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Why Coose Our Content Marketing Services?

Create and implement a content marketing strategy

Create high-quality content tailored from the target audience

Optimize content for SEO

Monitor results to evaluate the effectiveness of the content marketing strategy

Complete your knowledge of content marketing

Ania Bitner - Content Specialist

Ania Bitner

Content Specialist

Who Is
Content Marketing Service for?

Content marketing services offered by Delante are designed for:

  • e-commerce store owners
  • service and branded website owners
  • ‘about us’ page owners
  • companies that want to outsource content creation, yet don’t know how to verify it later for being aligned with Google’s policies
  • those who have neither time nor resources to build an in-house content team

What exactly is content marketing? How will we devise your plan to drive more web traffic, build brand awareness and increase revenue?

What Is a
Content Marketing Service

Content marketing services is a strategic approach that involves creation and distribution of value-adding, relevant and coherent content to attract and retain a precisely-defined target audience. Consequently, this process helps you encourage potential prospects to take specific actions that are in line with your business strategy.

A carefully planned content marketing strategy facilitates setting clear goals by discovering needs of the target audience. Additionally, it allows for detailed analysis of the keywords that the potential prospects use to find your brand. Moreover, content marketing services help design a publishing schedule and draw up the advertising budget. Defining your KPIs, developing an action plan, finding the right distribution channels and running a competitive analysis are just exemplary elements comprising the content marketing services that give your brand an edge over your closest rivals.

Who Will Help You with the
Content Creation Process?
Meet Our Team

Delante was a heaven-sent agency which we were lucky enough to find at the right time. Quickly and efficiently they optimized the all-new website for the search engines so that Google liked us again. They also walked us through the ins and outs of creating SEO-friendly content.

Dominika Jajszczak

Project Manager

What Type of Content
Can Delante Create for You?

What types of content will we help you to make? See the below section to learn the pieces of content we will gladly prepare for you, adapting each one to every stage of the sales funnel.

Blog posts & articles

Company blog is an ideal tool to bring in new customers no matter the stage of the sales funnel and buyer’s journey they are currently at. Creating various pieces of content, you address: the users who are looking for solutions to their problems, those who want to expand their knowledge on a particular topic, as well as the decisive buyers who are ready to make a purchase.

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If you work in a difficult industry, and are concerned about reaching potential customers with different levels of knowledge on your products and services, you should consider adding a definition section to your website. We can help you create a clear and easy-to-understand glossary of the common industry terminology. This facilitates positioning you as an expert and authority in your niche.

seo migration planning stage

Manufacturer & brand descriptions

Do you work with popular brands and manufacturers? Perhaps you want to show your clients why they should choose your products? Unique manufacturer and brand descriptions help you persuade visitors to make a purchase.

disqus wordpress seo

Case studies

This piece of writing is an effective way to show your visitors that your product or service helped others achieve their goals and solved their problems. It’s worth realizing that case studies are proven to be extremely useful in the final stage of the sales funnel, when the customers know exactly what they want, but aren’t sure which service to pick.

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Web content

Your website is one of the most important content marketing tools you have. Content that is published on each page should target users from different stages of the customer journey. This way you engage the target audience, encouraging them to convert. In other words, your official website should be considered as a valuable source for those searching for general as well as specific information.

Category descriptions

This is an essential element of content marketing strategy for e-commerce stores. Category descriptions are supposed to persuade the visitors to purchase from you, not from your competitors. To do so, the descriptions should list the key features of a given category, including the benefits of the products or services that they fall into.

Product descriptions

They fulfill similar functions to the category descriptions. However, they are more detailed, focusing on the individual features and properties of a given item. Product descriptions are one of the content types that is actually read by the customers – those pieces of writing help clear up the doubts your customers may have. When composed properly, product descriptions increase the chances of a visitor making a purchase from your company.

We will create each of the above content types for your website. Would you like to learn the details? Contact us!

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Our Awards

Award - Global Search Awards 2023 Award - Global Agency Awards 2022 Award - European eCommerce Awards 2022 Award - European Search Awards 2022 Award - Deloitte 2021 Award - Global Digital Excellence Awards 2022 Award - Global Search Award 2022 Award - IPMA Award - US Search Awards 2021
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What Are the Benefits of Using
Delante’s Content Marketing Services

A fully-customized content marketing strategy brings a wide range of benefits for you and your business. What are the major ones?

