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Client Goals


Establishing a brand presence in the German market

Moya Matcha reached out to us with the goal of establishing their brand presence in the German market. Being a recognized brand in Poland, they sought to expand their horizons into new markets and needed our assistance to accomplish this swiftly and efficiently.


Organic visibility and traffic increase

Moya Matcha aimed to increase its visibility in the German market and boost traffic from organic channels. As they were a relatively new player in this market at that time, we had to start building their presence from ground zero.

SEO Team

Working with client Moya Matcha is a perfect example of how SEO takes time to achieve visible results, especially for new sites. I am happy to say that during these two years of cooperation, we have been able to achieve satisfactory results in terms of improving the position of key phrases and increasing the visibility of the site, which has resulted in increased organic traffic.

Wiktoria Wójciak
Wiktoria Wójciak SEO Specialist
About Moya Matcha

Moya Matcha is an international e-commerce specializing in matcha tea and sets that operates across multiple markets. When they approached us in 2021, their website targeting the German market had been active for just 2,5 months. Our task was to create visibility increase strategies and help them establish brand recognition in this market.

On-Site Strategy

Titles and Meta Descriptions Optimization

Why we did it

Titles and meta descriptions play a critical role as they are the initial elements users notice while exploring search result pages. They can either draw users towards a website or discourage them from clicking through. Additionally, from Google’s perspective, titles and meta descriptions help bots understand a page’s content, which influences its ranking in the search results.

After conducting an SEO audit, it became clear that the most work lies ahead in the area of on-site SEO. First of all, we had to take care of titles that were often duplicated, too short, and not optimized for the right keyword phrases.

missing title tags on moya matcha website

Additionally, there were no meta descriptions on the whole website, so we had to ensure their inclusion and proper implementation.

missing meta descriptions on moya matcha website

We provided guidance on crafting effective titles and meta descriptions. Our recommendations centered around creating unique titles and meta descriptions for each page and incorporating relevant keywords that align with the content of the specific page.

Examples of well-optimized titles and meta descriptions:

example of optimized title on moya matcha website

example of optimized title and meta description on moya matcha website

This process has been completed, with each page now featuring a unique title and meta description. Nevertheless, we continue to monitor the addition of new pages to the website to ensure these elements are present and appropriately optimized.

Headings Optimization

Why we did it

Headings are an essential part of any website. They help both users and Google robots to understand the content of the page. Each webpage should contain a properly constructed H1 and H2 headers, as well as H3 headers for longer content.

The headers on Moya Match’s homepage were not structured correctly. First of all, the most important H1 header was missing, and the H2 headings were placed on product names, causing the page to display for general product phrases.

Headings on the main page:

the results of heading analysis on main page moya matcha

The first step, naturally, was to set the correct H1 heading, and then fix the structure of other headers.

On the category subpages, on the other hand, the H1 headers were set correctly, but again the H2 were placed on the product names.

Headings on category pages:

the results of heading analysis on category page moya matcha

We recommended adding H2 headers with relevant keywords to category descriptions to guide search engines and users as to what is the content of each category. This increases the chances that the website will be visible for relevant phrases and rank high in the SERPs.

Categories’ Name Changes

Why we did it

Appropriately named categories have a positive impact on SEO, as these names are often used by default to generate title elements, H1 header, and URLs. They are also sub-linked in the menu. That is why it is important that category names accurately define the assortment.

When we started our cooperation there were only a few categories on the website, and their structure was flat. We recommended expanding this structure and clarifying the naming as it was too generic.

This is how the categories on the Moya Matcha website look like at the moment after the implementation of our recommendations:

new categories' names on moya matcha website

Adding the Alt Texts and Fixing Images’ Size

Why we did it

When adding graphics, it is important to include optimized alternative texts with relevant key phrases so they can be visible in the Google Graphics section. Alt texts are also important from the UX perspective as they help visually impaired users understand the content of the pictures.

A lot of graphics on the website did not contain alt text, which helps Google robots to understand the content of the image. That’s why we recommended adding the alt texts with appropriate keywords to further boost the optimization of all of the graphics on the website.

Some of the graphics were also too big – over 100KB, which might negatively affect the UX of the website. Big graphics take longer to load which can slow down the whole website and frustrate the users.

missing alt text and too big images on moya matcha website

Adding Missing Content to the Website

Why we did it

The content on the page should be unique and contain keywords so that both Google robots and users can grasp the page’s scope. This is an important SEO component that helps optimize pages and rank them correctly.

At the beginning of our cooperation, it turned out that there was a limited amount of content on the Moya Matcha website. Compared to the amount of code, it was only 1% out of the recommended 20%.

the text to html ratio on moya matcha website is only 1%

Without valuable, high-quality content it is nearly impossible to achieve good results. That’s why, we prepared recommendations for Moya Matcha on what kind of content should be placed on the site, and where to put it. With the help of our guidance, the client creates his own content on an ongoing basis, which we then optimize according to SEO best practices.

