Attract Customers Near You with the Best Local SEO Agencies ★RANKING★



Attract Customers Near You with the Best Local SEO Agencies ★RANKING★d-tags
03 October 2023
Say “goodbye” to low visibility. Say “hello” to increased foot traffic. See the ranking of the best local SEO agencies that can help your local business thrive by boosting its online presence, ultimately attracting more customers near you. Yes, you’ve got that right - your local business is on the cusp of attracting more customers!



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Do you feel frustrated due to the lack of web traffic and poor Google rankings for your local business? Undoubtedly, the challenges you’re experiencing can have a profound impact not only on your business but also on your physical and emotional well-being. The constant stress, sleepless nights, and uncertainty about the future can be overwhelming.

But you’re not alone, and there’s a solution.

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In this ranking, we’ve identified the best local SEO agencies that specialize in helping local businesses like yours overcome low footfall. From boosting your website’s ranking to increasing web traffic and improving your online presence, these SEO agencies have got you covered.

It’s time to partner with one of the best SEO agencies to figure out how to boost your online presence and start seeing more web traffic.

The Best Local SEO Agencies that Can Help You Rank Higher In Local Searches

If you need a clear plan, some guidance, and perhaps some external help to turn things around and breathe a new lease of life into your local business, consider getting in touch with one of the following SEO agencies.

1st place | Delante

SEO / SEM Agency Delante

Delante is reportedly the best solution for local business owners seeking to overcome the problem of low web traffic. They bring a proven track record of success to the table, having helped numerous businesses significantly increase their online visibility. With a dedicated team of SEO Specialists, Delante specializes in tailoring strategies to suit your unique business needs and your local market.

Their commitment to results-driven optimization means you can count on a boost in your Google rankings, making your business more prominent in local searches. So, if you’re tired of struggling to attract visitors to your website, hand this task to Delante.

🏙️💼📋 Quick Facts about Delante

  • Years of experience: 9
  • Industry awards: SEO Agency of the Year 2022 (Global Agency Awards), European eCommerce Awards 2022, Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Europe – #42 in 2021
  • A typical local SEO offering includes: a tailored local SEO strategy, the creation of high-quality content, monthly reports, easy communication, a dedicated SEO Specialist, backlink acquisition

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2nd place | WebFX

WebFX is the solution for local businesses seeking to boost web traffic. They provide a dedicated account manager and an in-house team that tailors strategies to your needs. With an all-in-one platform for SEO optimization and clear ROI reporting, they simplify the process.

What makes WebFX unique is their commitment to aligning local SEO with your business goals, and adapting to market changes. They offer in-house project management, a 24/7 help desk, and direct client communication for reliable support.

🏙️💼📋 Quick Facts about WebFX

  • Years of experience: 28
  • Industry awards: Clutch Top SEO Company United States 2023, Gold 2023 Stevie Wonder Winner, Sustainability Award 2022
  • A typical local SEO offering includes: local SEO audit, citation and review management, on-page local SEO, tracking and reporting

3rd place | Vizion

Vizion specializes in helping local businesses show up prominently in local search results, driving more local customers to the door. When you decide to partner with them, you’re teaming up with experts who genuinely care about your business. Their local SEO pros handle location updates and improvements, ensuring your local stores or offices are visible on platforms like Google Maps, Bing Maps, Apple Maps, and Yelp.

Vizion understands the challenges you face as a local business owner dealing with various online platforms. With their knowledge, enthusiasm, and tools, you can expect them to provide you with high-quality local SEO ideas. They offer support and guidance, whether you have one location or many.

🏙️💼📋 Quick Facts about Vizion

  • Years of experience: 18
  • Industry awards: Clutch Top SEO Consultants 2020
  • A typical local SEO offering includes: keyword research, local listing management, location page design, and development

4th place | OutPace

OutPace can be your solution for boosting local online visibility, focusing on connecting you with customers in your service area who need your help or products. In other words, their local SEO strategies aim to enhance your website’s visibility to a local audience, ensuring that you reach the right people at the right time.

