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Client Goals


Improve organic search traffic

Maleomi is an online store selling all types of home accessories. After being on the market for 3 years, the client had problems with driving more customers to their website. The results produced by the social media campaigns were far from desired. When Maleomi contacted us, their monthly organic search traffic was 5,310.


Rank Pusheen keyword #1 on Google

Apart from doing SEO for, we were given a separate task – make the Pusheen keyword reach first position on Google. The client sold Pusheen merchandise, and therefore aspired to be the main Polish retailer of those branded products. This task was pretty tricky, as the word Pusheen is a branded keyword associated with a completely different company.

SEO Team

Outdoing the manufacturer in getting their branded keyword in TOP 1 was one of the incredibly exciting and rewarding moments in my career. Working on this project showed me that winning top positions in SERP is possible even if the online store sells widely-accessible items like kitchen and home accessories.

Gosia Kwiecień
Gosia Kwiecień Head of SEO

On-Site Strategy

Optimizing the Homepage

The very first thing we had to work on was the homepage. Apart from implementing some of the key SEO elements, we also wanted to optimize it for the target keywords.

Why we did it

Homepage is what Google bots usually see and analyze as the first element of the entire website. In general, the better optimized the homepage is, the more conversion it’s able to generate. Additionally, the higher ranked it is, the better scoring is given to the remaining pages.

We had to go through four steps to make the homepage of well-optimized for search engines.

Firstly, we had to do KEYWORD RESEARCH and consult our findings with the client. We left some of the general phrases, such as online store, and also added more specific ones, such as home accessories or kitchen accessories to match the client’s inventory better. Even though those keywords weren’t used on the homepage, we did our best to get the client’s website displayed on SERP whenever a user would look for those types of products.

Secondly, we modified the HOMEPAGE TITLE to give both Google bots and potential prospects clearer information on the contents of We did it by using the target keywords – the ones we defined in the previous step.

Here is how the client’s homepage used to be displayed on SERP:

meta description maleomi

Here is how the same page was displayed after us optimizing the page title:

meta description maleomi after

Thirdly, we made the homepage CONTENT more SEO-FRIENDLY. Apart from tackling the basic formatting which facilitates readability, we also added a few chunks of texts at the bottom of the main page. At the beginning the client was reluctant to accept this idea – they doubted that the extra text published on the homepage wouldn’t go well with the page design.

When we justified the validity of adding more keyword-rich content to the homepage, the client eventually gave us the nod. We divided the text into sections, set proper headings and added INTERNAL LINKING. This way we utilized the web content to improve website ranks.

Here is the example of the content published on the homepage:

main page copy maleomi

Luckily, neither our client nor we had to wait long to see the first positive outcomes of the homepage optimization. The website was gradually moving upwards, and was called out by both the general keywords and the branded keywords:

maleomi keywords improvement

Improving Keyword Rank

When we were done with the homepage, we could start making the keyword rank higher.

Why we did it

Simply put, when a website is optimized for higher-ranking keywords, it gets more organic traffic. In other words, keyword position determines the position of a website in search results – the higher keyword position is, the higher the website appears in search results.

At that stage we focused on strengthening the position of keywords that showed high conversion potential. We also wanted to improve the rank of general and highly competitive keywords such as lunch boxes or food containers.

After optimizing the category, subcategory and product pages, we succeeded in pushing the 

  • lunch box keyword from 8th to 3rd position, and increasing its search volume to 121,000
  • food containers keyword to 6th position, and increasing its search volume from 21 to 3,600

Moving Pusheen Keyword to the TOP1

After helping the general and more specific keywords made it to the top of SERP, we had to do the same with a highly competitive keywords, which also happened to be the proper name and a trademark of Pusheen Corp.

Why we did it

This task was a special request from the client. They wanted to get their Pusheen products to be displayed as the first search result to increase the chances of the searchers, who were looking for the items with the Pusheen cat, to visit

Pusheen cat is a fictional character, widely used in various comic strips, sticker sets and other emoji-related images across multiple social media accounts. As the cartoon cat enjoyed huge popularity, various manufacturers produced numerous items carrying the Pusheen image. Our client was one of the resellers of those branded items.

pusheen cat image

Pusheen cat

The day we started working on pushing the Pusheen phrase upwards, its position was 52 and the monthly search volume was 495,000. Basically, it means that this keyword was highly competitive.

Truth is, moving the phrase to TOP10 was a pretty tough task. To achieve this, we combined content optimization with internal link building, copywriting and backlink building.

Our effort clearly paid off as the keyword was systematically making it to TOP5, later to TOP3. Then it was the time we had to compete with the biggest Polish online e-commerce platform (Allegro) and the official manufacturer of Pusheen merchandise. Yet, eventually, we made it! TOP1 was ours, or rather our client’s.

pusheen keyword serprobot

pusheen keyword maleomi serprobot

pusheen cat keyword serprobot

We used the same tactic for other branded products, e.g. Monbento. In this case, we managed to get the target keyphrases to 2th and 5th position:

maleomi monbento keywords

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Off-Site Strategy

On-site efforts work best when combined with an equally effective off-site strategy. Knowing that, we kept acquiring more quality backlinks that direct the customers to Maleomi. During almost a year-long cooperation, the number of referral links was growing steadily.

maleomi linking domains graph

While expanding the backlink base for Maleomi, we also focused on constructing the correct anchors. This was done mainly to positively affect the off-site process and strengthen the link profile:

maleomi anchor text


RESULT 1 150% increase in impressions: from 89,109 to 224,128

maleomi visibility increase graph

RESULT 2 101% increase in organic traffic: from 5,310 to 10,678

maleomi organic traffic increase graph

RESULT 3 Stronger keyword positions

maleomi visibility increase graph

4 exemplary keyword rank improvements:

  • pusheen

52th position → 1st position

  • lunch box

7th position → 3rd position

  • double wall glasses

40th position → 11th position

  • monbento store

5th position → 2nd position

RESULT 4 415% increase in sales (December 2018 vs December 2019)

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