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Client Goals


Increase website visibility in Europe

Orient Display is one of the world’s leading touch panel and LCD display manufacturers. Operating on the worldwide market, they wanted to become more visible for the European customers.


Boost organic traffic from Europe

The manufacturer’s goal was to attract more customers from Europe. To achieve that, we had to help Orient Display generate more organic traffic coming from prospects living in European countries.


Improve conversion rate

Another issue that required fixing was a relatively low conversion rate. To handle that, we had to improve UX to help the prospects engage with the website. Moreover, after running a thorough SEO audit, it turned out that the prospects weren’t directed to the store when visiting the website.

SEO Team

Together with the Orient Display team, we managed to redefine their website. Now it fulfills two roles: it’s a prospering online store selling LCD screens as well as a place to find expert advice and insight. Combining their knowledge and the customized SEO strategy, we succeed in increasing the website visibility on the European market and boosting conversion rate.

Milena Fietko
Milena Fietko SEO Strategy Manager

On-Site Strategy

Creating Multi-Language Website

Our client wanted to expand on new market, yet the site didn’t have proper language version for new target audiences. The first thing in the strategy was to fix that!

Why we did it

Multi-language website is essential for carrying out the process of international SEO. When it comes to UX, we had to create separate versions of the website for each of the targeted European languages to minimize the risk of bounce rate. Without doing both of those things, it would be impossible to increase website visibility in the European market.

First, we suggested implementing different language versions of the website. We did that through creating separate catalogs, and getting them translated via a plugin. This is how the content was automatically transferred to the site’s version matched to users’ origin. Despite being rather unconventional, the solution we suggested proved to be successful. It brought more traffic originating from European countries (check the results section).

Adding Schema Markups

Another thing we needed to take care of was structured data.

Why we did it

Schema markups help search engines understand the content of the website better. This form of microdata facilitates crawling, making the process quicker and more efficient. This in turn has a positive effect on the website ranking.

The audit we carried out revealed that the Orient Display website would use a few technical changes. We started with merging the company blog (previously created as a separate WordPress-based site) to the main website’s structure. This allowed us to use schema and blog scripts for improved SEO.

As a part of improving technical SEO process, we also:

  • transferred blog articles to the main CMS
  • transferred all URLs to the main domain
  • set correct redirects
  • created correct internal linking for blog content
  • implemented the related posts feature

related posts feature seo case study

  • implemented pagination on the blog page

pagination implementation case study

Adding More Keyword-Rich Content

Even the best-designed website won’t make it in the search engines without quality content containing business-relevant keywords with conversion potential.

Why we did it

With too little content, there was no chance for the website to attract a bigger number of visitors. There was simply not enough of it to drive the visibility for the most relevant keywords.

The solution we came up with appeared to be multi-layered. First, we had to create a list of relevant keywords to later use them on the website. After doing so, we started creating content for the main page.


building keyword-rich content

When it comes to the blog, our client and us agreed that they would be responsible for writing blog posts. To help Orient Display run the blog smoothly, we were preparing a detailed Content Plan each month. To stay consistent with the whole SEO strategy we devised, the plan included blog post topics that should be covered by the client. We also provided Orient Display with editorial guidelines such as the list of keywords that the content should include.

Improving Content Structure

Having a content on the website is one thing – the other is to organize it in a correct way.

Why we did it

Crawlers must be provided with an information and navigation hierarchy – the clearer it is, the better. This is another important factor that improves SEO and boosts rankings. Additionally, when the content is grouped logically, the visitors enjoy the website better, thus staying longer.

Another SEO-improving aspect that we had to handle concerned the content structure. Since there was no evident content hierarchy, we divided the category and subcategory content into two modules: we implemented tabbed content, so that viewers could see or hide the text simply by clicking the More button. This way we added more content that was seen by Google robots, yet it occupied less space and kept the website look organized.

content structure optimization

Moving the Traffic to the Store
& Adding CTA Buttons

During the website analysis we discovered that traffic wasn’t actually going to the online store – users would stay in the knowledge base section. We decided to try some CTA buttons.

Why we did it

To achieve one of our client’s goals, we had to improve conversion rates. We could do this by leading the visitors from the knowledge base section to the store, where most of the conversion takes place. We also placed CTA buttons on blog pages to reduce the risk of the visitors closing the website without taking up any action.

Although the traffic itself was on a good level, users visiting Orient Display’s knowledge base didn’t go to the store. In other words, even though there was a satisfactory number of visitors on the website, they didn’t convert. To fix the issue, we suggested creating a sticky call to action button, saying: “Contact our experts”.

conversion optimization seo case study example

Another way of improving conversion was through implementing a contact form under the knowledge base entries.

conversion optimization contact form solution

Additionally, we added CTA buttons and contact forms on the blog pages. This way we reduced the risk of the visitors closing the website after finishing reading.

contact button example

Optimizing On-Page SEO Elements
for Relevant Keywords

Yes, keywords again. This time we needed to use all keywords selected during keyword research in all crucial page elements that could boost the performance.

