LinkedIn’s New Way to Utilize ChatGPT: Creating Articles Based on Expert Comments



LinkedIn’s New Way to Utilize ChatGPT: Creating Articles Based on Expert Comments
30 September 2023
There are many ways how AI can be used to improve our everyday work in content marketing and SEO. One of the most creative and intriguing ones has just been introduced by LinkedIn - creating articles based on comments. Is it effective and are the results satysfying? Find out below!



How Does It Work?

The principle of this method is simple. You’ve got lots of expert comments on LinkedIn that could be repurposed to create quality content. You copy and paste them into ChatGPT and ask the AI to write an article. You post it and…voilà – a shared article has been created.

LinkedIn has truly embraced this method since they came up with it. They have dedicated o whole section to articles made this way, where users may access and, hopefully, learn something from the opinions and facts expressed by experts in the particular fields.

LinkedIn's Collaborative Articles

Source: LinkedIn

Nevertheless, one question remains: are those articles actually good?

Our Opinion on the Articles Generated From the Comments

So, are the articles generated from the LinkedIn comments really useful, or perhaps it’s better to avoid them at all costs? LinkedIn’s users are generally quite positive towards the quality of these generated texts, praising it, but also pointing out some potential obstacles to this method.

Opinions on the contribution articles on LinkedIn

Source: LinkedIn, Ethan Lazuk

We decided to test the results ourselves, and having read several SEO-related articles, we came up with the following conclusions:

  • There aren’t any outrageous or completely false information in them.
  • The content isn’t great either.
  • In general, they are decent, but nothing more.

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Resparking Mass-Produced AI Content Concerns

While these articles may still be helpful for those, who have little-to-no knowledge on the subject, so we cannot deny that they are a positive addition, they also reignited the discussion on whether content will soon be mass-produced with the use of AI. Will it be so? It remains to be seen.

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