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Client Goals


Increase visibility for business-related keywords

Starwax reached out to us with a pretty common issue – their website wasn’t getting enough traffic. Interestingly, most of the visits were driven by search terms that didn’t really connect with what the store was offering. As a result, client wasn’t getting many people buying the products. To change that, we had to improve the website’s visibility for business-related and conversion-increasing keywords.


Increase sales

When we started working on SEO for Starwax, the store wasn’t seeing many sales. The purchases were mostly made by those who already knew about the brand and came to the website through branded searches. So, our aim was to bring in new prospects actively searching for cleaning products, potentially interested in buying from Starwax.


Develop brand recognition among the target audience

Starwax knew that getting more people to know their brand should become a big part of Starwax’s marketing plan. That’s why, we were also all about making so more potential customers could recognize the Client’s name, logo, and the products they sell.

SEO Team

Truth be told, there was much room for improvement in terms of SEO when we started working on the Starwax website. This required the Client’s patience, but fortunately, they were well aware that results wouldn’t pop up overnight. Also, they were actively involved in the search engine optimization process, particularly in content creation. Today I can say that our partnership with Starwax was a pleasure. I love the fact that we didn’t only achieve impressive results together, but also built a harmonious relationship.

Magda Mielewska
Magda Mielewska SEO Specialist

On-Site Strategy

Analyzing and Choosing the Right Keywords

we didi it

When starting the SEO process, it’s crucial to pick the keywords and search terms the Client wants to show up for in search engine results. Showing up on search engines for keywords tied to products and offerings is crucial for connecting with potential buyers actively seeking those items, while also playing a role in driving higher sales.

While Starwax was visible for high-traffic keywords, these often had no relevance to the store’s actual product range. Phrases like light oak, rustic oak, or mahogany are a few examples. This clearly stemmed from the website’s lack of optimization for business-focused keywords.

When we started working with Starwax, most of the website’s traffic was generated by these search queries:

keyword phrases for which the Starwax Store was displayed before the start of cooperation

We analyzed and handpicked the business-related keywords, which marked the start of the website optimization process.

Consequently, most website visits came from the following search queries:

Keywords for which the Starwax store displays now

Homepage Optimization

After compiling the list of business-related keywords, we were ready to begin optimizing the pages that had a significant impact on Starwax’s goals. First stop? The homepage.

we did it

Making the homepage fully search engine optimized holds significant importance for a couple of reasons. Among them is the so-called “first impression effect.” This particular page often serves as the initial encounter for potential customers and Google’s bots alike, offering a valuable opportunity to capitalize on.

After running the keyword analysis and conducting an SEO audit for the Client, along with outlining the elements to be incorporated or changed on the website, we also selected the keywords to increase the relevance of the homepage’s content to the target audience’s search intentions.

In essence, the homepage optimization phase comprised three primary steps: working on more web content, improving the title and meta description, and rebuilding the heading structure.

STEP 1: Creating and Publishing More Content

The Client’s homepage lacked any written content, featuring only product listings. This led us to take the first step of crafting a completely new text that described the store’s offerings.

We made sure this text was optimized for the main keywords such as cleaning products, professional cleaning products, and cleaning products store. What’s important to add is when we started working together, the website wasn’t showing up for these specific keywords.

What’s more, we also made sure the homepage’s written content included relevant headings, formatting, and internal linking.

Additionally, we made the homepage more visually attractive by publishing banners provided by the Client. These images, seamlessly woven into the written content, effectively spotlighted the products and the benefits they offer to the buyer.

Here’s a glimpse of what a section of the homepage looked like after integrating the written content and graphics:

Starwax store home page now

STEP 2: Updating Title and Meta Description

We went ahead and fine-tuned the title SEO and meta description to improve the website’s chances of popping up in search results for keywords related to cleaning products.

Here’s how the Title SEO and Meta Description appeared before

Title and meta description before the change

Starwax – The home cleanliness and maintenance expert! Explore our full range…

Starwax is the only brand that provides a complete range of cleaning agents and home care accessories for both interior and exterior maintenance!

And here’s how they looked after our update

Title and meta description after

Professional cleaning products. Household chemicals for…

In our offering, you’ll discover cleaning products, household chemicals, and home cleaning accessories. Welcome to the official Starwax store!

Also, we added an alternate description to the homepage logo. Naturally, we made sure it contained relevant keywords.

