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Does it take too much of your time to run a blog or write articles on keywords-oriented topics? Hand it over to experts!

SEO copywriting will grow your business


Since Google introduced the Panda algorithm update in 2011, high-quality content became one of the central elements of SEO. The search engine’s focus is now placed on the high relevance of what’s included on your website and the value it can bring to the user.

While the majority of websites engage with active content creation, not all of them find it effective. It’s because to fully use the potential of written content it needs to be optimized. SEO Copywriting is a direct answer to the search engine’s needs for high-quality texts. Well-written and SEO optimized, packed with information and relevant keyword entries make it easier for Google crawlers to find your website and show it to the decisive users.


Every website needs good narration. SEO copywriting is a perfect option for all website owners who want to make sure that their websites contain content that adds up to the business’ better results

Relevant content on the website is especially important for all e-commerce companies. Unique content is a priority for Google these days and can significantly contribute to the e-store’s ranking in search results. With the immensity of products within the site, it’s important to ensure content variety. SEO copywriting services are a great way to avoid content duplication within the site, and as a result, avoid Google penalties.

High quality copywriting is also exceptionally significant for those who run a blog – regardless of whether it’s a theme blog or a company blog on your website. Unique content that follows the rules of good optimization will allow you to adjust your articles to phrases searched by your potential audience. As a result, your website can be much more visible in the search engine.


In Delante we believe in the power of a well-composed content strategy. Our SEO copywriting service combines SEO knowledge with well-written pieces of different varieties. Each containing relevant long-tail keywords, chosen according to your business focus points, can significantly contribute to better conversion and traffic on the site. Here are typical content types included in SEO copywriting:

The main page, categories, and manufacturer descriptions – these are the key elements building every website, regardless of the Industry.

website content seo copywriting

In order to increase the website’s performance, we enrich its content with high-quality information to explain to potential customers what it is and how they will benefit from it.

An absolute must for every online store with an aspiration to rank high on Google search results. It’s vital to fill every e-commerce with unique product descriptions optimized for relevant keywords to reach more potential buyers.

We don’t go for manufacturers’ predetermined descriptions, we use creative copywriting that will increase your store’s online visibility.

High-quality blog content on the website helps to fill the site with creative, valuable texts and provide potential customers with relevant information.

seo copywriting for blogs

Articles created based on proper SEO rules, including relevant keywords that respond with suers’ searches can significantly increase the site’s organic traffic and its conversion rate.

Your content does not end within your website. We take it to another level preparing articles for outside, high-quality sources. This content, optimized for the keywords relevant to your business’ goals, will be an excellent source of backlinks for your site, making it more valuable in Google’s eyes.