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SEO Setup

An SEO starter pack for your new website. Increase your visibility and learn how to independently work on boosting organic traffic.

What is SEO Setup?

If for some reason, ongoing long-term SEO cooperation is out of your reach, SEO Setup is what you need. Let us take care of your new website or blog, covering the most important SEO things and showing you the very first steps to an effective website. Let’s start working on your rank in search engines!

SEO Setup is a one-time service including the first optimization for your website combined with recommendations for further work. How do we do it?

We start this with an Initial analysis and a brief website audit. Based on this we prepare recommendations for your SEO strategy and implement key analytical tools that will help you measure the results along the way. It’s also the time for conducting the first optimizations on the most important subpages – to show you how it’s done and set the course of action.

If possible, we will implement global settings to help you achieve better results when it comes to website visibility.


This SEO Starter is dedicated to owners of smaller websites that are not willing or able to invest in full SEO cooperation. It will work great on:
SEO setup service

SEO Setup service will be a kickstarter to your website’s online activity. Along with the first optimizations we make and by properly following our recommendations, you will notice the increase in the online visibility of your site. We’ll show you how to measure it!

What do you get with SEO Setup?

At Delante we deeply care about adjusting our services to client’s individual needs. Our goal is to make the best use of both your time and investment. That’s why the precise scope of the SEO Starter Pack depends on your current goals. During the phone or e-mail conversation, we target activities crucial to your website. We will then adjust the working performer within SEO setup work and recommendations for further actions you’ll receive.

The scope of a one-time SEO setup service may include the following:

Configuration of Analytical Tools: Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Website analysis. Identifying possible errors from an SEO perspective

Identification and analysis of keywords and key website areas

Establishing a plan for implementing website optimizations

Implementation of global changes on the website

Optimization of the home page & 2-3 subpages

Recommendations for further SEO activities and website development

Recommendations for page indexation and changes in content strategy/website

All the activities within SEO Setup are conducted based on the data we obtain from professional analytical and estimating tools. As part of the consultations, we also offer optimization of 1-2 subpages from each area with an indication of the directions that the client can perform independently.

At the end of the process, you’re provided with a transparent summary of all activities done on-site, via phone, or e-mail – you choose!

What can you gain?


SEO Package

We’ll implement the most important optimizations – on the home page and 1-2 subpages crucial for your business.



We’ll conduct the implementation of global settings to automate part of the optimization and make your further efforts easier.



We will configure Google Analytics and Search Console on your website and show you how to measure SEO strategy effectiveness.


and consultation

We’ll prepare for you an action plan and instructions on how to optimize the most important elements on your website.

How much does it cost?

The price of the SEO Setup is always arranged individually. It’s because it strictly depends on your individual needs, the size of the website, and the complexity of optimizations required on the site.


500 €

For a starter SEO for a very small website, made on a popular CMS. We’re conducting a basic optimization, website analysis, and preparation of recommendations to be implemented.


1000 €

A larger website, made on a less popular or individual CMS. It requires us to involve the developer to implement optimizations, which may be less standard, and prepare analysis and recommendations.


SEO Setup is a one-time service, a true SEO starter pack for your website. It’s about implementing initial optimizations and creating a list of recommendations for further SEO work. SEO Setup’s aim is to help the website owner with optimizing the website on his/her own, to set the general course of the SEO strategy, and to improve the efficiency of the website.

SEO Setup service may include:

  • implementation of analytical tools,
  • website analysis,
  • discovering the client’s individual goals,
  •  initial optimizations implementation,
  • implementation of global settings on the website,
  • creating a list of recommendations regarding further optimization work, content strategy, or changes that need to be implemented by web developers.

It’s worth noting that every website is different – each has different needs and may require a different approach. That’s why the specific scope of the SEO starter pack is being agreed on individually for each customer.

If you’re still not sure whether you want to invest in an ongoing SEO process, or you can’t afford long-term cooperation – SEO Setup is exactly for you! It’s a good way to learn more about search engine optimization, see how it will work for your business, and check if the results are worth the price.

The SEO starter pack is a great option for small e-commerce sites, service providers, and manufacturers.

The price for the SEO Setup service is determined individually for each client, as it depends on factors such as the website size, individual needs, and the complexity of optimizations it requires.

Usually, the SEO Setup price ranges from 500 euros (for small websites based on popular CMS systems that require basic optimizations) to 1000 euros (for bigger websites based on less popular/custom-made CMS systems that require more complex optimizations and engagement of web developers).