+290% increase in revenue from SEO
and Google Ads

in 6 months

Google Ads SEO Wallpapers

Client Goals


Improve Online Presence

Decorlabs reached out to us because its website was struggling to gain visibility among its target audience. Its goal was to enhance Decorlabs’ recognition on Google, particularly among brands offering wallpapers, wall murals, and photo wallpapers.


Generate More Traffic

The Client wanted to increase the number of people visiting their website naturally within 6 months.


Turn Visitors into Buying Customers

As visibility and website traffic improved, Decorlabs set its sights on increasing the number of customers making purchases through both organic searches and Google Ads within a year.

About Decorlabs

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Decorlabs since February 2023.

Decorlabs primarily specializes in wallpapers and wall murals, placing it in a highly competitive industry. What sets Decorlabs apart is its true commitment to our teamwork.

From day one, Decorlabs has diligently followed our recommendations and advice. The team understands that achieving better website rankings takes time and dedication. They put a lot of effort into search engine optimization, ensuring their website follows the latest SEO best practices.

Decorlabs keeps a keen eye on the latest trends in the industry and adapts their projects accordingly – they continuously expand their product range to meet the demands of their target audience. Their openness to trying new things has been key in accomplishing what they set us out to achieve.

Our partnership with Decorlabs serves as a prime example of how early investments in website optimization and Google Ads can deliver outstanding results, provided that recommendations and advice are consistently implemented.

SEM Team

Decorlabs shows us why it’s important to keep adjusting Google Ads strategies as the company we work with grows and expands its product range. I’m happy our Client trusted us and let us make the needed changes. I believe our ongoing teamwork will lead to even higher sales through our paid campaigns.

Tomek Gniecki
Tomek Gniecki SEM & Analytics Specialist

SEM Strategy

From the very beginning of our partnership, we’ve been managing Google Ads campaigns for Decorlabs. The goal of our paid campaigns was to boost brand visibility and product sales.

Initially, we set up three Performance Max product campaigns, dividing them into categories: wallpapers, wall murals, and other products. We also established a Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) campaign to promote the wallpapers and wall murals offered by the Client.

For the first two months of our collaboration, this strategy worked quite well. We saw increases in product sales and greater brand recognition.

transakcje w Decorlabs


January / February / March / April / May / June / July / August

However, as illustrated on the graph, in the third month of our collaboration (May), we observed a decline in the number of transactions.

As the company continued to grow, it became evident that the Client had too many products for our campaigns to perform as effectively as in previous months without adjusting the budget.

We decided to modify our strategy.

We combined wall murals and wallpapers into a single campaign with a larger budget. We also created separate ads for the bestsellers, allowing us to promote the top-selling products with the highest budget allocation.

As seen in the chart above, this change in our strategy delivered excellent results in the following month. The Client also decided to increase the budget each month, which has enabled us to achieve better conversion rates month by month.

We would like to recognize the Client’s commitment to the ad creation process. Decorlabs provided us with all the necessary campaign materials, even creating a video for the Performance Max ads. Communication with the Client has been smooth and totally trouble-free.

Results of SEM Strategy

Thanks to our campaigns, the number of transactions made through Google Ads increased significantly:

transakcje Decorlabs z pomocą Google Ads

We achieved an impressive 382.02% growth when comparing the revenue from Google Ads in the last month of our partnership (August 2023) to the first month of our collaboration (March 2023).

wyniki SEM dla Decorlabs

SEO Team

Working with Michał is an absolute pleasure for me! We understand each other perfectly, and together, we’re striving to achieve our goals. I see it as a great example of a partnership based on mutual trust. The Client shows tremendous commitment to our efforts and appreciates the hard work we put into building his website visibility. It genuinely motivates me to further improve our services and keep raising the bar.

Dagmara Weder-Grygielewicz
Dagmara Weder-Grygielewicz SEO Specialist

SEO Strategy On-Site

We started the SEO process by running the SEO audit and analyzing the keywords that users might use when searching for our Client’s products.


Our first set of changes focused on the homepage, where we updated the metadata.

Here’s the optimized Title and Meta Description:

zmieniony title i meta description


Title: Wallpapers, Custom Wall Murals, and Contemporary Interior Decor – Shop Decorlabs Online

Description: Decorlabs is your go-to online store for wall decorations. Discover modern, made-to-measure wall murals and wallpapers. Explore now!

We also wrote a copy about the brand and published it on the homepage, making sure the content features relevant keywords and is optimized properly.

opis na stronie głównej Decorlabs

We also suggested adding a footer, including alternative text for the logo, and placing contact information, like email and phone number, at the top of the page.

Furthermore, we recommended prominently displaying information about free delivery.

górna część strony głównej

Category Changes

Initially, the Client’s website had a somewhat limited category structure. We proposed some essential changes:

stare drzewo kategorii


Wall Murals / Wallpapers / Accessories / Blog / Special Offers / New Arrivals

Our suggestion included adding new categories, introducing sections for new arrivals and bestsellers, and expanding vital ones like Wallpapers.

nowe drzewo kategorii Decorlabs


Bestsellers / Wall Murals / Wallpapers / Pictures / Wall Stickers / Accessories

Our keyword and competition gap analysis led us to an idea – the creation of a new subcategory called Interior. Within this category, we organized wall murals according to their intended room and provided descriptions for each.

kategorie dedykowanych kategorii do wnętrz na stronie Decorlabs

PL Wnętrza = EN Interior

Bedroom wall murals

Living room wall murals

Kids room wall murals

Hall wall murals

Study room wall murals

Kitchen wall murals

Dining room wall murals

Bathroom wall murals

This strategic move paid off as it significantly enhanced the rankings of pages for keywords associated with particular rooms. This, in turn, contributed to an overall boost in the website’s visibility:

wzrost pozycji słów kluczowych o wnętrzach

wzrost pozycji słów kluczowych związanych z wnętrzami

While these high-volume keywords are consistently monitored, achieving a spot in the TOP3, TOP5, or TOP10 might take a bit more time. However, we are close to reaching that goal.

