Third Google Algorithm Update This Year



Third Google Algorithm Update This Year
06 October 2023
Google isn't slowing down. On 5th of October it surprised us with news of another algorithm update, the third this year. What does it mean for your site?



Google’s Basic Update Rollout Is Underway

Just yesterday we informed about the October Spam Update which is supposed to improve spam-fighting, and only a few minutes later it was reported on X (formerly Twitter) that a new core update to Google’s algorithms is underway.

October 2023 core update report


Intrestingly, it is the third algorithm update this year. The first one took place between March 15 and 28, while the second update was rolled out quite recently – its implementation began on August 22 and ended on September 7. As we can see, Google isn’t slowing down, and keeps surprising us by preparing yet another update barely a month after the second one.

What Does This Update Mean?

Over the past month, users have received two significant updates from Google: Spam Update, which we already mentioned, and Helpful Content Update. All of the recent changes suggest that Google is increasing its focus on high-quality content that provides real value to the users.

What if your rankings drop after the update? Google recommends evaluating your content and ensuring that your site is filled with valuable content that complies with EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

What Should You Do?

As usually, we recommend waiting for your website’s reaction and monitoring your positions. It’s not recommended to make abrupt changes during this period, as it will be more difficult to assess what influenced any increases or decreases. It is worth noting, however, that determining what affected your site will still be relatively difficult, all due to the updates overlapping.

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