Damian Hliwa

Senior SEO Specialist
Damian Hliwa - Delante

Over a few years working in SEO, Damian has been transitioning into new roles quite often. Starting as an intern, later he became a team leader, and even took the position of the head of SEO. Although search engine optimization and technical audits have always been his central focus, he is no stranger to running link building and content campaigns.


Damian finds it immensely rewarding when a strategy he devised for his client generates steady business growth. No matter if this is the visibility, web traffic or revenue increase – he considers all three equally satisfying.


As he puts it, SEO is like building a house: it must be based on solid foundations (audit, optimization) and it should be given a nice-looking finish (content and link building), while minding the usability and ease of use (UX).


After hours, he turns into a keen filmmaker and photographer. Damian is also an enthusiast of good coffee (no definite brewing method preferences, though), Polish mountains and cycling.

Damian Specializes in

agencja facebook ads - kontakt ze specjalistą

user experience

International SEO strategy

conversion rate optimization

Delante SEO indexer tool

technical SEO

woocomerce wordpress seo

ecommerce SEO

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