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07 December 2023
If you’re looking for actionable and reliable suggestions for content creation in 2024, seek no further. From interactive content ideas, through short clips and ways of breaking down complex information, here you will find out how to make good content in 2024.



As Kyle Byers, Semrush Director of Organic Search said:

Understanding what your audience needs and values will be your key to content marketing success in 2023.

And making good content in 2024 basically boils down to building on what worked last year – I’m talking about the 2023 year, of course.

Picture 2023 as your guidebook – what worked, what clicked. It’s the foundation, and now in 2024, you get to add your touch. Simply, keep your content relatively brief – where it makes sense – and do your absolute best to make it scroll- and share-worthy.

But what ideas/tips to follow to make content in 2024 share-worthy?

How to Make Good Content in 2024: 10 Ideas to Engage Your Target Audience

Before listing those 10 ideas, let me focus your attention on what works no matter the niche or industry you work in.

Remember that authenticity is key 🔑, so keep your content in 2024 real. Also, prioritize quality over quantity – take your time making sure your content is standout. How to do so? Use storytelling 📖. Share your experiences, successes, and hiccups to forge authentic connections with your audience. Simply, let your stories be the bridge to your target audience🌐.

With the very basics in mind, let’s go further and see the 10 content marketing ideas for 2024.

#1: Be There for Your Target Audience

When making content in 2024 – including sales pitches or regular info on your website – think about using your content to fix the issues your audience is dealing with. Ask yourself, Why did they search for this piece of information on Google? or What is my target audience looking for right now? Make your content meet those needs by creating how-to’s, guides, and useful infographics.

It’s super important because just getting people to your website with things like SEO is only the start. You also want your target audience to stick around, not click away, and get engaged.

👉 Example: Imagine you’re searching for the best workout routines, and a fitness website not only gives you great exercises but also tips on staying motivated – that’s the kind of content that keeps you interested. Google pays attention to that, and so should you.

While making good content in 2024, remember about personalization. People like content that’s just for them – stuff that matches their interests and needs. To do that, use data and Google Analytics wisely. Try to make custom content that really catches people’s interest. How?

💡 TIP 💡 Think of it like a fitness app suggesting workouts based on your fitness level and goals – it keeps you interested. So, when you’re making content in 2024, be personal, be smart, and keep your audience hooked.

#2: Avoid Optimizing Your Content Excessively

Your potential customers must find a reason to connect with your brand, and excessively optimized content might actually discourage them from engaging with your company. Practices like keyword stuffing won’t do any favors for your brand reputation. Google won’t be a fan either.

Also, according to WebsiteBuilderExpert:

Different types of web pages have different average times people spend on them. E-commerce pages usually get 44 seconds to 1 minute and 22 seconds, and blog posts can range from 2 to 5 minutes. But, on average, across all kinds of pages, a good time is around 53 seconds.

💡 TIP 💡 Open your Google Analytics 4 (Site Content → All Pages → Average Time on Page) to track how much time your target audience spends on your web pages. Pick the pages that are the most popular and try to figure out what keeps the viewers on a given page.

If you’re keen to share your hands-on knowledge on a topic related to your niche but know the insights are too complex for just a couple of short paragraphs – no worries. You can keep your audience engaged by making the long content easy to understand. What can you do? For example, you can add a clickable table of contents to help users navigate through the page. Also:

  • break down complex information into visual elements. INFOGRAPHICS are a fantastic way to convey data, statistics, or processes in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand manner.
  • when listing information, use BULLET POINTS & NUMBERED LISTS. This provides a clear and structured format, making it easier for your readers to follow and remember key points.
  • divide your content into sections with descriptive SUBHEADINGS. This not only organizes your content but also allows readers to skim through and find the specific information they’re looking for.
  • keep your paragraphs concise. SHORT PARAGRAPHS are easier on the eyes and encourage readers to keep going. Aim for clarity and avoid dense blocks of text.
  • use INTERACTIVE ELEMENTS like quizzes, polls, or clickable images. This not only breaks the monotony but also encourages active engagement.
  • include BRIEF SUMMARIES or key takeaways at the end of sections. This reinforces important points and aids in comprehension.

🤔💭 Remember, the goal is to create content that is not only informative but also easily consumable. Mix and match these strategies based on your content type and audience to enhance overall readability.

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#3: Let Go the Tricks That Just Don’t Work Anymore

Start creating content in 2024 by letting go of outdated ways, especially when it comes to dealing with the modern dislike for traditional advertising. As wisely put by George Parker: The only people who care about advertising are the people who work in advertising.

Today’s consumers are tired of annoying ads, feeling like targets, and not wanting to be fooled. Also, buyers don’t want to be told what to buy anymore. They’re looking for real conversations about things that matter to them. Your task is to create space for those conversations.