Their approach emphasizes driving the right kind of traffic to your website, maximizing your digital investment, and helping you convert visitors into customers effectively. With OutPace, you’ll benefit from custom monthly reports that track the progress of your SEO campaign.

🏙️💼📋 Quick Facts about OutPace

  • Years of experience: 5
  • Industry awards: Clutch Top SEO Company 2023 Oklahoma
  • A typical local SEO offering includes: on-page SEO, monthly reporting

5th place | Searchbloom

search bloom logo

Searchbloom understands that search engines rely on referral links to judge a website’s trustworthiness and value. That’s why they prioritize obtaining high-quality backlinks from respected and influential websites, which builds trust with both search engines and users, ultimately boosting your national SEO rankings.

Moreover, Searchbloom goes beyond focusing solely on keywords and search engines to improve local SEO for their clients. They also promote enhancing the core structure of your website to ensure an exceptional user experience. This entails optimizing for fast loading times, mobile-friendliness, and secure management of user data.

🏙️💼📋 Quick Facts about Searchbloom

  • Years of experience: 9
  • Industry awards: Clutch Top Utah SEO Companies 2023, Clutch Top SEO Consultants 2023, Clutch Top PPC Agencies 2023
  • A typical local SEO offering includes: comprehensive on-page SEO, local SEO audit, Google My Business listing optimization, local business citation management, backlink acquisition

6th place | Ignite Visibility

ignite visibility logo

Ignite Visibility has built a strong reputation as one of the top SEO companies in the United States, backed by a trove of over 50 5-star online reviews. What people love about this agency is the client-friendly approach; rather than binding you to long-term contracts, they focus on earning your local business month after month.

If you’re looking to significantly boost foot traffic to your physical store, Ignite Visibility has the expertise to create a strategy that will push your website to top rankings on Google and other major search engines. Ignite Visibility seamlessly integrates SEO with social media, CRO, SEM, content marketing, and public relations to deliver comprehensive results.

🏙️💼📋 Quick Facts about Ignite Visibility

  • Years of experience: 11
  • Industry awards: UpCity, Best of Marketing & Advertising Winner 2021, The Landy Awards Winner, Clutch Top SEO Companies 2022
  • A typical local SEO offering includes: building citations and links, content creation, review generation and reputation, creation of core local profiles, advanced local optimization of Google My Business

7th place | HigherVisibility

If you’re facing challenges like losing out to local competitors, lacking the time to expand your SEO skills, or having disappointing results with other SEO agencies, HigherVisibility is here to help. As you can read on their official website, thousands of local clients have turned to them, experiencing remarkable outcomes while overcoming issues like stagnant or declining website traffic and a shortage of local leads.

With HigherVisibility, you’ll have a dedicated partner to help you grasp the basic understanding of the complexities of SEO. Moreover, you can expect HigherVisibility’s experts to provide you with clarity on the local SEO activities they prepared for your local business.

🏙️💼📋 Quick Facts about HigherVisibility

  • Years of experience: 15
  • Industry awards: US Agency Awards 2021, US Search Awards Winner 2020, Search Engine Land Award Winner
  • A typical local SEO offering includes: advanced on-page SEO, content optimization, competitor profile targeting, technical code audit recommendations, local listing management, analytical tools setup, 24/7 insite reporting access

8th place | NextLeft

NextLeft can be your local SEO partner for boosting your online presence, especially if you have physical locations. The people working in this California-based SEO agency know the importance of local SEO in reaching customers in a given city or region. That’s why they are said to be amazing at using platforms like Google My Business and Yelp, building local citations, and creating location-specific landing pages.

Their local SEO services can effectively optimize your website and market your brand to local customers. As this SEO agency tends to say: With NextLeft, you’re not just hiring an agency – you’re getting a personalized strategy tailored to your local audience.

