Google Is Automatically Integrating Your GSC Services with GA4



Google Is Automatically Integrating Your GSC Services with GA4
20 October 2023
Google started merging Google Search Console and Google Analytics 4 services together. Is this merge smooth and what does it mean? Find out below!



GSC to GA4 Integration

Just a few months ago, Google has started merging Universal Analytics into Google Analytics 4 and well…there were quite a few problems afterward. Now, Google is integrating data from Google Search Console to GA4 as well. Yet again, automatically.

While not much could or should go wrong in this case, there are some problems that occurred on the way. Namely, despite the integration, reports with data from GSC are not displayed in GA4. The only way to change this is to add them manually through the library in Google Analytics.

What Does It Mean?

We can see one thing – Google tends to do things automatically for us regarding GA4. So the question is: what will be next?

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