Why we did it

Placing relevant keywords in SEO-sensitive areas like meta descriptions and title tags boosts website visibility. Both elements work as a guide for Google. If written inappropriately (e.g. no keywords), they make no use for Google, forcing the robots to keep looking for another, more valuable website.

A great part of the SEO strategy for Orient Display included optimizing the base SEO elements to improve the site’s performance. In most cases, we had to add more relevant keywords and eliminate duplicate content.

Firstly, we dealt with the home paga and its meta description and title tag. As shown below, they were too long (exceeded 60 characters). Title tag was duplicated, causing cannibalization.

Our SEO team rephrased the meta descriptions and title tags on category and product pages. Apart from adding more keywords, the team also made sure the texts aren’t too long to get it displayed on all devices correctly.

Secondly, there were even more meta descriptions that needed fixing – some of them were missing, others had to be paraphrased, and others again had zero keywords. There was also a problem with duplicate descriptions.

duplicated meta descriptions example

Thirdly, our team fixed the incorrect headings structure and rebuilt it (due to the increased number of content available on the website). H1s and other headings were optimized for relevant keywords, as none of the headers contained them.


incorrect heading structure


correct heading structure

Other on-page SEO element fixes included:

  • blog headers structure optimization
  • changes in the website’s footer
  • improving incorrect alt descriptions
  • implementing correct use of HTML emphasis tags
  • optimizing text elements on the site

Adding Redirects Between HTTP and HTTPS on Product Pages

Another issue to fix was the lack of correct redirects from HTTP to HTTPs on Orient Display’s product pages.

Why we did it

Without redirects, there were two URLs leading to the same page. As a consequence, the very page was indexed twice, causing duplication, and eventually harming SEO.

Orient Display’s product pages didn’t include any redirects from HTTP to HTTPS. The issue was resolved by implementing the correct redirects between the product pages.

Improving Loading Speed

Page loading time is one of top UX factors that can have impact on website performence. A long wait to see the page can surely scare visitors off!

Why we did it

Among the top SEO factors influencing website ranking there is loading speed, no doubts. Also, the faster the website loads, the lower the bounce rate.

The website experienced some problems with fast loading. To speed it up, the SEO team compressed the content, focusing mainly on the images. 

I wanto Delante to improve my website
Off-Site Strategy

Along with the considerable effort on improving on-site SEO that our team was putting in throughout a few months, the specialists were also managing the link-building process. After conducting the keyword research and selecting the most relevant phrases to optimize Orient Display for, we employed a comprehensive backlink strategy. All links were created manually. Our team also checked each link for quality, indexability, and relevance. In this process, we used a link diversity strategy and sponsored publications.

Here is the link profile before we started optimizing Orient Display:

link profile before cooperation

For comparison, here is the link profile after 6 months of our SEO team work:

link profile after 6 months of cooperation

We succeeded at maintaining a stable growth of referring domains, which is crucial for increasing website parameters. This approach is proven to be more effective in boosting website ranking, than increasing the number of backlinks in a short period of time. Besides, sudden backlink growth may incur a penalty from Google.


Here is what we managed to achieve.

RESULT 1 Increased website visibility on the global market. Below the data taken at the start and after 5 months of cooperation:

increase in traffic graph

increase in general visibility graph

There was a 137%  increase in the number of impressions and 190% increase in the number of clicks in search results.

RESULT 2 Considerable growth in the number of keywords visible in Google Search. See June 2021 (the first month of cooperation) vs November 2021 (after 6 months):

number of keyword change

RESULT 3 An increase in the year to year ratio of website traffic.

June (the first month of cooperation):

first month of cooperation

October (5 months later):

website traffic growth yoy after 5 months

RESULT 4 Increase in website visibility and traffic in European (and Japanese) markets.

While working on global SEO, we also focused on the European market, as this was one of the Orient Display’s main objectives.

Here is how our SEO strategy improved Orient Display performance in Europe + Japan:


#1 Website visibility

traffic change on german market

#2 Increase in traffic

increase in organic traffic germany


#1 Website visibility

visibility growth on polish market

#2 Increase in traffic

traffic growth on polish market


#1 Website visibility

increase in visibility france

#2 Increase in traffic

traffic increase on french market


#1 Website visibility

visibility growth japanesse market

#2 Increase in traffic

traffic increase japan

At this point, we can surely say that we’re satisfied with their services. They approached the project professionally by conducting an SEO report that set the direction for the whole strategy. The process is well-structured, the work is delivered on time, and with monthly reports, we can both keep track of their activity on the website and see the results. What’s worth mentioning is that there’s an SEO specialist dedicated to the project – that makes the whole communication easy and direct. After just 5 months we see a stable increase in organic traffic. Really effective cooperation and a partner worth recommending.

Orient Display Marketing Team

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