🏙️💼📋 Quick Facts about NextLeft

  • Years of experience: 8
  • Industry awards: not provided
  • A typical local SEO offering includes: on-page SEO, local listing management, citation building, local SEO campaign optimization

9th place | Website Depot

Website Depot can be your trusted business partner for improving your online visibility using the power of local SEO. They use insights from Google’s in-depth analysis of user search behavior to ensure your local business stands out in your local area.

The pluses of partnering with Website Depot include improved conversion rates, increased revenues, and stronger customer relationships. Website Depot’s digital marketing strategies are said to engage a target audience, simplifying the process of turning potential customers into loyal ones, ultimately leading to revenue growth and opportunities for expansion, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

🏙️💼📋 Quick Facts about Website Depot

  • Years of experience: 11
  • Industry awards: not provided
  • A typical local SEO offering includes: keyword optimization, meta/alt tag optimization, directory submissions, content creation

10th place | Sure Oak

sure oak logo

Sure Oak can be your local SEO expert, ensuring your business pops up when potential customers search for your products or services. They offer flexible local SEO plans, suitable for businesses of all sizes and budgets. Starting with a comprehensive audit, they ensure your website is technically okay.

They focus on content optimization, localized keywords, and online reputation management through customer reviews. Sure Oak also uses Google My Business to boost your visibility in local searches, maps, and services. It’s said that once partnering with Sure Oak, online business owners take control of their online reputation and reach more customers to meet their KPIs.

🏙️💼📋 Quick Facts about Sure Oak

  • Years of experience: 6
  • Industry awards: not provided
  • A typical local SEO offering includes: analytics setup, report creation, technical website review, keyword research, schema markup optimization, citation audit customer review strategy

How Can You Determine If a Local SEO Agency Is the Best Fit for You?

Here’s one final piece of advice for you: Think of the checklist below as your guide to finding the best local SEO agency for your needs.

☑️ Clear Track Record

Look for a local SEO agency with a proven track record of delivering results. Check for case studies, client testimonials, and reviews that demonstrate their success.

☑️ Transparency

The best local SEO agencies are honest in their processes and reporting. They should provide clear, detailed reports on your campaign’s progress and results.

☑️ Customized Strategies

A worth-partnering-with local SEO agency tailors its strategies to your specific business needs. Avoid agencies that offer one-size-fits-all solutions.

☑️Industry Expertise

Consider local SEO agencies with experience in your industry. They understand your target audience and competition better.

☑️ Ethical Practices

Ensure the agency follows ethical and white-hat SEO practices. Avoid those that engage in black-hat techniques that could harm your website’s reputation.

☑️ Comprehensive Services

The best local SEO agencies offer a wide range of services, including on-page optimization, content creation, link building, and listing management to address all your local-related needs.

☑️ Easy Communication

Effective communication is key. The best agencies maintain open lines of communication, provide regular updates, and are responsive to your queries.

☑️ Data-Driven Approach

Look for agencies that rely on data and analytics to drive their strategies. Data-driven decisions are more likely to yield positive results.

☑️ Clear Contract Terms

Review the agency’s contract terms, including the duration of the agreement and any cancellation policies.

☑️ Scalability

Consider a local SEO agency’s capacity to scale services as your business grows. A flexible partner is valuable for long-term success.

☑️ Industry Recognition

Agencies recognized by industry awards or certifications often demonstrate a commitment to excellence.

☑️ Innovative Strategies

Seek local SEO agencies that stay updated with the latest search engine optimization trends and algorithms. Innovation can give you a competitive edge.

☑️ Alignment with Your Goals

Ultimately, the best local SEO agency aligns with your business goals and can clearly articulate how their services will help you achieve them.

Would you like to work with Delante on your local SEO and attract more custmers? Contact us and let’s boost your business!

Logo Delante

Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

Logo Delante

Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

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