And here’s another thing to do, namely forget the hard sell. Creating content in 2024 is all about having genuine chats about products and issues that resonate with your target audience. Consumers want value and authenticity, not pushy sales tactics. It’s now your job to create these natural talks, building emotional connections that bring real results.

In 2024, it’s less about selling products/services, and more about forming relationships and connecting with what truly matters to your target audience.

#4: Make Your Content in 2024 Useful, Relatable and Complete

As explained in our content marketing a complete guide, there is a need for truly good and unique pieces of content that your target audience finds useful. The trends in content marketing for 2024 show that it’s better to present a solid base of knowledge instead of lots of short texts.

Now, you might wonder if this clashes with the idea of making your content short and quick just as the internet users like it – after all their attention span is pretty short. But, we’re not saying write just to reach a word count. The goal is to really answer user questions. This keeps people on your website because they don’t have to go looking elsewhere – you’ve got all the info they need.

source: giphy

Also, whenever possible, try to make your content relatable because consumers are getting more and more skeptical of advertising and marketing messaging.

#5: Boost User Enjoyment with a Smooth Experience

User experience (UX) is the whole deal – from clicking a link in search results to finding a cool social media post. That’s why you must give users what they want, served in a way they like.

Keep your content in 2024 simple, memorable, and avoid tricky stuff – give up on using clickbaits, seriously. If your potential customer finds exactly what they wanted after clicking on your link in the SERPs – that’s a huge win. Also, imagine seeing a social media post that grabs your attention and gives you something useful – that’s the kind of experience that keeps your target audience interested.

Remember, it’s not just about the website; it’s about making every step of the user’s journey fun, from the first click to the last.

#6: Optimize for Mobile Devices

Making your content work well on mobile devices is absolutely crucial – after all, who doesn’t use cell phones to browse the net nowadays? Here’s why optimizing your content for mobile matters:

  • People like it. If your content doesn’t look good on mobile, you might lose a bunch of readers who prefer content that fits their screens.
  • Google likes it too. Search engines, especially Google, prefer websites that are mobile-friendly. If your content isn’t optimized for mobile, it might not show up as high in search results.
  • You provide good experience for users. Making your content easy to read and navigate on smaller screens makes users happy. Happy users are more likely to stick around, read more, and come back later.
  • You make social media sharing easier. Lots of people find and share content on social media using their phones. If your content isn’t mobile-friendly, it might not display well or be easy to share, limiting its reach.
  • Your amazing content is ready to be interacted with in a snap. Mobile-friendly content usually loads faster on phones. Faster loading is important because slow content can frustrate users and make them leave – and never come back…

source: giphy

#7: Prioritize Video Content

Videos rule the internet, making up an incredible 82.5% of web traffic in 2023. That means more than four out of five people online watch videos on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others.

video visits on the web stats for 2024

Source: Zight

This trend is expected to keep going strong in 2024, especially with the rise of short videos on platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts, which are said to be “the most effective type of social media content”, according to HubSpot’s report.

Undoubtedly, video content is the big shot, usually doing better than text (like articles), images (such as stats pictures), and audio (like podcasts). So, if you want to reach your online audience, you’ve got to get into video.

Whether you share business insights, promote your products, or just try to entertain, using video is key to staying visible online and catching the eye of your target audience.

⚠️ Don’t forget about other types of content⚠️ Even though videos are the top pick by most people nowadays, other pieces of content are still good for bringing more potential clients/customers to your website. They also help people recognize and trust your brand.

This brings us to another tip that you should keep in mind while wondering how to make good content in 2024, which is…

#8: Diversify and Play with Various Content Formats

To keep things interesting and reach even broader audience who would love to use your product or service, think about mixing up your content pieces. Experimenting with various formats can give your brand a fresh appeal.

Besides, you should live up to your target audience’s expectations, meaning if someone enjois listening to what you have to say during their commute, give it to them. Similarly, if another person prefers reading about your experiences as a niche expert, give it to them. You get the idea, right?

That’s why consider recording podcasts, creating all types of infographics, publish eBooks, and write blog posts to keep your audience engaged.

🎙️ 3 Biggest Pluses of Recording Podcasts 🔊

  • Versatility: Podcasts offer a flexible format, allowing you to conduct interviews, share insights, or tell stories, making it easy to adapt to your content strategy.
  • Accessibility: Audiences can consume podcasts on the go, making it a convenient option for those who prefer to multitask or listen during commutes.
  • Personal Connection: The conversational tone of podcasts helps build a personal connection with your audience, fostering a sense of familiarity and trust.

