PPC Weekly News Review (4.12.2023 – 8.12.2023)



PPC Weekly News Review (4.12.2023 – 8.12.2023)d-tags
12 December 2023
Check out what's been happening in the PPC world lately! New assets in Google Ads, recommendations in Meta Ads and new solution in Google search!



New Assets in Responsive Search Ads

Google is testing new types of assets available at the responsive search ad level in the search network. They allow the user to enter the headline and text of the ad to be displayed in selected campaigns. In addition, it will be possible to set a start and end date for their display.

screen of the Google Ads Panel

source: Google Ads Panel

Minimum Audience Size Recommendations in Meta Ads

The Meta Ads manager will now suggest the minimum audience size needed for a set of ads to come out of the learning phase when optimising for specific events, such as purchases.

Meta also points out that increasing the audience size will help achieve the optimisation goal, but will not necessarily guarantee results.

screen of the Meta Ads Panel

source: Meta Ads Panel

Line Separator Between Sponsored and Organic Results in Google Search

A new solution tested in Google’s search results has recently been noticed – paid results are separated from organic results by a clear line.

screen of the Google Search Results

source: https://twitter.com/b4k_khushal/status/1731638084515549561

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