Website Rank – How do I Check Google Position?

Website Rank – How do I Check Google Position?

Running an e-business, aren’t you? Could be an e-commerce (an online store), a site for advertising your services or a blog. Regardless of the specific type, surely you’d like to be able to find out what’s your website’s Google ranking. To learn how to check Google position, keep reading.

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Generally, the higher the Google position, the more internet-visible the website is. What follows is that the users click & view the page more often, thus increasing the traffic. And from this, a number of benefits follow, including increased website popularity and ROI getting higher. Checking the site position in Google is also crucial for SEO itself. Analyzing the changes in rankings, you can draw conclusions about the efficiency of links built and keywords chosen. High position indicates that the phrases are well-chosen and the SEO process is well optimized. However, a remote SERP ranking clearly shows the website requires work, i.e. optimization.

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There are many factors that can affect your Google website position rank. The reason may be in the domain itself, the choice of keywords, competition activity, or the content (or its lack) on your site. Monitoring your Google position allows you to evaluate whether your activities are performing well and bring you measurable profits. If not, it’s a great starting point for you to rethink and improve the strategy. However, remember that Google algorithms are constantly changing and your position in SERPs will never be permanent – that’s why you need to see the monitoring as a process and not a one-time action.

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Wondering how to check site position in Google? There are many tools to help you with that:

  • free software that will display the rankings for specific keywords;
  • there’s the ever-reliable Search Console, which will tell you step-by-step how to check your website ranking;
  • the manual method – using Google queries to determine how high your site ranks;
  • professional tools – used mostly by SEO agencies.

However, which method is the best for your website and is most likely to benefit you the most? Let’s see…

A simple way to check site position in Google

Nothing keeps you from checking your Google ranking yourself – there are dedicated tools available. They read the data and visualize them, clearly showing how your website ranked on a particular day in the past, for a specific keyword. These two online tools can help you with that:


    – one of the most popular tools, also used by professionals. The tool is paid but you can use a 14-day free period trial to check its features.
  • Serpwatcher – this tool shows not only keywords position but suggestions and backlinks analysis. A free version of the fool offers 5< lookups per 24 hours, 50 keyword suggestions per search, and 100 backlinks per 24 hours.

how to check site position in google help

Make the most of Google Search Console

Google has often mood swings about its rankings. This is partially due to updates happening pretty much continuously all across the Internet. On the other hand, updates of Google algorithms themselves cause rankings shuffling. If your site is correctly indexed and has high-quality, correctly built backlinks then you do not have to worry about it. However, it may be that your website ranking drops suddenly or the page doesn’t appear on the search result page at all. What to do then? Follow these steps to solve this problem:

  • check if your website appears in the Google index at all – it’s a piece of cake. Just enter the full URL of your page in the search bar like this:
    how to check site position in google with index

If the page appears in the search results, it means that has been indexed by Google.

how to check site position in google site index

However, in case it’s nowhere in the search engine, use the Search Console for the Webmaster’s help. The page could have been removed for various reasons, including several types of violations.

  • how high does the domain name of your website rank – sometimes it may happen that a given site is in a far position in the search results due to being claimed by Google as a source of spam. Better watch out for Search Console hints and react quickly to any alert appearing in the SC message panel.
  • let Google know about the content on your website – if you have a brand new website, be sure to let Google know about it. You can easily do this via Search Console. Uploading a sitemap file is useful, too. It’s how you make it easier for Google crawlers to navigate within the page and index its pages.>
  • manual anti-spam Google activities – in addition to automated activities carried out on websites, Google has a manual process, too, keeping the search results displayed to the end-user in check. Manual actions are implemented in case a website is flagged as spammy or otherwise violating Webmaster Guidelines. They may result in a page’s drop in search results, or even removing from the Google index entirely.
  • whether your website has been found & indexed by Google – many benefits follow indexing your site in Search Console. For instance, you get access to important information and tools that help to improve your website performance. You can use traffic analytics for your website and track Google search position rankings. When indexing your own site, watch out for issues, too – indexing errors, your robots.txt file, or possible URL blocking.

Google Search Console is an irreplaceable analytics tool, giving you insight into a number of issues that heavily affect how does your website finally ranks.

Is it possible to check Google position manually?

First of all, lots of spare time is needed for that. However, before you even begin, make sure to log out of all Google apps, add-ons, or extensions as they may affect the SERP list you get. Then simply google a keyword-relevant to the page you want to find out about. To find out all the truth, play around with geolocalization settings, as it modifies the search results dramatically. For instance, SERP looks completely different if geolocalized in a particular city, then in a country in general. For this reason, the manual method is not entirely reliable. There is always a possibility that the end result is distorted by many factors. On top of that, it really takes a lot of time and you are simply not able to check ranks for a larger number of keywords.

Professional Google ranking tracking tools

There’s a handful of tools made to track your website’s Google rankings, most often used by professional SEO agencies. Some of them are:

  • Serprobot (former Serplab)
  • Seostation
  • Stat4Seo
  • WebCEO

They allow you to monitor a large number of keywords relevant to your website, providing you with a whole package of accurate information about your Google search results ranking performance. However, in mind that these are paid tools and only frequent, constant actually, monitoring a website with them makes sense.

Website rankings change constantly – immediate noticing and appropriate quick response is only so much you can do. And it still does take time. If you want your online store, e-commerce, blog or website ranking to be tracked on a regular basis, consider hiring an SEO agency; tracking the website reporting any changes is what they do. It’s the only way to rest assured that your site ranks as high as it may, and you’re getting the most of the traffic possible.


It’s worth checking regularly checking on what position is your website to monitor whether your (or your agency’s) SEO activities bring desired results. If your website is, for quite a long time, in the low position in Google search results it’s a clear sign that you need to think about optimizing it. Drawing conclusions from the ranking monitoring will help you improve your SEO strategy. 

Remember that the higher is your rank in Google search results, the more visible your website is online. Why is it so important? It’s because users tend to choose websites that appear higher in the search results more often. This contributes to an increase in organic traffic and later on better conversion of the site. What is more, a high Google rank positively affects your brand recognition and allows you to increase your competitive advantage. That’s why it’s so important to constantly work on your Google website rank. You can do it with a well-composed SEO strategy.

There are many ways to track your website’s position in Google. You can use free tools (such as GSpot, or cMonitor), Google Search Console, or try paid tools (like Serprobot or Seostation). You can also do it manually and check your rank by yourself in Google.

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