SEO for Software Companies

Want to make your IT business stand out from the competition? A dedicated & personalized SEO process for software company can help you with that! 

How to do SEO for software company?

  • Keyword selection – We select keywords that will allow the business to grow
  • Quality content – We write helpful content that engages users
  • Relevant link building – We acquire links that increase the position of key phrases
  • Technical recommendations – We prepare clear technical recommendations for your devs

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SEO for Software Companies

With the international technological development, the IT industry is growing stronger year on year. In 2021, the estimated value of the global IT market reached 5 trillion U.S. dollars which will only increase in the coming years. The industry is constantly being enriched by new technologies and companies will need to make an incredible effort to stand out from the competition.

Is there a way to leave your mark and come out of the shadows cast by industry giants? We believe that SEO is the answer!

Software Companies SEO
Do You Need It?

With numerous different companies on the market, it can be hard to attract potential users. Thousands of different firms offering different products, the latest software solutions, and new ideas to change your tech life. We’re sure every one of them is a true game-changer but not every one of them will make their way into a customers’ online journey. We know that with SEO it’s possible!

For years now, Delante has taken care of SEO processes for Software and IT companies around the globe. Our clients are proof that, in the case of the tech industry, SEO is an effective way of creating a long-lasting presence in the online space, driving impressive levels of traffic to websites. With search engine optimization, IT companies are able to distinguish their offer from competitors’ optimizing their content for relevant, individually selected keywords that reach highly specified target groups.

What’s the outcome? Brand recognition among users who are ready to become buyers.

Delante promised me converting Google traffic. That is exactly what I am getting right now. Simple as that!

Jutta Kamp

Jutta Kamp

Marketing Manager

What’s Different in
SEO For Software Companies?

As for every industry, SEO for IT companies has its own specificities. Here are the crucial aspects we address during the process.

Keywords selection

Keywords Selection

In SEO for IT firms, we need to deal with the competitiveness of keyword phrases and a variety of different words describing the same product or service. That’s why the right keyword choice is our priority when creating an SEO strategy for the IT industry. During years of working in the industry, we tried and tested multiple methods. Narrowing it down to the most effective one, we stick to selecting long tail, specific keywords that directly lead to conversion.

Content for wordpress seo

Quality Content

Software industry websites often forget about the power of content opting for minimal design and product exposition. In reality, high-quality content is the key to create a website’s visibility in this field. Optimized texts give the website a structure that supports both the technical SEO process and the final effects of the IT SEO strategy allowing us to rank high for relevant keywords.

content plan competitor analysis

Brand Awareness

Creating brand recognition is extremely important when planning SEO strategy in the software industry. The visible brand is the driving force behind software house success and its performance. In the process, we focus on introducing brand keywords to the top ranks in Google search result pages to support building your brand’s awareness.

Monthly SEO reporting


The Software industry is based on having a firm analytical approach. While in search engine optimization one needs to wait for the first result, we base our SEO for software companies on numbers too. Detailed reporting with data obtained from external tools is our forte and provides a clear insight into the process’s efficiency illustrated in organic traffic, visibility, and conversion growth.

SEO Agency
for Software Companies

Before showcasing how SEO for IT looks like within Delante, let’s start with probably the most important part – what’s in it for you! For years now we’ve been managing SEO processes for IT companies in over 20 countries. We’ve gained significant international experience and a solid base of resources to take care of your website and deliver the best possible results.

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International SEO agency

Delante increased our international organic traffic. I am happy to say that we’ve closed a couple of significant inbound sales opportunities as a result of their work.

Greg smialek

Greg Smialek

Managing Director

Benefits of Doing SEO for IT
with Delante

When it comes to the SEO process, results aren’t immediately visible when the Software SEO kicks in. The first effects of the strategy can typically be seen after 2-3 months from the start of cooperation – and it’s at this point you’ll notice growth in your site’s visibility along with an increase in organic traffic and overall better conversion rates.


SEO effects

What Our Clients Say

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What You Get When Choosing
Delante’s SEO for Software Company

Dedicated team of international SEO experts

Team of SEO Specialists experienced in working with IT companies

Targeted SEO content

SEO strategy tailored to the software industry specificities, your business goals, and international SEO standards

Content for wordpress seo

Conversion-focused content creation by experienced copywriters with industry knowledge

ads audit

Real control over the process thanks to a detailed monthly reporting process

Direct, constant communication in English via online channels

Technical seo for wordpress

Worldwide technology stack for better analytics and process management

Quality link building services by seo sem agency

Manually created quality links and a solid base of linking sources from the software industry

No account managers. You work directly with the SEO specialist responsible for your project

Working on SEO projects with Delante is a pure pleasure. They stand out thanks to transparent communication and the high effectiveness of performed activities.

Konrad think hub

Konrad Zach


What’s Included in the
SEO Process for Software Companies

Delante SEO indexer tool

Technical SEO Optimization
Proceeded by SEO analysis, an individually adjusted strategy of on-site optimizations is the core of our process. It’s the part where we fix all the flawed areas of the website, build the competitive advantage, and improve strong points.

Content Optimization
Bespoken content prepared by our copywriters experienced in working with IT brands. Everything based on the content schedule that’s composed in alignment with the client’s needs, containing the schedule to maintain systematic publications.

Keywords selection

Conversion-Focused Keywords
We approach SEO for IT broadly – selecting more sophisticated long-tail keywords. By using more phrases that are longer and more detailed we build the website’s visibility among the target groups most likely to convert, generating genuine potential business leads.

Link-building services

Quality Link Building
We support the SEO process with link building activities aimed at the quality of links. We create a strong link profile and increase the website’s authority by providing only valuable links from proven sources.

