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About The Client

Czerwone Noski is a part of Red Noses International, a charity working in hospitals, refugee camps, and places hit by disasters or conflicts to cheer people up and help them feel better during hard times.

Czerwone Noski visits a wide range of hospital units, such as pediatrics, surgery, and cardiology, as well as places where children undergo organ or bone marrow transplants. While their primary focus is on young patients, they extend their support to caregivers and medical staff through humor therapy workshops known as “Humor in Medicine.” Additionally, they reach out to residents of social institutions, including nursing homes.

About The Project

Czerwone Noski reached out to us for assistance with Google Analytics 4 setup. Their previous accounts were tied to the larger Red Noses International foundation, of which they are a partner. Our job was to help Czerwone Noski create new accounts, set up goals (eg. conversions) using Google Tag Manager, and give them the necessary administrative access.

Given the significance of Czerwone Noski’s mission, we provided our services without any fees, taking the opportunity to support their meaningful and much-needed work.

What Does Google Analytics 4
Offer Website Owners?

Google Analytics 4, or simply GA4, is a valuable analytical tool that helps website owners monitor and understand their web traffic. It does that by tracking how individual users interact with the website across different devices.

GA 4 offers a user-friendly interface, allowing website owners to observe visitor behavior and improve their online presence. It’s also worth mentioning that GA4 respects privacy rules, ensuring its long-term usefulness.

Project Owner

Working with Czerwone Noski, we had to get creative with conversion tracking. Counting donations required coming up with a clever approach, as the actual conversion happens not on the client’s website but on the bank’s page. If I’m being honest, in SEM, creating the out-of-the-box solutions makes the real difference in achieving the expected results

Tomek Gniecki
Tomek Gniecki SEM & Analytics Specialist
The Project Flow

Creating New Accounts and Assigning the Administrator Role to the Client

We started off by setting up new accounts and providing administrative access to the Czerwone Noski. At Delante, we’re not the owners of these accounts; we only held that role during creating the accounts.

The Czerwone Noski website uses a CMS that doesn’t integrate smoothly with analytics tools. That’s why we had to implement Google Analytics 4 through Google Tag Manager. We created a Google Tag Manager account for Czerwone Noski, generated the codes, and sent them to the Client. Their in-house developer then applied these GTM codes to the website.

Tomek Gniecki
Tomek Gniecki SEM & Analytics Specialist

Once the Google Tag Manager code was installed on the <head> of the Client’s website, we proceeded with implementing Google Analytics 4 and setting up goals through GTM.

Creating and configuring the GA4 account for Czerwone Noski started from the beginning without using any pre-existing settings or data.

This phase consisted of four steps, which can be summarized as follows:

Step 1: We created a new Google Analytics 4 account for the Client, which was later implemented on the website through Google Tag Manager.

Step 2: Next, we configured the data stream and linked it to Google Tag Manager.

Step 3: Following that, we enabled cross-device reporting using Google Signals, which provided the Client with insights into users’ demographics and technological attributes.

Step 4: Lastly, we extended the data retention period from 2 to 12 months, allowing the Client access to historical data.

Creating Conversion and Event Goals

For the Client, conversions represent monetary contributions and donations from visitors. Tracking these actions, however, isn’t as straightforward as it is for other websites.

In simple terms, using standard conversion tracking wasn’t possible because monetary contributions and donations occur outside the Client’s website. They happen on platforms like Przelewy24 (a payment intermediary) or the donor’s bank website.

To handle this unique situation, we introduced four specific conversion events:

1. The first event involved users clicking on “e-pit*,” which directed them to a form for donating 1.5% of their taxes to the Czerwone Noski foundation.

2. Similarly, the second event was triggered by clicking on “PITax**” and followed the same principle.

GA4 Implementation Case Study tag configuration

3. Another goal was related to the third event, which was clicking on the “Polecenie zapłaty” button (EN “payment order”). It applied to traditional bank transfers.

4. After a successful contribution through Przelewy24, the fourth conversion goal was the display of a thank-you page, confirming the donation.

These customized conversion goals allowed us to better track and measure the diverse ways users engaged and contributed to Czerwone Noski, even when certain actions took place outside the Client’s website.

*e-pit is a Polish government system that enables individuals to allocate 1.5% of their income tax to support a nonprofit organization by filling out an online form.

**PITax is a Polish non-government system that allows individuals to donate 1.5% of their income tax to a chosen charity or nonprofit organization.

Creating Complementary Events

In addition to the primary conversion events, we defined and created several complementary events to gain a more comprehensive view of user engagement:

  1. Clicks on links that direct the visitors to the FaniMani website, which collaborates with Czerwone Noski.
  2. Clicks on email addresses.
  3. Clicks on phone numbers, as this enables the Client to track users’ interest in direct communication.
  4. Clicks on the “Donate Now” buttons, taking visitors to the pages where they can make donations using the payment methods mentioned earlier.

Google Analytics 4 Implementation Case study complementary events

Let’s set up GA4 for your site!

Running a Brief Google Analytics 4 Workshop

Once Google Analytics 4 was set up, we conducted a brief but thorough workshop to ensure the Client could understand how GA4 operates and read its reports effectively. We offered essential guidance to simplify the understanding of GA4 and equipped Czerwone Noski with the necessary skills to interpret the reports the tool generates.


By implementing and configuring Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager, we enabled the Czerwone Noski foundation to gain a deeper understanding of how users interact with their website. Now that the Client has full control of these tools, they can learn more about how users move around the website before making a donation. This knowledge helps them make better decisions based on hard analytical data.

GA4 implementation and configuration effects case study GA4 implementation and configuration effects case study

While the actual donation process occurs outside the foundation’s website, we managed to find a way to bridge this gap. We did this by tracking specific actions taken before donors leave the website to make their contributions.

Also, it’s important to understand that configuring the tools will never be very helpful if the website owner doesn’t know how to track user behavior and make sense of the reports. That’s why running the GA4 workshop was so important. It helped Czerwone Noski understand and use the GA4 tool more effectively, as it equipped the client with the knowledge and skills to make the most of the insights generated by GA4.

To sum up, this multi-stage process devised at Delante allows Czerwone Noski to transform user behavior insights into effective strategies for their philanthropic mission.

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