STEP 3: Adding H1 and H2s

Initially, the homepage had no H1 header. Instead, it had four H2s and as many as sixteen H3s. Here’s how the headers appeared on the homepage prior to optimization

Headlines on the homepage of the Starwax Store

We added H1 to the so-called above-the-fold section. This is how the homepage appeared after we introduced the main heading

H1 on the Starwax homepage


Additionally, we integrated relevant H2 headers into the content we created, using the keywords we selected at the beginning of the SEO process.

headings in the Starwax content

<H2> Cleaning Products in the Starwax Online Store

<H2> Professional Household Cleaning Chemicals

<H2> Starwax Cares for the Environment!

Crafting New Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

Once we finished optimizing the homepage, we could switch our focus to the remaining pages.

we did it

The page title and meta description influence the way a given page appears in search results. Both elements play a crucial role in enticing potential visitors to click on a specific search result, leading them to the website. That being said, page titles and meta descriptions should be composed in such a way as to capture the essence of the page, while also including relevant keywords and an irresistible CTA.

Our SEO audit revealed that the page titles and meta descriptions for separate pages were set to default (using the basic Idosell template). Since we wanted to drive more target audience to the Client’s website, we had to create new compelling page titles and meta descriptions, infusing them with the right keywords.

This is how category page titles and meta descriptions looked before

meta descriprion and title before


title SEO before


and here is an example of how the category pages appeared in the SERP after creating new page titles and meta descriptions:

title and meta description after

seo title and meta description after

Another example is below; this time it’s the product description.

seo title and meta description on product page before

Title and meta description of products after optimization:

title i meta produktów po

Making H1s & URLs on Category Pages More Google-Friendly

Just like we did for the homepage, we also needed to improve the headings on the category pages. We made some changes to the URLs as well, all aimed at making Starwax more visible for relevant business-related keywords.

we did it

H1 headings and URLs are pretty crucial elements of category pages. They have a direct impact on how specific pages rank for chosen keywords. If they are too generic or don’t match the content properly, achieving top positions for selected keywords in search results may be highly unlikely.

We found out that the H1s – the most important heading of a page – were inaccurately generated, often automatically pulled from broad category names such as “bathroom.”

For instance, a page presenting bathroom cleaners should have had the H1 header reflecting this specific product. However, that wasn’t the case.

This is how the category pages appeared initially:

URLs and headings on the sub-pages of the Starwax Store categories.

URLs and headings on the sub-pages of the Starwax Store categories.

This is how the category pages appeared after our modifications

URL and category headings after

URL and category headings after

When considering another vital website element, the URLs, they frequently contained capital letters and underscores. Unfortunately, Google tends to misunderstand such URLs (it’s important to note that this is a typical URL structure for Ideosell e-commerce platform stores). Hence, optimizing the URLs became an important task, one we promptly tackled.

Here’s how the URLs had appeared before we made them more Google-friendly:


And here’s how they looked after the update


Writing New Product Descriptions to Eliminate Duplicate Content

Here is another step we took to enhance Starwax’s visibility in the SERP and subsequently boost sales.

we did it

Product descriptions should be tailored to the target audience. This means they should include the relevant keywords that people type into the browser in order to find the products online. Additionally, they should be written in a compelling way to increase conversion. But most of all, product descriptions must be unique. Copying those fragments of text from other websites is barely a good SEO strategy.

The category pages didn’t have any written content. Therefore, as part of our SEO process, we prepared unique category page descriptions and then optimized them for relevant keywords.

Later, we took care of product descriptions that in most cases were not only duplicated but also lacked optimization. The Client was responsible for preparing those pieces of content. Our task was to provide guidance and recommendations on content creation. For example, we explained how to write product descriptions to make them interesting for potential customers and trustworthy for Google’s bots. The Client knew she could always count on our assistance with further formatting and optimization.

Below is an example of a product description written by Starwax, and later optimized by the Delante copywriting team:

correct product description on the Starwax store website

Teaming up with the Client to tackle the problem of external content duplication really helped boost the website’s visibility.

Speeding up Page Loading Time

This is another hugely important, yet often overlooked aspect that affects a website’s ranking – the time it takes to load completely and be prepared to respond to user interactions.

we did it

When a website takes too long to load, it leads to user frustration. As a result, users are more likely to leave the website rather than explore it thoroughly, which contributes to a higher bounce rate. This, in turn, negatively impacts the website’s ranking. This issue affects both desktop and mobile devices alike.

The Client’s website was struggling with low loading speed on both mobile and desktop devices. So, we worked together to make things better – we made notable improvements, particularly for desktop users.