Keyword rankings

Higher positions in Search, increased visibility & more web traffic

Creating high-quality content for your website and building internal linking around it helps you keep users viewing your website longer. This translates into increased website sessions and more traffic.

More keywords your website ranks for

The more content marketing activities implemented on your website, the more keywords your website ranks for in Search. This in turn increases your chances of reaching more potential prospects.

Improved brand awareness & recognition

Are you looking for some proven ways to increase your authority and brand recognition? Content marketing for business will help you achieve this goal. With a substantial amount of quality content, you will present yourself as an expert. The higher web traffic that comes after that will quickly improve your brand awareness.

Work directly with SEO specialist

Reaching your target audience

Content marketing services are also a great way to reach your target audience. If you lack ideas on how to attract more customers, or if you aren’t sure who they exactly are, we’ll be happy to help. We will provide you with a customer analysis to later adopt the web content accordingly, making your visitors love it.

Lower bounce rate

The above factors translate directly into the longer session duration – you satisfy your visitors intent, thus they are more likely to stay on your website longer. It’s also worth realizing that once a user sees quality content published on your website, they won’t feel the need to look for it in other sources – meaning, they won’t go to your competitors’ website.

Higher user engagement

Infusing your website with quality content and CTA (call to action) encourages the visitors to take up certain actions and interact with your website. This way they are more likely to leave a comment, sign up to a newsletter or fill in the contact form. This in turn translates into a higher engagement rate, thus helping you build a connection with your potential prospects.

SEO analytics and reporting

More sales & leads

Writing unique content targeting a specific audience increases the likelihood of them actually making a purchase. If you want to attract more visitors and improve your online presence, then expand the list of keywords that your website ranks for, and use a customized content marketing strategy – those two elements will facilitate you attaching this goal.

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Delante’s SEO Specialist has actually become a part of our content marketing team. Regular meetings and good cooperation flow bring results – we observe a significant increase in website visibility and organic traffic on the UK market.

Adam Pogorzelski

CMO, Co-founder

What’s Included in the
Content Marketing Service?

What does the process of creating a content marketing strategy look like? At Delante, we focus on the following elements:

SMART Method

The very first step we’re going to take with you is defining the goals you want to achieve through the content marketing strategy. We will make sure these goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-limited, or SMART for short.

For example, an aim of implementing SMART for content marketing may be to increase brand awareness by 50%, or generate a larger number of leads coming from organic traffic within 6 months.

Key Performance Indicators

Once the goals are set, we start defining key performance indicators (KPIs) that facilitate measuring your progress.

Selecting the elements that you want to monitor, it becomes easier to see whether the activities and the content marketing strategy bring the desired results.

Below the most typical KPIs for content marketing:

  • stronger keyword positioning
  • increased organic traffic
  • higher engagement
  • more leads
  • increased sales


To create unique and persuasive content, we need to find out who exactly your target audience is.

Defining marketing personas is a great way to understand the market, their needs and pain points. To help you recognize your target audience, we will use analytical tools such as Google Trends and Google Analytics.

Later, we will analyze what types of content your target audience expects you to provide them with, what functionalities are the most important for them, and what techniques should be applied to persuade them to make a purchase.

Once the marketing personas are created, we start writing content that satisfies every need of your target audience.

It’s also worth mentioning that content marketing efforts can be improved by distributing the content through various channels: social media and paid advertising, for example.

In case you aren’t sure what else could help you get closer to achieving your goals, you can always count on us. We will put forward suggestions and tell you what practices you should avoid. This way your content marketing will be in tune with your SEO strategy.

Content types

It must be realized that content creation goes way beyond writing typical blog posts, category or product descriptions. There is a huge number of content types that you can publish on your website to improve your SEO efforts. Therefore, apart from the customized content marketing strategy, you may also consider working on:

  • video content
  • infographics
  • podcasts
  • photos

Again, the type of content published on your website is strictly connected with your business goals and audience’s preferences. Try experimenting with various types of content to see for yourself what works better for your brand.

If you notice that the search results for your keywords are full of video clips or glossaries, there is no need to write long articles. Choosing our content marketing service, you receive all sorts of texts. This can be either long or short pieces of content – whatever suits your business best.


