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SEO Copywriting

Does it take too much of your time to run a blog or write articles on keywords-oriented topics? Hand it over to experts!

SEO copywriting will grow your business

How relevant content will change your business

Content became essential to SEO, since Google introduced Panda update in 2011 as it promotes websites with unique, extended and high quality content. You may want to supplement valuable content with graphics, videos or charts to make yourself more visible to Google and potential readers.
Therefore, if you want to rank high in search results, you should ensure the best, unique content lands on your website, blog or online store. Google and Internet users will love your website for that.

SEO copywriting in practice

Our SEO Copywriting service responds to demand for valuable content. It is about creating content you need, while keeping in mind the principles of SEO. These are:

Website content

Description of main page, categories, manufacturers – not only every online store should invest in this type of content (just as in product description) – these are pieces of text that enrich your website with content and explain to a potential customer what is it that he or she is going to find there.

Product descriptions

A must for every online store. It is absolutely vital to have product descriptions which are not copied from manufacturers or other websites if you want to make your website valuable for search engines (duplicates on your website decrease its reliability and trustworthiness).

Blog articles

High quality blog on the website of an online store or a company helps to fill the site with creative, valuable content that responds to searches of users, increases organic traffic and interest in your products.

Supporting articles on microsites

Articles on key phrases important to you, which increase number of links directing users to your website and as a results Google finds it as more valuable. These should be placed on designated servers of high quality.

In these types of content, it is easy to include keywords most frequently searched by your potential customers. This way you will respond to searches more easily with your offer and users will choose your blog, your store or services you offer. For these reasons, keywords selection is crucial in SEO copywriting.

Who is SEO copywriting for?

Relevant content on your website is important especially for all e-commerce companies. Owners of online stores are often not aware how important unique content is to Google and to their store’s ranking in search results. Probably, the most frequently repeated practice that can be detrimental to your store is copying descriptions of products available in your store from manufacturers’ websites. Such duplication is deemed as worthless content to Google and if it is in large quantities, it can result in a fine like filtering. Descriptions of specific product categories and main page are just as important.

High quality copywriting is also exceptionally significant for those who run a blog – regardless of whether it’s a theme blog or a company blog on your website. Unique content that follow the rules of good optimization will allow you to adjust your articles to phrases searched by your potential audience. As a result, your website can be much more visible in the search engine.  

Characteristics of a perfect SEO copywriter

A good copywriter will make people want to read your content and Google will consider it valuable and will rank you higher.


Can adjust the content to keywords that are important to your business. Adjusts the style of writing to your concept of communication with customers.

Appealing text

Creates text appealing to readers – optimizes it, adds relevant headlines, underlines what‘s most important. Makes it easy to read.

Unique content

Creates unique content, does not copy ready-made solutions from the Internet, but composes own, creative content adjusted to your needs and goals.

Linguistic correctness

Abides principles of spelling and punctuation. Stylistics is impeccable, repetition and keywords stuffing are avoided.

Benefits of doing it with Delante

Our company will walk you through the entire process of SEO copywriting. We will start with selecting keywords relevant and important to your business. Based on this, Delante will create unique content you need. We are both creating the content and optimizing it.

If you need articles for your blog, we will help you create a list of topics based on previously agreed keywords. We will discuss frequency of publishing the articles. We will adjust to your expectations and will suggest efficient strategies.

We will show you how long specific content should be to work best. If you want to, we will enrich the content with pictures and infographics.

What’s important – at Delante, we can adjust text to your target group. If you have an elegant boutique with suits for adult men, we will not use colloquial terms or funny graphics in your articles. But if you run a store for teenagers, a little youthfulness will go a long way. We know how important strategies of brand communication are and we can adjust to them.

We will adjust an individual offer exactly to your needs. Copywriting can be a part of an entire SEO process we offer, or the only service we will provide to you. Depending on your needs, we can prepare only the required articles, and also publish them on your website upon your acceptance – we are open to ideas and needs of our Clients.

Moreover – we are always at your disposal, so we will discuss every single challenge with you. We will explain your doubts. We will cooperate with you throughout the entire process.

Here's what you get



Individually adjusted to your needs and to your target group. Unique and valuable. High quality and optimized for relevant keywords. Simply: content that will be appreciated by readers and Google.



Good articles will result in higher ranking of your website in search results. The content prepared by Delante will help your website respond to users’ queries faster and more accurately.



Relevant content that will increase your website’s visibility in Google search results will invite more people to visit it. The content will directly influence increase of organic traffic on your website.



If you will respond to queries of potential customers appropriately, increased visibility and traffic will result in higher conversion rates – more customers will buy your products, order your services, read your articles, etc.