What is Geolocation? – Definition

Geolocation – a variety of tools that recognize the location of web users and, on this basis, tailor the language version and content for them. Although it seems to be an interesting technological solution, in practice it may cause serious problems and adversely affect SEO. Before you decide to introduce it, it is worthwhile to read the regulation concerning geo-blocking, adopted by the European Commission.

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Geolocation in Practice

Considering that Google robots operate from the USA, you have to be aware that they will always be redirected to English language versions of websites. In practice, this means that other language versions may be ignored and not indexed. This will have a negative impact on SEO, so if your CMS gives such a possibility, it is recommended to disable geolocation.

Another problem may concern users. You can’t be sure that a user who enters your website, for example, from Germany speaks German and pays exclusively in the Euro currency. This applies especially to tourists.

Overall, geolocation may adversely affect the reception of your website by both Google robots and users.

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