🎨 3 Biggest Pluses of Designing Infographics ✏️

  • Visual Appeal: Infographics are visually engaging, making complex information more accessible and memorable for your target audience.
  • Social Media Shareability: Easily shareable on social media platforms, infographics have the potential to go viral, increasing your content’s reach.
  • Data Visualization: Ideal for presenting statistics or data, infographics allow you to convey information more effectively than plain text.

💻 3 Biggest Pluses of Publishing eBooks 📖

  • In-Depth Exploration: eBooks provide an opportunity for learning the ins and outs of a given subject, offering insights that go beyond the scope of shorter content.
  • Lead Generation: Offering eBooks as downloadable content can serve as a valuable lead magnet, helping you capture email addresses and grow your audience.
  • Authoritative Content: Longer-form content positions your brand as an authority in your field, improving credibility and trust among your audience.

✍️ 3 Biggest Pluses of Writing Blog Posts 📰

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Regular blog posts contribute to better search engine rankings, bringing in more organic traffic to your website.
  • Community Building: Blogs enable you to engage with your audience through comments, promoting a sense of community around your brand.
  • Timely Updates: Ideal for sharing news, trends, or time-sensitive information, blog posts allow you to keep your target audience informed and engaged.

#9: Give Interactive Content a Go

Interactive content is one of the most enjoyable and memorable user experience you can provide your target audience with. It encourages your visitors to actively participate in whatever type of content they’re consuming on yoru website / social media platforms.

Interactive content not only boosts engagement but also extends the time users spend on your website.

One of the best examples of this interactive content is seen in the Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

black mirror bandersnatch netflix screenshot

source: Netflix

Naturally, not everyone has the resources and even needs to create an interactive episode of a series, and that’s perfectly fine. So, let’s see other interactive content ideas that you can use to make your content in 2024 truly irresistible and engaging:

  • Quizzes captivate the audience by making the content personalized and fun. They provide an entertaining way to gather insights about your users’ preferences and knowledge.
  • Interactive calculators and tools offer practical value to users. They engage visitors by providing a customized experience based on their inputs, making the content more relevant and helpful.
  • By allowing users to explore different elements at their own pace, interactive infographics enhance comprehension and make data more accessible. This format transforms static information into an engaging visual experience.
  • Image sliders add a dynamic element to your content, keeping users visually engaged. They are particularly effective for demonstrating product features, portfolio items, or storytelling through images.
image slider example

source: Sliderevolution

  • Incorporating games into your content can be entertaining and immersive. Games create a memorable experience, promoting a positive association with your brand. Do you remember the Australian public campaign made by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Victoria to promote railway safety through playing their game Dumb Ways to Die?
dumb ways to day game

source: Dumb Ways to Die

  • Interactive maps allow users to explore and customize their experience. Whether highlighting physical locations or data points, maps provide an engaging and informative journey for your target audience.
  • Interactive webinars allow real-time interaction with your prospects. Participants can ask questions, provide feedback, and actively participate in discussions, making the content more dynamic and valuable.

#10: Put Your Hands on AI-Generated Content

In 2024, artificial intelligence will be here to stay, especially in content creation. AI-powered tools can now create all sorts of content – blogs, articles, poems, code, scripts, music, emails – you name it. AI tools for copywriters are definalety making a big difference, letting businesses and individuals create amazing content way faster.

The idea behind using AI-generated content is to save time and resources while still making content that grabs people’s attention.

Yet, you can’t forget that humans are still needed. Even though AI helps out, editors have to check the content to make sure it’s good quality. AI tools pull info from different places, sometimes causing mix-ups that need a human touch to fix.

Another thing to remember is that AI tools work with existing data, so they can’t come up with brand-new ideas. This makes it a bit tricky to create fresh content on the latest hot topics. While AI speeds up the content-making process, the creative part – thinking up new stuff – is still something real creators do best.

How to Make Content in 2024: Final Thoughts

To grow visibility online in 2024, simply mix your content pieces up!

Create different types of content, especially videos and interactive pieces. Why? Well, here are three cool reasons:

  1. Everyone’s Engaged: People love videos and interactive graphics, maps and clips. They get your target audience involved and make them feel connected to your brand.
  2. More People See Your Content: Videos and interactive content get shared a lot on social media. That means more people get to see your content, helping you reach a bigger audience.
  3. Search Engines Like You More: Google and friends like it when your content has videos and interactive bits. It helps your stuff show up higher in search results, so more people find you.

Of course, don’t neglect the old-school type of content such as blog posts, podcasts and eBooks. Be there for your audience and give them what they need at a given time.

If you find yourself pressed for time or simply prefer experts to create a unique content strategy for your brand, have a go at our content marketing services. This way you will get closer to reaching your target audience, get more organic web traffic, and lower bounce rates.

This is an updated version of a blog post published on October 13, 2022.

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