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Need support in your SEO-related activities? Want to check whether your efforts are bringing you closer to meeting your goals? See how our SEO consulting services can help!

Why Choose Us as Your Professional SEO Consultants?

Consult about technical SEO

Consult about on-site SEO

Consult about competitive analysis

Consult about internal linking and link-building

Final report with actionable findings

Gosia Kwiecień - Head of SEO

Gosia Kwiecień

Head of SEO

SEO consulting services offer dedicated time for your website-related queries and optimization uncertainties.

Whether you’re stuck, starting anew, or seeking to enhance existing efforts, our SEO consultation service provides tailored advice for optimal results.

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Meet Our Professional
SEO Consultants:

Head of SEO
  • 1h SEO consultation: 200€
  • Minimal consultancy time: 3h
Gosia Kwiecień Head of SEO Delante
Gosia Kwiecień Head of SEO
Senior SEO Specialist
  • 1h SEO consultation: 150€
  • Minimal consultancy time: 3h
Joanna Nicpoń Delante
Joanna Nicpoń Senior SEO Specialist
Senior SEO Specialist
  • 1h SEO consultation: 150€
  • Minimal consultancy time: 3h
Damian Hliwa - Delante
Damian Hliwa Senior SEO Specialist
SEO Specialist
  • 1h SEO consultation: 100€
  • Minimal consultancy time: 3h
Bartek - SEO Team
Bartek Kubala SEO Specialist
What Are
SEO Consultation Services

An SEO consultation means devoting time entirely to you and your website. If you have questions regarding your SEO efforts or you’re not sure how to further optimize your webpage, you can always consult our SEO specialists. We will resolve all your doubts, prepare a strategy, give advice, and suggest how you can leverage SEO in the most effective manner.

Who Are
SEO Consulting Services for?

SEO consulting services are for everyone who is responsible for optimizing their own website, or works in an SEO department and want to double-check whether their efforts are bringing the websites closer to the top of the search engine results. Professional SEO consultations will also be a good choice for you if you need some support in terms of SEO, but don’t want to sign any contracts with an SEO agency just yet.

Whether you’re already working with SEO and aren’t seeing any effects, you simply don’t know how to start, or you’re stuck and need some advice to take your efforts to the next level – you should definitely take advantage of our SEO consultations.

Consulting with Wojciech helped us better understand what we should focus on to improve the visibility of our site. We are very satisfied with the knowledge we gained and the way the specialist delivered it. Highly recommended! 

Magdalena Gaweda


How Do the SEO Consultations
With Delante Look Like?

You’re the one who decides how exactly we can help you. You know your website inside out, its history, and previous SEO-related activities like no other. We, on the other hand, will provide you with the knowledge, experience, and proper tools to take your SEO efforts to the next level. The consultations are held with one of our two specialists, depending on the area of expertise you’re interested in.

The format of the SEO consultations will be tailored to your preferences – we can have a call, exchange emails, or talk via Skype or in person, in our office. We’ll devote this time to analyzing your website carefully and answering all your questions.

During the SEO consultation, we will answer all your questions regarding SEO, including:

Questions related to technical SEO

  • Why is your website not indexing properly, or at all?
  • Why is your website not displayed in the search engine results in a proper manner?
  • Why is your website shown for irrelevant keywords?
  • Are there any recommendations on the change of the website structure, so that SEO efforts bring better results?
  • How to improve internal linking?

Regarding on-site SEO

  • What content should be created for the website?
  • How to choose the right keywords for your site?
  • Regarding competitive analysis

  • Who is your competition in the search engine?
  • For what keywords are the competitors visible, while you’re not?
  • What can you do to stand out from your competition?
  • Regarding link-building and internal linking

  • Is the current link profile relevant?
  • How and where to link in order to increase the effectiveness of your actions?
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    SEO Consultating Services
    With Delante

    The consultations are tailored to your needs. We can meet in our office, talk on the phone, or online.

    Delante SEO indexer tool

    Our job
    Our SEO consultations are not simple conversations. We will devote our time to analyzing your website carefully, and pointing out any areas that need improvement.

    SEO audit

    We will prepare a document with our findings and actionable recommendations on potential improvements and implementations, which will help you achieve desired results.

    Good communication and great value for money ratio. They understand and address the business goals in their SEO process and it shows in results

    Nikos - EDUopinions

    Nikos Filippakis


    Why Is It Worth Taking Advantage of
    SEO Consulting Services With Delante?

    At Delante, we have lots of experience with different industries, markets, different content management systems, and we’ll gladly take on new challenges. We do e-commerce SEO, SEO for local businesses, and international SEO as well. We specialize in broad-based SEO, which aims to use the full potential of the websites, and is currently the most effective model for SEO efforts.

    We optimize websites around the world, still increasing the reach of our services.

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    International SEO agency

    What Our Clients Say

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    Why Choose Delante
    as Your SEO Consultants?

    Positive reviews we received from our clients on Google and Clutch prove of our successful collaborations. On our website, you will also find many case studies of our customers.

    The examples of our track record:

    Increase in the organic traffic for the site – German market

    Increase in the organic traffic for the site – Spanish market

    Good communication is important and Delante knows it. Professionals in every bit. We’ve just started few months ago and I am already impressed.

    Walker Wilkerson


    Our Awards

    Award - Global Search Awards 2023 Award - Global Agency Awards 2022 Award - European eCommerce Awards 2022 Award - European Search Awards 2022 Award - Deloitte 2021 Award - Global Digital Excellence Awards 2022 Award - Global Search Award 2022 Award - IPMA Award - US Search Awards 2021
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    About SEO Consulting Services

    What are SEO consulting services?

    SEO consultations are basically meetings with SEO specialists that will dispel all of your SEO doubts! During consultations, you can bring up all concerns about your website and SEO efforts, and in the course of discussion with the specialist, you’re provided with professional help and recommendations.

    How to tell that I need SEO consulting service?

    SEO consulting service is a perfect option for anyone already engaged with SEO activities and who wants to get professional advice. If you have any doubts about the efficiency of your SEO efforts or are curious about the directions you could take to help your website shine even more – our SEO specialists will be happy to help! SEO consulting will be also a great start if you have concerns about the website’s performance and want to start SEO but need to make sure what direction will be the best for your site.

    How much do I have to pay for SEO consulting service?

    The price for a 1h professional SEO consultation is 100-200€, depending on which specialist you choose. Please, note that the minimal consultancy time is 3h, as it’s the optimal time to fully dig into your website’s condition and thoroughly analyze the SEO efforts.

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    Let us know your website would use some SEO. Fill in the contact form. Don’t forget to leave the URL and the preferred method of contact. Expect to hear from us within 48h.


    Let’s chat

    After an SEO specialist takes a look at your website, we give you either a phone or video call – whichever you prefer. During this short talk, we learn about your expectations and business goals.


    Our SEO analysis

    At this stage we run an in-depth analysis of your website. Having all the details, we map out the fastest route to meet your goals that can be achieved through SEO.


    Your SEO plan

    You get your fully-customized SEO plan with the pricing options. We go through all the stages together, so that you have the full picture of how the SEO strategy is going to improve your website ranks.

    Then it’s up to you – will you be ready to skyrocket your growth with our SEO?

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