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Are you considering entrusting us with optimizing your website for search engines (SEO)? Maybe you’re thinking about hading your Google Ads / Facebook Ads campaigns over to us? No wonder you’d like to verify whether we deliver value to our Clients. See where you can find reviews and comments on Delante.

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Delante is listening to clients’ needs and making sure to understand the core of the business. We value direct contact with SEO specialists. They consider the entrepreneurial point of view, address it in the strategy, and come up with a solution that contributed to the growth of our traffic and visibility.

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Nikos Filippakis



delante reviews on clutch

We’ve been collecting reviews on Clutch for a few years. This review site accepts opinions only from verified users. How does the verification process work? Clutch uses LinkedIn to check whether a person leaving a review works at the reviewed company – if they do, they can’t add their comment. In other words, reviews can be posted only by people from outside the company. In case a user doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile, they can leave a review by filling out a form.

While writing a review, a reviewer is requested to list the services they used and give information on the budget. Additionally, they are asked to answer detailed questions on the achieved results, how they found the company, and why they decided to work with them.

Reviews of Delante published on Clutch are truly extensive. Depending on the industry, the list of questions a reviewer is asked to answer may vary.

We wanted a company with a great SEO strategy and attention to detail and that’s what we got with Delante! We’re getting the results our new company wanted when we first started!

Sandra Mercado


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delante reviews on goodfirms

No doubt, the reviews of Delante published on GoodFirms are super detailed. This way you may learn for example the budget set for a project and whether the SEO process is still ongoing.

What makes GoodFirms’ opinions different, is the fact that you use a 5-star rating to evaluate various aspects of the cooperation: e.g. communication and quality of deliverables. Additionally, you list the pros and cons of the company you partnered with and evaluate the whole experience using the 10-point “User Score”.

Like Clutch, GoodFirms verifies the reviewers by checking their credibility via LinkedIn. This way people working at the reviewed company aren’t allowed to leave a comment.

An exemplary review of Delante:

example of one of reviews of delante published on goodfirms

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delante reviews on designrush

The first thing that stands out, the reviews posted on DesignRush are relatively shorter than those published on Clutch and GoodFirms.

Clients provide information about the type of project that a Company runs for them, rate areas like work quality, responsiveness, and satisfaction using the 1-5 star classification, and provide a written review. Furthermore, Clients also upload their profile photo and add a job description.

DesignRush is another review website that verifies its users via LinkedIn.

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At this point, we can surely say that we’re satisfied with their services. They approached the project professionally by conducting an SEO report that set the direction for the whole strategy. The process is well-structured, the work is delivered on time, and with monthly reports, we can both keep track of their activity on the website and see the results. What’s worth mentioning is that there’s an SEO specialist dedicated to the project – that makes the whole communication easy and direct. After just 5 months we see a stable increase in organic traffic. Really effective cooperation and a partner worth recommending.

Orient Display Marketing Team


delante reviews on g2

If a Client wants to leave a review on G2, they are asked to answer a few questions. They also say what they like about the cooperation most, what downsides they noticed, and what type of project the Company helps them to handle. Also, the Client may give recommendations to those who are interested in partnering with a given Company.

Reviews published on G2 are thoroughly verified.

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delante reviews on sortlist

If you want to express your thoughts about partnering with a Company, Sortlist will ask you to do two things. First, you need to answer three questions concerning the process of collaboration with the reviewed Company. Later, you use the 5-star rating to evaluate the following areas: Budget, Quality, Schedule, and Collaboration.

Delante has gone above and beyond throughout our journey together, bringing a team of specialists who know what they’re doing. If you need a team of experts with skin in the game, I couldn’t recommend any other option.

Eduardo Oliveira

Co-Founder & CEO

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Delante opinie Google

Adding a review is really easy as Google does not guarantee verification of reviews, other than the need for an email. You can add stars to each review and also a comment. Google reviews can be replied to by the owner, but the conversation cannot be continued.

There are also three key problems associated with Google reviews:

  • reviews often disappear,
  • they are sometimes not visible once shared,
  •  they are not properly verified.
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