How to React When Google Introduces Changes to Its Algorithms?



How to React When Google Introduces Changes to Its Algorithms?
13 November 2019
Do you know that Google algorithms are the greatest algorithms existing? Each day Google introduces numerous changes to its algorithms in order to provide users with search results that will be related to their queries as closely as possible. So how should you react to some major updates and what to do if after introducing them your website is displayed lower in the search results? Keep reading our article to find out the answers!



Why does Google implement algorithm changes?

As it’s been already mentioned, Google changes its algorithms almost every day. Most of the updates don’t affect the positions of websites significantly and they definitely don’t cause any drastic decreases. The changes introduced by Google are only some minor adjustments which are designed to improve the process of matching the search results to the queries entered by the users. However, the situation is slightly different when it comes to the so-called core updates - changes to the main Google algorithm. Very often they can be a real nuisance for SEO specialists and website owners. After the implementation of the core update it may turn out that something that has been working perfectly well suddenly failed or the website is now displayed on a very distant position in the search results although nothing in its structure changed. Usually the core updates occur once every few months and their aim is to help high quality content websites to be displayed on top places in the search results. This is also connected with the main idea of Google - providing users only with top-notch content.

Is it possible to predict algorithm changes?

As you already know why Google introduces changes to its algorithms, now you’re probably wondering whether it’s possible to somehow predict the upcoming modifications and prepare for them? Sometimes Google informs about the updates it’s about to implement. And this happens when the adjustments concern these aspects of a website that can be changed by webmasters or SEO specialists. In this case it’s possible to prepare for the optimization. However, in most cases the changes are introduced suddenly and there is no chance to prepare websites for the update. Moreover, sometimes we don’t even know what a specific algorithm update is about. The fact that the position of a given website decreased doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong with its structure or that the SEO actions taken are incorrect. So what to do when Google introduces changes to its algorithms and how to make your website be again displayed high in the search results?

What to do when Google implements algorithm changes?

What’s important, Google stresses that even if the position of a given website decreased significantly after the update, it doesn’t mean that something needs to be fixed - the existing elements on the website may be correct as well. However, it’s always worth paying attention to the aspect particularly important to Google - work on your content and make it even better.

Focus on the content!

Your website has to offer top quality content because this is the element especially appreciated by Google. If you manage to successfully answer the users’ search queries, then your chances of being displayed high in the search results also increase. Google offers various tips concerning content. If you want your website to reach top positions in Google, you need to make sure that you provide visitors with good quality content, meaning:
  • unique content that you’ve created yourself, don’t paste information, research or reports from other websites,
  • relevantly long content that describes a given topic in depth,
  • appealing content that engages users,
  • the content where you refer to other sources mustn’t be pasted,
  • apart from attracting the users’ attention, the headings and title of the website should correspond to the subject matter of the page.
You should also think whether the content published on your website is worth recommending and whether you yourself would share it with your friends.
  • is your content reliable? Make sure that you provide sources of your information and mention authors of the articles,
  • do you find the content relevant and credible after reading the texts on the site? Do you think that it can be regarded as an expert’s opinion in a given field?
  • is the content written by an expert or a person familiar with the subject or industry?
  • is the content substantively correct?
  • do the texts on the website inspire trust?
Moreover, you should also focus on some editing aspects to make sure that the content is written correctly:
  • ensure that your texts don’t contain any misspellings, linguistic, grammatical or punctuation errors,
  • the content needs to be well thought out and it should look professional,
  • your content needs to be written by a professional in a given field, not by a copywriter who does it in bulk,
  • the texts shouldn’t contain thousands of advertisements that distract attention from the main content,
  • the content can be displayed, and is readable, on both desktop and mobile devices.
It’s also a good idea to analyze and monitor the content published by your competition on the market. Try to assess whether your content is more comprehensive, clear and valuable with regard to the topic. Note the subpages whose positions decreased and analyze whether something is missing and what may be the reason for the deterioration. Perhaps improving some of the elements will help your website to again be displayed high in the search results.

Find out how the Google testers and the E-A-T strategy work

Google claims that it’s advisable to take a closer look at the work of the Google raters and to implement the E-A-T (“Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness") strategy. The eat strategy Google search quality raters are testers who, according to the Google detailed guidelines, evaluate the data on websites. They have to adhere to strict rules defined by the objectives of the Google algorithms. The Google guidelines are publicly available to users, therefore it’s worth reading them and properly modifying the website according to them. If you can understand how Google raters assess quality content, then you’ll be able to create top-notch texts yourself. In most cases testers want to know whether the content is written in accordance with the E-A-T strategy. The E-A-T strategy comprises the most important characteristics of quality content, meaning expert knowledge, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Going through the guidelines may be helpful in assessing how your content is doing from the E-A-T point of view and what needs to be improved.

How long does it take to have your website again displayed high in the search results?

OK, so you’ve implemented all the necessary improvements and created valuable content in line with the Google guidelines. Now you’re probably wondering how long it will take to again reach top positions in Google? It’s hard to answer this question because SEO activities are part of a process that should last all the time. Changing one thing isn’t enough to immediately be displayed in the top 10 search results. Sometimes you need to wait to the next update of the algorithm to see the effects of your changes. But it may also happen that a month or two after implementing the update Google adjusts it and your website is again displayed on the previous, high positions. However, keep in mind that every day Google introduces some minor changes and analyzes the search results in order to provide its users with the most valuable and accurate content. That’s why your activities on the website may turn out to be effective much earlier - focus on your content and ensure that it’s user-friendly and consistent with the E-A-T strategy.


Remember that Google tests every new algorithm update before implementing it. And as there is no a perfect change, Google constantly strives to improve its algorithms. Due to the fact that the algorithms are changing all the time, it may happen that a website whose position decreased after one update will again be displayed high in the search results after another update, even if the website owners didn’t decide to introduce any changes to its structure or content. Don’t forget about the guidelines provided by Google. Valuable content and compliance with the E-A-T strategy are factors necessary to succeed in the world of SEO!


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