Changes in Privacy in iOS 17. What Do They Mean for Marketers?



Changes in Privacy in iOS 17. What Do They Mean for Marketers?
03 October 2023
Apple is enhancing user data protection: Safari in iOS 17 is set to block even more tracking scripts and remove parameters like fbclid or gclid from URLs (which will make it harder to identify where a particular user came from). In private mode, it will also block GTM. What does it mean for marketers?



The most important changes in iOS 17

Lockdown Mode on Apple Watch. The most significant addition is the extension of Lockdown Mode to Apple Watch. This is a crucial improvement because recent exploits used to install spyware could affect Apple Watch owners.

Removing geolocation data from shared photos. Lockdown Mode in iOS 17 automatically removes geolocation data from shared photos. This makes it harder to determine where a photo was taken.

Blocking unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Lockdown Mode automatically blocks attempts to connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks, which could allow others on the same network to analyze iPhone network traffic. It also blocks connections to 2G networks to prevent various types of cellular-based attacks.

Tracking protection in Safari. Safari browser in iOS 17 removes tracking information from URLs, making it difficult for websites and advertisers to track users online. This feature can be enabled in Safari settings, both during private and regular browsing.

Passkeys and security: Passkeys, a phishing-resistant alternative to passwords, will receive updates. They can now be shared with friends and family, with end-to-end encryption ensuring that only group members have access.


What does this mean for you? Three significant changes for marketers:

1. The introduction of tracking script blocking, removal of URL parameters, and other security measures in Safari will make it significantly harder to track user behavior in this browser.

2. Increased user privacy protection in iOS may affect how advertisements are displayed.

3. In the context of growing challenges in tracking user behavior, valuable content will become even more critical. Creating content that captures attention and persuades users to take action may be key to marketing success.

Nonetheless, we’re here to support you, from ads to content, and we wish you the best of luck in adapting to these changes

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