended adding and optimizing text on the homepage, categories, and product pages.

Example of a title after optimization:

optimized title maylily

Example of meta description after the update:

optimized meta description maylily

The site faced a significant obstacle in its progress, mainly caused by content duplication from having too many categories. Unfortunately, reducing these categories on the PrestaShop platform proved challenging due to its limitations. Additionally, external duplication occurred because the site used the manufacturer’s product descriptions, which were also used in other children’s stores.

examples of external duplication

We recommended creating unique content for products and categories, as well as consolidating categories containing products that differed very little from each other.

An example of text on a category page that was written and optimized according to our recommendations:

example of optimized content for the category page

In addition, we improved the headline structure and optimized the images, most of which lacked alternative text. We also took care of internal linking and introduced a link building strategy.

All of these efforts contributed to an increase in visibility and traffic from the organic channel, thus increasing sales profits.

the results at the beggining of cooperation with maylily

However, the real revolution came with a change in strategy that fully embraces Maylily’s potential.

Change of Strategy that Brought Spectacular Results

SEO is a highly dynamic field, and its rules can change rapidly. Our partnership with Maylily began a few years ago, so it’s only natural that certain practices have evolved or been replaced by others over time.

As of January 2023, our budget doubled, which has enabled us to intensify our activities and introduce a completely new strategy that is tailored to the current needs of the client.

3 Pillars of the New Strategy

1. Re-Optimization

Maylily has been our client for a couple of years now, and during this time the SEO industry has undergone many changes. Therefore, the optimizations we made at the beginning of our cooperation needed to be updated. With the increase in budget, we were able to intensify our efforts and start implementing the re-optimization strategy.

As part of this process, we re-optimize titles and meta descriptions for key subpages, and re-optimize headlines, content, and internal linking. We also modify key phrases if optimization has not been successful so far – we change the form of the phrase so that it better matches the specific sub-page and user intent.

We are seeing a significant improvement in the visibility of the subpages that have been re-optimized, and with that, we are also seeing an increase in traffic from the organic channel.

change in keyword positions thanks to the new strategy

2. Raising the Position of Key Phrases Most Important to the Client

As part of the new strategy, we focus on raising the positions of key phrases that are most important to the client from a business perspective and have the greatest potential. These are phrases with high volume (more than 30,000) and positions from 11-20. Although these phrases are not easy to rank, we aim high to answer the client’s current needs.

Such phrases have the best chance to jump into TOP10 in a short time and bring valuable traffic to the website and increase sales.

Every month, together with Maylily, we choose a few phrases (usually 6-8) and conduct a series of activities to raise their positions. This is a strategy that brings great results, as you can see from the positions of the phrases that have skyrocketed.

One of the most important phrases for Maylily is “newborn layette”, as products in this category sell all year round.

change in keyword position important to the client

The phrase was initially on the 15th position and had great potential to appear higher in the search results and jump into the TOP10. Dagmara focused on optimizing the site for this particular keyword and managed to knock it first into 5th position and eventually into the TOP 3, ahead of stores such as Smyk and Allegro (usually occupying first positions in the search results)

Below is a graph showing the change in the phrase’s position over time:

wykres z historią pozycji frazy maylily

Maylily was very pleased with the results achieved, as can be seen in the excerpts from our communication:

message from the happy client

message from the happy client

How did we accomplish this? Through a suitable SEO strategy based on re-optimization combined with link building, sponsored content, and content marketing.

Below there are more examples of relevant key phrases that we managed to raise to TOP10 thanks to the re-optimization strategy:

change in keywords positions thanks to the new strategy

Every month, Maylily receives a file with recommendations from us containing specific keywords for the month, along with recommendations on what content should be prepared and how to optimize it to achieve the best results or what changes to the category pages should appear.

Our specialist prepares detailed descriptions containing data on the current position of the phrase, the number of impressions and traffic generated, as well as its potential.

Maylily is very satisfied with the recommendations prepared and is implementing them on an ongoing basis.

3. Competitive analysis

The last point of the new strategy is to constantly monitor the competition. The results of the analysis serve as inspiration for our specialists to make recommendations for Maylily and help optimize the site even better.

When selecting new phrases for re-optimization, our Specialist conducts competitive research to find out what content ranks highest for a given keyword. Based on such analysis, she makes recommendations on user intent, content type and length, and text optimization.

This analysis provides valuable insights, helping us understand what actions we need to take to ensure the site ranks higher than the competition for the client’s crucial keywords.

By implementing a strategy that combines re-optimization, targeting essential phrases, and analyzing the competition, we achieved remarkable and spectacular results.

Off-Site Strategy

An innovative strategy is not enough, and we still keep in mind the basics of SEO, which have proven their effectiveness more than once. Therefore, we continue to conduct link building activities and acquire valuable links that have a positive impact on Maylily’s website.

In addition to acquiring links, we also carry out activities to boost site visibility and traffic through paid publications. We search for the most relevant domains related to Maylily’s theme and create content that the client approves before publication.

Thanks to this strategy, the number of links and domains leading to Maylily increased significantly. Organic traffic has also increased, as well as the number of organic keywords for which the site shows up in search results.

Link profile before our cooperation:

link profile before

backlink profile before

At this point, the link profile looks as follows:

link profile now

backlink profile now


Thanks to the increased budget, we were able to introduce a new strategy and overcome stagnation, which was caused by insufficient funds and a major problem with duplicate content on the site.

The results that we are achieving together with Maylily are truly outstanding and perfectly illustrate the importance of constant action, continuous alignment of strategy with the market and customer expectations, long-term goals, and, by extension, matching the budget with the needs.

+368% organic channel revenue growth in May 2023 compared to May 2022

graph of revenue growth

+ 130% increase in impressions in May 2023 compared to May 2022

+ 118% traffic growth in May 2023 compared to May 2022

graph of visibility and traffic increase after the change of strategy

The graph below shows an increasing trend in page visibility:

graph showing results

The graph below shows the growing trend of site traffic and the number of phrases in TOP3 and TOP10:

traffic and keywords results

We have been working with Delante since 2018, and I must point out that we are not an easy customer 🙂 We inquire, analyze and check the effectiveness of activities. I value Delante for its professionalism, efficient communication and lack of hooks – so unfortunately common in this industry. The cooperation is transparent and based on common goals. The best recommendation is that I recommend Delante to my business friends.

katarzyna mitas

Katarzyna Mitas


Let’s achieve amazing results together!

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