Wojciech Urban

SEO R&D Specialist
Wojciech Urban SEO R&D Specialist

R&D specialist in SEO and web analytics. He feels most comfortable in the area of technical SEO, and his main task is to ensure that websites are optimized for search engines and achieve high rankings in search results.


He regularly tests new tools and dithers over the rules behind search engine algorithms and AI language models. In addition to his work, Wojciech loves to gather knowledge and share it with others. He regularly conducts trainings, speaks at webinars and SEO conferences to help others develop their skills and knowledge.


Wojciech is also a strategy game enthusiast, a fan of the Marvel movie universe and the adventures of Asterix and Obelix. In his free time, he enjoys delving into fantasy worlds and learning new stories, as well as lounging on sheltered mountain slopes. His passion for strategy games influences his work because it allows him to think strategically and approach solving challenges from a different perspective.

Wojciech Specializes in


seo migration monitoring stage

data analysis

blog ideas content plan

content strategy

Delante SEO indexer tool

technical SEO

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