Pigeon Algorithm

What is Pigeon Algorithm? – Definition

Pigeon is an algorithm introduced on July 24, 2014, which was created for more efficient local search results in Google. Therefore, its main function is to correctly match local results to detailed user queries. When the Pigeon algorithm was updated, the organic results were integrated with Google Maps, which as a result improved the position of companies that had well-optimized sites for a specific location.

Pigeon Algorithm - Definition

Google Pigeon in Practice

When choosing a given service, we take into account not only good opinions but also where a particular place is located. Imagine you want to begin your adventure with fitness which is why you are looking for a fitness club nearby. By entering the keyword “fitness club” in the search engine, and then your city or even your district, you will get the specific fitness clubs in a given location.

From the SEO point of view, it is extremely important as the Google Pigeon algorithm favors websites that have: a well-optimized Google My Business account, contact details or information included in NAP.

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