Thanks to the combined efforts, there is now enough high-quality, optimized content on the site to support its positioning in the search results.

An example of the content added to the homepage:

text n the main page moya matcha

The category sub-pages also lacked content, so we recommended adding unique descriptions to each of them.

In the case of products, it is very important to create original descriptions and not copy them from manufacturers’ websites to avoid external duplication, which negatively affects the positioning of the site. The descriptions on the Moya Matcha product pages were unique and well-written, but they lacked proper heading structure, internal linking, and semantic tags such as < strong> and <i>.

Example of content added to the product page:

text on the category page moya matcha

It turned out that some products were not indexed. To remedy this, we used our dedicated indexing tool, thanks to which all product pages are now in the index and accessible to users.

Moya Matcha unfortunately could not avoid content duplication. Internal duplication amounted to 37% of the recommended 18% and was caused mainly by descriptions of product ingredients and instructions on how to prepare the tea, which was present on many subpages in the same form. The same was true for descriptions of different sizes of the same tea, which were very similar to each other, only slightly altered.

percentage of duplicate content on moya matcha website

External duplication caused by using the same product descriptions in the Amazon store was also a problem.

example of external duplication with amazon shop

We recommended creating unique product descriptions to avoid internal and external duplication.

The site also has a blog, which has been well managed from the beginning and needed only minor adjustments. The content created by Moya Matcha is professionally written and answers clients’ needs and inquiries. The only things missing were optimization for relevant keywords, semantic markup and internal linking to key subpages.

As part of our cooperation, we take care of content optimization, and internal linking, which supports the positioning of the site, and makes it easier for users to navigate the website.

Fixing Improper Hreflang Implementation

Why we did it

Hreflangs inform Google about the language version of the site and help display it to the right users. This ensures that users in Germany will be directed to the German version of the site, rather than, for example, the French version. Hreflangs are especially important for companies that operate in several markets at once and want to make sure they reach the right audience.

The hreflangs on the Moya Matcha website were not implemented correctly. On some pages they were completely missing, and on others they were configured incorrectly.

problems with hreflangs implementation

We took care of improving the configuration and implementation of hreflangs, which now have the correct form. This was a very important step in building visibility in the German market as it helped in displaying it to the right audience.

Website Migration

Why we did it

Moya Matcha wanted to refresh the look of its website, so they requested our help with the migration. The support of SEO specialists during the migration is very important, as it helps avoid unwanted drops in visibility and traffic.

In May 2022, we helped Moya Matcha go through a website migration to WooCommerce and a layout refresh. The client did the migration itself with our recommendations and tips. It was up to us to check that everything went according to plan and to make sure there were no drops in traffic and visibility after the migration.

The whole process went smoothly. The client is satisfied with the new website, which not only looks good with the new design but is also correctly optimized for SEO.

Optimization for Strategic Keywords

Why we did it

Strategic keyword optimization boosts a website’s visibility in search results by aligning content with user search queries. Balancing relevant keywords within high-quality content is key to attracting the right audience without overloading the site.

Prior to our cooperation, Moya Matcha’s website was displaying for the client’s most important keywords in distant positions.

Keyword Position
matcha tea set 29
matcha set 20
matcha set kaufen 42
matcha online kaufen 94
matcha kaufen 86

Since the very beginning, we have systematically optimized the site for relevant keywords, so that the website began to show up in the top search results.

In the green frame are the current positions of the keywords, in red are their initial position, and N/A means that the phrase was out of the index at that time:

moya matcha strategic keywords top 1

Screenshot from SERProots

moya matcha strategic keywords top 10

Screenshot from SERProots


Off-Site Strategy

In tandem with the on-site process, we also conduct link building activities for Moya Matcha. By combining these two components of SEO, which support each other, we achieve great results.

For Moya Matcha, we obtain valuable links that help build the site’s position and improve its performance. As part of our cooperation, we also acquire one paid publication per month.

Prior to the cooperation, Moya Match’s website had 296 links coming from 4 low-value domains.

backlink profile before our cooperation

link profile before our cooperation with moya matcha

Currently, the parameters of the website are much better and look as follows:

backlink profile moya matcha now thanks to our optimizations

Currently Moya Matcha’s website has 1,400 links from 85 high-quality domains that support building its position.

link profile moya matcha now


Initial visibility of the website in the Senuto tool:

visibility before cooperation in senuto tool

and in Google Search Console:

visibility and traffic before cooperation in google search console tool

On average, the website was visited by 65 users per month, and displayed 3,200 times per month.

Result 1 Increase in visibility by 311% year-to-year

Result 2 Increase in traffic by 209% year-to-year

Today, these results have improved significantly, and we’ve been able to achieve a 311% increase in visibility and generate over 209% more visits year-to-year!

graph from google search console showing visibility and traffic improvement

boost in organic traffic and keywords

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