Software Company SEO with Delante
How Do We Do It?


Initial SEO Audit

We analyze your website and determine areas to improve for better SEO performance.


Keywords Selection

Together we choose keywords with the best potential and relevance to the client’s business.


Strategic Action Plan

Based on SEO audit and keyword analysis we prepare a detailed SEO process strategy, divided into stages to keep the process neat.


Technical Optimization

We start working on the website. We optimize it on our own or in cooperation with your in-house developers – you choose.


Link Building

We support the SEO process with manually created links from quality domains to build the site’s linking profile and authority.


Content Plan

We prepare an individual content plan and take care of high-quality content creation.


Monthly Reporting

Each month we provide data-based reports that show the process’ effectiveness and summarize our work.


Direct Contact

From the beginning, you have direct contact with a dedicated SEO specialist ready to address all your questions.

We believe in transparency of the process, especially in creating SEO for IT companies. We get that you want to be aware of what you are signing up for.

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Discover the Power of
Delante’s SEO

We know that the proof is in the pudding and our best advertisement for our service comes in the form of real results generated for our clients. So, below you’ll find some examples of results generated by our Software House SEO strategy.

Domain and backlinks before implementing Software House SEO straetgy:

Domain and backlinks after implementing Software House SEO strategy:

Increase in visibility in after IT SEO cooperation:

Organic traffic improved by 174% by May 2020:

Delante’s SEO Specialist has actually become a part of our content marketing team. Regular meetings and good cooperation flow bring results – we observe a significant increase in website visibility and organic traffic on the UK market.

Adam Pogorzelski

CMO, Co-founder

Our Awards

Award - Global Search Awards 2023 Award - Global Agency Awards 2022 Award - European eCommerce Awards 2022 Award - European Search Awards 2022 Award - Deloitte 2021 Award - Global Digital Excellence Awards 2022 Award - Global Search Award 2022 Award - IPMA Award - US Search Awards 2021
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SEO for Software Company – Pricing

Once you’re on board and decide that this dedicated SEO IT strategy is for you, the first thing you’ll want to know is how much it is going to cost. The answer is – it really depends. Here are the main factors that will impact the final price of SEO for IT:

SEO approach

How broadly do you want us to approach your process? What elements do you want to entrust us with?

competition analysis

Current keyword ranks

How does your website currently rank for selected keywords?

Website quality local SEO services USA

Keywords competitiveness

How competitive and “difficult” to rank are selected keywords?

Competitors’ activity

What are your main competitors’ online activities? Do they engage with the SEO process for IT too?

woocomerce wordpress seo

Market of activity

On what market does your company operate? What’s the IT competitiveness in this region?

Domain history

What is your domain’s history? Were there any incidents that would affect SEO for the IT process?

Website quality

What’s the current quality of your website? How much work will be needed to get it on the right track?

Monthly SEO reporting

Expected results

What are your expectations regarding IT SEO effects? Are there any growth targets you want to reach?

Usually, the price for SEO IT starts at around $1000-$2000, however, every cooperation budget is set up individually for the client.

How Do We Calculate
SEO Costs at Delante?

SEO for IT depends on multiple factors that influence the final price. That’s why each time we enter the SEO cooperation with Software Houses or other IT businesses we make sure the price addresses all the important specifics so that the IT SEO strategy can yield the best results possible.

Another thing you’re probably curious about when thinking about investing in SEO for IT is how the budget will be spent. In the case of the Software House SEO process, the way we allocate your budget varies depending on the stage of cooperation and the process itself.

In the beginning, we put our own resources into allowing your website to kick off the growth faster. At this stage, the majority of your budget will be used to run important website analyses such as a full SEO audit. Going forward, the budget you’re investing in when it comes to SEO for the IT process will be relocated to the areas that need it the most. This flexibility allows us to shape the SEO for IT process on the go & react to the current situation to bring you the best effects.

Take a look at the exemplary budget ratio in the first and 3rd months of the cooperation:

seo services budget 1st month

1st month of cooperation

seo services budget 3rd month

3rd month of cooperation

Often, our clients decide on lower budget at the beginning, only to increase it when they notice the more than satisfying results of our SEO for IT. The general rule is that the bigger budget the faster you’ll see the first results, especially when your competitors are far up the ladder in the online visibility game.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About SEO for IT

Why do Software Companies may need an SEO process?

Although managing the SEO process is often considered a highly technical task that requires knowledge of IT issues it’s not something that all developers will be familiar with. To be honest in most cases, even while having vast programming experience, Software Houses don’t know the SEO rules, and their website needs an extra boost. That’s why in most scenarios it’s beneficial for IT companies to outsource the process to a professional SEO agency that will come up with an individual Software House SEO strategy suited to their needs.

How will I know that SEO process is working?

One of our focuses in cooperation is to keep it transparent. We don’t hide anything from you, showing all results. We operate on data – not guesses. That’s why each month our clients receive detailed, easy-to-understand, and data-based reports. This way our customers have solid proof of our strategies working.

When will I see the first results of SEO process?

SEO takes time to fully unveil its potential. The first results can be noticed after approximately 2-3 months after the process starts – your website will note an increase in visibility. After that, you should start seeing an increase in organic traffic, and eventually, it will translate into better conversion. It all depends on the website’s initial state and how much work it will require.

Here’s an average timeline of the IT SEO process effects:

seo results timeline

Technology Stack

Ahrefs Google Analytics GTmetrix MOZ Clusteric Majestic Search Console Screaming Frog Semrush SEOprofiler SEO SpyGlass

Let’s Power Up Your
Software Comoany SEO


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