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Individual pricing and customization for each client project

Wojciech Urban - SEO R&D Specialist

Wojciech Urban

SEO R&D Specialist

One-Off SEO Projects
at Delante

Get the most out of one-off SEO projects. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the SEO waters or seeking to enhance your current strategies, our projects offer a flexible and targeted approach to improving your online presence.

Individually priced to fit your unique needs and objectives, each project delivers focused results and unlocks the potential for increased visibility and growth.

If you’re unsure what’s the best project for your business, scroll down to see what needs they address and how they can help you achieve your goals. Or, simply let us know, and our SEO team will customize a solution for you!

Contact us and let’s talk about your SEO Project!

Consulting with Wojciech helped us better understand what we should focus on to improve the visibility of our site. We are very satisfied with the knowledge we gained and the way the specialist delivered it. Highly recommended!

Magdalena Gaweda


SEO Projects

  • link evaulation

    SEO Audit

    This one-off SEO project is for you if:


    • you’ve got a website
    • your current SEO efforts aren’t giving you the results you count on
    • you want to identify errors on your website
    • the visibility hasn’t been going up even though you’ve been investing in SEO


    An SEO Audit is a thorough check that covers all areas of SEO, from technical SEO to content and links. Going for this SEO project, you’ll receive a detailed analysis of 20-30 pages +  recommendations that you can put into action straight away.


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  • Link Building Audit

    This one-off SEO project is for you if:


    • you already do or want to start building external links
    • your current link-building strategy doesn’t bring you the expected results
    • you want to learn the sources your competition is getting the affiliate links from
    • you’re looking for new places to acquire quality backlinks


    A Link Building Audit will help you move forward with your link building strategy. We’ll go over the audit results with you and give you tips on how to enhance your link-building process.


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  • UX/CR/CX Audit

    This one-off SEO project is for you if:


    • you want to improve your conversion rate
    • your web traffic is going up but it doesn’t translate into revenue growth
    • for some unknown reason, lots of users don’t finish the buying process
    • your bounce rate is too high


    While running UX/CR/CX Audit, we take a closer look at how your users navigate your site and figure out why they aren’t buying or filling out the contact form. You will get a list of elements on your website that need to be fixed + workable suggestions on how to implement the changes.


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  • link profile

    Content Audit

    This one-off SEO project is for you if:


    • you regularly publish content on your website
    • you aren’t sure whether your web content resonates with the target audience
    • you want to check your web content for being SEO-friendly
    • you’d like a professional to run a competitor analysis on your website content


    By choosing this one-off project, you receive a report featuring suggestions on how to improve your web content. After breaking down each type of content published on your website, we’ll give you practical guidelines to follow for ranking higher.


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  • core web vitals audit services icon

    Core Web Vitals Audit

    This one-off SEO project is for you if:


    • your website has a low Core Web Vitals score
    • you wish your website would load faster


    Asking us to run a Core Web Vitals Audit, you receive a comprehensive review of your website. This means you get a report on those 3 metrics + easy-to-follow recommendations for improvement.


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  • seo consulting services

    SEO Consulting

    This one-off SEO project is for you if:


    • you optimize your website for search engines yourself
    • you want to consult with an SEO Specialist on a few things
    • you wish a professional pair of eyes to check your website
    • your SEO strategy doesn’t bring you desired results


    During the SEO Consulting session, an SEO Specialist runs an analysis of chosen elements of your website, reviews it, and answers your questions. It’s up to you what things are going to be discussed.


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  • SEO Setup

    This one-off SEO project is for you if:


    • you’re introducing your brand online
    • you have a newly launched website or blog
    • you aren’t ready to go all-in on SEO yet
    • you want to make sure every new element added to your website is SEO-friendly


    If you ask us to do an SEO Setup for you, we’ll analyze and configure your website, making it more search engine friendly. Also, we’ll implement analytical tools and provide you with recommendations for improving your web ranking. Plus, we’ll optimize your homepage and a few pages.


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  • Implementation and Configuration of Google Analytics 4

    This one-off SEO project is for you if:


    • you want to make sure your GA4 is set up correctly
    • you’d use some help with configuring the reports, ensuring the tool measures exactly what you need
    • you wish to extract more insights from the collected analytical data
    • you want to track conversions on your site and increase their accuracy


    Depending on what you need, the setup and configuration of GA4 (Google Analytics 4) can be either basic or advanced. This means you’ll get the tools set up correctly, which facilitates collecting the right data. Once everything is configured, you’ll also receive technical reports and get our support to help you make sense of the gathered information.


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  • website speed up services

    WordPress Website Speed Up

    This one-off SEO project is for you if:


    • your site is built on WordPress CMS
    • it takes too long for your website to load
    • you need some extra Developer support


    When choosing this one-off SEO project, you get our Dev to check out your site and see what elements can be improved to speed the loading time up. The Dev will also come up with a plan of action and make the necessary changes on your site.


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  • remarketing services

    SEO Website Migration

    This one-off SEO project is for you if:


    • you’re planning to migrate your website
    • you want to make sure you lose neither visibility nor traffic during the process
    • you need an SEO Specialist to double-check if the process is planned out correctly


    You can count on our assistance with migrating your website, ensuring your visibility and traffic remain unharmed. We’ll examine the differences between your old and new site versions, and review technical SEO, content, links, and everything else that could cause potential drops. Based on your specific needs, we can offer recommendations, and even make the necessary changes.


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  • Website Indexing Services

    This one-off SEO project is for you if:


    • you’ve noticed a sudden drop in the number of indexed pages
    • you’re struggling with getting new pages indexed
    • you’re about to launch a new website and want it to be quickly indexed by Google


    Choose Website Indexing Services and we’ll figure out what causes the indexing issue, give you clear recommendations on how to fix the problem, and even help you put them into action. Plus, we use our own Delante-made SEO tool to ensure speedy indexing.


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  • Content Plan

    This one-off SEO project is for you if:


    • you’re getting started with creating content for your website
    • you’re running low on blog topic ideas
    • you want to make sure your web content is tailored to your target audience
    • you’d use a help of a professional to create a long-term content strategy


    As part of the Content Plan project, we’ll review your existing content, create personas for your target audience, define your users’ intent, and run competitor analysis. With all that info gathered in one report, we’ll create a customized content plan for you, making sure it includes relevant topics and keyword analysis.


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  • Content Marketing Consulting

    This one-off SEO project is for you if:


    • you want to step up your current content marketing strategy
    • you’d like to learn how to optimize your content for SEO
    • your content doesn’t show up on Google
    • you have a feeling your web content isn’t reaching its full potential


    During the Content Marketing Consulting session, we’ll analyze your web content and give you workable solutions for better results.


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  • Targeted SEO content

    Content Strategy for a New Website

    This one-off SEO project is for you if:


    • you’re planning to launch a new website
    • you want to make sure your web content is SEO-friendly
    • you wish to have a ready-made and fully customized content plan


    Choose this one-off SEO project if you want us to craft a complete content strategy for you, taking into account your business goals and results obtained from competitor analysis. You’re also going to receive a list of suggestions for content types, blog post topics + keyword analysis.


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