In our efforts to enhance website performance in SERP, we also took great care in creating category page descriptions. We focused on selecting the right keywords, implementing internal links, and ensuring content quality. Our aim was to publish content that goes hand in hand with the brand’s style while maintaining optimal optimization.

Here’s an example of a category description:

opis kategorii na górze strony

Bottom category description

opis kategorii na dole strony

Global Changes

Our Client runs his store on the Shoper content management system (CMS). This means that the URLs generated automatically contain numbers that are favored neither by users nor Google. We are restructuring the URLs and fine-tuning the metadata to make them more user and search engine-friendly.


The industry Decorlabs is in is quite competitive, which means it’s not easy to quickly get top positions in search results. That’s why we keep optimizing the Client’s website, even after achieving the first positive results. We constantly monitor how well the selected keywords are doing and keep adjusting the content and metadata, ensuring we’re getting the most out of these elements.

This ongoing process helps us boost the rankings of the categories in search engine results:

wyniki reoptymalizacji dla klienta Decorlabs

Product Optimization Recommendations

We provided the Client with suggestions for improving his product listings. Our main focus was on alternative descriptions and new product names – we wanted to make sure they featured the keywords we picked for each product separately.


We’re truly engaged in content creation to help our Client become an authority voice in the industry and boost website traffic together with visibility.

Why is this so crucial? The blog is a place that can offer answers to questions that potential customers have before purchasing wallpaper. By offering practical tips and advice, we also increase the likelihood that users will trust our Client’s brand and make a purchase on the website.

We conducted a thorough analysis of the website and closely examined market rivals. Using tools like Semrush, we crafted a comprehensive content plan, including article topics and hand-picked keywords.

content plan Decorlabs

Each month, we write two blog articles for the Client.

artykuły blogowe dla Decorlabs

Our responsibilities extend to content optimization, internal linking, writing alternative image descriptions, and selecting the most appropriate images.


Additionally, we recommended adding more features to the blog to help our Client become an expert in his industry. These features are also supposed to make the content more user-friendly. These recommendations include:

  • adding categories
  • including dates
  • mentioning the author of an article
  • adding eye-catching images
  • making leads shorter

Below is an example of a blog post published in accordance with our recommendations:

nowy wygląd wpisu blogowego u Decorlabs

And here is the refreshed look of the blog:

nowa odsłona bloga Decorlabs

komentarz Decorlabs o blogu

Odpowiednia optymalizacja wpisów przyczyniła się do wzrostu pozycji fraz kluczowych dobranych do bloga:

efekt frazy blogowe

Off-Site Strategy

We started our linkbuilding strategy as always. In the beginning, we carefully selected websites that were relevant to Decorlabs’ offer.

The next step involved checking if the Client had profiles on various platforms, such as social media, marketplaces, or business directories.

Following that, our strategy focused on acquiring high-quality links (around 10-12 each month) exclusively placed on indexed websites.

Additionally, we’ve been proactively working on boosting visibility and driving website traffic through paid publications.

Every month, we also find websites with better parameters than the Client’s website.

Here’s how the backlink profile looked at the start of our collaboration:

wyniki link buildingu przed

And here’s how it looks now:

link building po

EN start of the collaboration

Results of SEO Strategy

The remarkable increase in visibility that we achieved in such a short time exceeded not only our expectations but also those of the Client. The decision to combine SEO and Google Ads campaigns has proven to be a brilliant one.

wykres widoczności Decorlabs w Senuto

The first month is primarily focused on analysis. We prepare an audit, develop a customized strategy, and engage in extensive discussions with the Client to gain a deep understanding of their business and their expectations.

The drop during the summer is tied to the seasonality of the industry. The peak interest in wallpapers and wall murals typically occurs just before the summer and at the beginning of the fall.

Since the beginning of our collaboration (in March 2023), the Client’s total revenue has increased by a remarkable 290%, underscoring the fantastic results that come from combining SEO with Google Ads.

wyniki SEO i SEMwzrost ruchu organicznego

Organic traffic has seen an impressive growth of nearly 287% between March 2023 and August 2023.

wzrost wyświetleń Decorlabs

Additionally, the total number of page views has increased by approximately 430% compared to the start of our collaboration in March 2023.

We also keep receiving positive feedback from the Client, which is immensely motivating and encouraging:

wiadomości od Decorlabs


Dear Mrs. Dagmara,
I’m grateful for the heartening news. It’s wonderful to see positive results in such a short time, which only confirms that we are on the right track. To be totally honest with you, I’m pleasantly surprised.

 Hello Mrs. Dagmara,

We’ve observed that, within the last month, we’ve accomplished incredibly remarkable results. It’s great to see that the work we’ve all put into website optimization by both your team and ours is delivering visible effects.

 I also want to share some recent progress we’ve made.

We didn’t expect to get such fantastic results in just six months of working together. We’re excited that we can communicate with the Client effortlessly and get the changes implemented almost quickly. We hope there are more years of productive collaboration ahead of us!

Delante is a dependable business partner, managing our Google Ads and SEO campaigns. In just the first few months of our collaboration, our online store recorded remarkable results, with a substantial increase in visibility and satisfying returns on our Ads investment. Our interaction with specialists Mrs. Dagmara and Mr. Tomasz has been characterized by a high level of professionalism. Their genuine commitment to helping us achieve our business objectives is evident. The team’s extensive knowledge in online marketing is effectively applied to their clients’ projects, and the outcomes speak for themselves.

Michał Ziarko

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