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269% increase
in website visibility

after 6 months

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Client Goals


Fixing migration errors

Sharetea, a worldwide premium bubble tea brand, reached out to us after a failed migration. They needed help with fixing some technical issues caused by moving their website from WordPress to Squarespace CMS.


Regaining visibility

After an incorrect website migration, Sharetea suffered a significant visibility and traffic loss. Our main goal was to restore the visibility, and get our Client’s website back on the right track.


Strengthen keyword position

Sharetea wanted to increase the number of keywords ranked in both the TOP3 and TOP10 categories.

SEO Team

We often work with clients whose sites suffer performance drops after migration. Truth be told, the sooner an SEO specialist works on such issues, the better chance of regaining traffic. I was very pleased to see Sharetea’s visibility recover in such a short time!

Milena Fietko
Milena Fietko SEO Strategy Manager

On-site Strategy

Bringing back location pages

During the migration, our Client went for was pulling the plug on the Sharetea location pages. Unfortunately, this which led to massive visibility loss. We decided to bring the pages back but that would mean introducing major modifications to the Client’s marketing plan.

Why we did it

Bringing back the location pages was crucial for the visibility recovery. Each location page used to bring a solid amount of local traffic to the website. Without those pages, our Client was losing a big chunk of visibility for local keywords.

One of the direct reasons for the massive drop in performance noted after the migration was due to the lack off Sharetea locations pages. The old domain version included a dedicated page for each Sharetea location. They apeared crucial for maintaining the visibility and traffic at a satisfactory level – Sharetea offers their products locally, and therefore local keywords contributed todriving prospects to the website.

Here’s what was the main challenge: due to the increasing number of local Sharetea spots, the location pages had to be updated regularly. The idea of doing so was not matching the Client marketing strategy and would force him to go back to the old site architecture. We needed to find a solution that would do both: help restore the site performance and align with Sharetea’s marketing plans.

To do so, we implemented location sites that focused on the main, most profitable spots, limit the number of pages, and carry on with driving traffic via local keywords. This solution appeared to be effective – see the graph below:

location page performance example

Current location page within Sharetea domain:

location page performance changes during proces

Current location page within Sharetea domain:

seo case study current menu for location pages

Handling incorrect linking within the domain

When managing website migration handling all link redirect can get tricky. In this case, Sharetea had some incorrect linking paths we needed to fix.

Why we did it

Correct redirects are the key to successful website migration. The smooth transition between website versions allows crawlers to index new websites and can prevent drops in performance.

Another serious problem was linking within the new domain. There were several situations where links would lead to an incorrect page or create an unnecessary redirect chain.

exaple of wrong linking

In addition, during the migration, our client changed the whole structure of the URL addresses. Fixing the linking was crucial to restoring the website’s performance. We also fixed flawed URLs that weren’t indexed due to duplication that was not canonicalized or redirected.

Fixing improper headings structure

Technical SEO happens to be a huge part of the recovery process for Sharetea. First stop? Heading structure that required a bit of improvement.

Why we did it

Headings are indicators of the website structure If done correctly, they include keywords and show Google crawlers the content hierarchy.

There were a few things we had to work on to improve the heading structure. For example, some pages lacked the H2 headings. Neither did they include relevant keyword phrases. To fix that, we optimized the hierarchy and implemented the right keywords for a higher website’s ranking.

optimization of heading structure example

An example of heading optimization – adding H2s.

optimization of heading structure example

An example of fixing the heading hierarchy (H1>H2>H3 instead of H1>H3) and keyword implementation


Implementing internal linking

Next step, our team took care of the internal linking. Hyperlinks needed to be implemented on the wider scale. This helped us connect and group the web content together.

Why we did it

Internal linking has a significant impact on SEO. Hyperlinks have the power to pass the authority from one page to another. Also, when the pagaes are connected by internal linking, it’s easier for Google crawlers to understand the relation between given pages and which speeds up the indexation.

Sharetea’s website lacked a strategic technical SEO element, which is internal linking. To fix that, we placed internal links within the site content, usually using anchors that included important keywords.

internal linking implementation example

An example of content with implemented internal links

Highlighting keywords

What seems to be just a tiny cosmetic change, in reality helps keywords perform better in SERP.

Why we did it

Along with implementing keyword in the text, it’s a good idea to help them stand out. This can be achieved through highlighting. This change has three benefits: makes it easer for visitors to navigate through the content, boosts keyword performance, and makes them rank better.

Using the list of keywords selected for the process, we formatted the content and highlighted relevant phrases:

highlighting keywords for seo

Creating content

Another vital pillar of the SEO strategy prepared for Sharetea was content creation.

Why we did it

Publishing more relevant content on theSharetea’s website was crucial for the lost visibility. Properly optimized for relevant and high-volume keywords help the site appear more often in search results.

To promote website visibility, we decided to focus on the content creation process. Previously, Sharetea didn’t have a company blog, so there was a lot to do here! Alongside the initial keyword research, every 30 days we planned a monthly blog post schedule to help Sharetea grow visibility for more business-relevant phrases. Here are a few examples of blog post performance

blogpost perfromance example

blogpost perfromance example

blogpost performance example 1 blogpost perfromance example seo case study

An example of monthly content recommendations for our Client:

an example of monthly blog schedule for the client

Let’s work on your SEO strategy!
Off-site Strategy

Link building is an inseparable part of Delante’s SEO strategy. For Sharetea, we focused on building a steady backlink growth for domain link profile.

Obtaining quality backlinks

The crux of the off-site process was the quality-focused link building. Following ourstandard procedure of strengthening our Client’s domain authority, our team was obtaining backlinks from strong referring domains, thematically related to Sharetea’s site.

All links were manually created and checked for quality.

Sponsored articles

As part of the process, we also prepared sponsored content for Sharetea. This facilitated an extra boost to keywords that had already ranked high (in TOP10), consequently helping them reach even higher positions.


Afer 6 months of SEO cooperation with Sharetea, we achieved the core goal – we restored the visibility that was lost due to the website migration.

  • Increase of visibility in the organic search results:

results of the process - visibility increase chart

  • Increase in the number of keywords visible in organic search (start of cooperation vs. 6 months later)

visible keywords grow

  • 269 % increase in total site visibility in 6 month:

total visibility of the website seo case study results

In addition, the SEO process proves to be effective over time. Take a look at how the visibility has changed throughout 6 months of optimizations:

trend of visibility during cooperation seo case study

Let’s achieve great results together!

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