Content marketing is a long-term strategy that requires time and resources.

There are three elements that need to be considered when setting the budget: content creation, distribution and promotion. In most cases, getting this process commissioned, especially if your resources are limited, happens to be the most cost-effective solution.

Even though content marketing may be a bit pricey, the benefits it provides are enormous. The cost of the service is determined by factors such as: market, competitiveness of your industry, type and amount of produced content and the level of the Client’s engagement in the process.

Creation of unique & value-adding content

Now is when the most important part of the effective content marketing strategy comes into play. Once all your goals and target audience are defined, it’s time to finally create content.

Apart from delivering uniqueness, we will also focus on creating content that is valuable and offers something new that your audience hasn’t seen anywhere yet.

We will ensure your content is well-written, engaging and appealing to the eye. As a result, your visitors will consider your content gripping enough to read it to the end. Also, we will analyze the solutions implemented by your closest rivals, and create something even greater.

Content optimization

When the content is finally created, it must be optimized both for your users and search engines.

You can rest assured that your headings are catchy and reflect the main idea of the content. Also, we will highlight the most important passages, minding the keywords, alternative descriptions and internal linking.

Furthermore, we will write snappy meta descriptions and a unique title that inform users and Google bots what to expect after clicking on the search results.

Additionally, we will make sure your website is responsive, thus reacting quickly to the users clicks and scrolling. After all, nobody likes websites that take ages to load.

All this makes your content more valuable both to users and Google.

Remember that the created content is worth being promoted via all available channels. The more people see it, the higher the chance of them engaging with you.

Performance tracking + strategy adjustment if needed

We know how crucial it is to track the results and analyze the obtained data. Therefore, we commit ourselves to providing you regularly with reports and keeping you updated on the outcomes.

We’re going to make the best use of the gathered information to find the areas that require some tweaking, making your content marketing activities even more effective. You can take it for granted that we will check your KPI metrics regularly to react quickly if needed.

That’s all! These are the key elements of content marketing strategy offered by Delante. Remember, stay patient and be consistent. Even though creating superb quality content takes time, the effort is worth it.

If you have any doubts or aren’t sure where to start, contact us – we will be more than happy to offer you our assistance!

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The Content Plan we received was a solid piece of support to our strategy. Full analysis of our communication, clear strategy on the content, schedule and recommendations. They have a hollistic approach to the content matters and it pays off.

Magdalena Gaweda


What Does Content Marketing Strategy Help You with?

If you don’t have time to create content on your own, but you also don’t want to invest in comprehensive SEO activities, contact us.

As part of the content marketing strategy, we will be happy to create content that both your potential prospects and Google bots will love.

Here is what content marketing strategy can help you with:

What Our Clients Say

I want to talk about the content marketing strategy for my website

Success Story: Results Achieved
with Delante Content Services

Take a look at two cases listed below. They show the benefits of implementing content marketing strategy by our Clients:

Client 1: Advertising agency

Market: PL

Partnership started: September 2019

Budget: low

Web traffic and keywords:

graph of increased website visibilty

An exemplary article:

graph of article's results

Case 2: Pin manufacturer

Market: PL

Partnership started: November 2017

Budget: very low

We were responsible for running the blogging process, publishing one post a month.

Web visibility:

graph of visibility increase

When I took all the practical tips that Milena had given me, I saw my website position shooting up on Google. The number of keywords that made it to the top 10 in organic search doubled within approx. 5 months. On top of that, during just one meeting, Delante gave me detailed but clear instructions on what I should do next, and which tools I should use to achieve the best results. Even a layperson like me didn’t have any problems to fully comprehend the guidelines. It felt that their SEO plan was tailored perfectly to my website and the size of my business.

The investment I made in working with Delante returned a long time ago, and therefore I wholeheartedly recommend this agency to everyone who wants to hand their blog over to the professionals.

Marta Lazar

Owner & Managing Partner

See What Our Clients Think
About Delante Content Marketing Services

A thank-you message received by one of Delante Content Marketing Specialists for sharing her useful insights and tips:

strategia content marketingu komentarz od klienta

Below two comments on the web content written by Delante:

comment from satisfied client about created content

And one more comment from a satisfied client 

comment from a happy client

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