Here’s how the page loading speed results looked before we started working with Starwax:

The loading speed of the Starwax Store page before the start of the cooperation

And here is the same website metric after we introduced a few changes to the website to make it load faster:

The loading speed of the Starwax Store page after

Creating a Personalized Content Plan

The last point in our On-Site strategy was to draw up a Content Plan for Starwax. This way we made it easier for the Client to start a company blog, tailor messaging to the target audience, and keep them engaged.

we did it

The content plan provides clear instructions for creating and optimizing web content, ensuring consistency, relevance, and strategic saturation of a website with target keywords. As a result, the website becomes more visible in search engines, engages users better, and ultimately helps achieve marketing goals more effectively.

After analyzing the web content, we gathered important information concerning the way of delivering messages to the target audience, tone of voice, and brand personality. Additionally, we examined the communication style adopted by Starwax’s closest marketing competitors. This thorough analysis formed the basis for our content plan, enabling us to tailor strategies that resonate uniquely with the Client’s target audience.

What we ended up with was a comprehensive content plan that included:

  • defining brand voice and communication style for Starwax
  • analyzing communication styles of closest competitors
  • developing personas
  • providing recommendations for managing a blog
  • offering general suggestions and tips for web content
  • presenting ideas for blog post topics

We teamed up with the Client to bring the blog to life. Before we started, the blog could be accessed only via the Starwax main domain, meaning it couldn’t be found on the store website. This helped us improve internal linking, driving more traffic, and reaching new potential customers.

Working with the Client on content creation was a breeze. Keeping open communication during the SEO process is vital, and we’re confident it played a significant role in improving the Starwax website’s visibility.

Work with us!

Off-Site Strategy

While we were busy working on improving the Client’s website’s position in search results, we also focused on building quality backlinks. Our two main goals were to get good-quality referral links and do it regularly (maintain consistent acquisition). That’s what helped us get the results we wanted to deliver.

Link Building

From the very beginning of our collaboration, we concentrated on increasing the number of links coming from other websites pointing back to the Client’s website. In other words, our aim was to boost the number of thematically relevant websites linking to Starwax, which wasn’t happening much before we started optimizing the website for search engines.

Sponsored Articles

We went a step further and occupied ourselves with publishing sponsored articles for the Client. This strategy not only promoted the website’s authority but also improved its visibility for specific keywords. During this process, we were meticulous in selecting reputable websites and ensuring the articles were of top-notch quality.

So, what kind of results did our off-site strategy bring?


Ahrefs before

Ahrefs links before


ahrefs after

ahrefs links after


Our collaboration with the Starwax store resulted in a notable boost in their website’s visibility in organic search results and a significant increase in organic traffic. This extended reach to more potential customers had a positive effect on the store’s organic revenue, which shot up by a staggering 92.7% (comparing March 2022 to March 2023)!

According to Google Analytics, when comparing the website’s performance from April 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022, with the period from April 1, 2022, to March 31, 2023, we achieved remarkable growth:

RESTUT 1 Organic traffic surged by 153.62%.

RESTUT 2 The number of new users increased by 160%:

Starwax GA results

RESTUT 3 Sessions expanded by an impressive 139.90%:

starwax results sessions

RESULT 4 The chart below, sourced from Google Search Console, shows the increase in page visibility and clicks over time:

visibility of the Starwax Store in GSC

And this is how the visibility growth looks according to the Senuto tool:

visibility of the Starwax Store in Senuto

The results of our efforts are clearly evident in the charts provided by the SEMStorm tool. A substantial increase in website visibility can be observed, especially over the past year.

RESULT 5 According to the SEMStorm tool, since the beginning of our collaboration with Starwax, the website traffic surged by an impressive 853%.

RESULT 6 The number of keywords in the TOP 10 saw a remarkable uptick of 654%, while those in the TOP 50 have expanded by 303%.

RESULT 7 Here’s website visibility before we started doing SEO for Starwax (SEMStorm tool):

starwax visibility before start of cooperation

and now:

starwax visibility now

Working with Delante – especially with the SEO Specialist Magda Mielewska – has really made a difference for our website. We’re naturally thrilled about the revenue growth, where SEO is playing a clear role, but the increased visibility and new user engagement are equally important to us. The reporting system and mutual work on web content creation holds good, with clear guidance provided. Magda is always there to help us optimize our website as needed!

Anna Sudoł

Marketing and Communication Director

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