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Sortmund is an online shop with clothes & accessories for uniformed services. It offers professional uniforms for Polish police, military, and fire brigade, among others.

Read how we increased organic traffic and revenue stemming from it by 27% in one year.


Military clothing




Organic traffic


Growth in 2019 compared to 2018

Organic income


Growth in 2019 compared to 2018


We started working with Sortmund in September 2018. The shop was managed with a well-known to us IAI Shop CMS. Since the domain was more than 10 years old, its parameters such as Domain Authority and Page Authority were already high at that time (around 30).

What’s more, the online store was already boosting its SEO efforts and had substantial visibility, but it stopped increasing at one point. Our goal was to improve the visibility of the already well-optimised phrases, as well as the whole website in the long run.

Sortmund is one of the biggest online stores in Poland that offers professional military clothing.

A few facts for starters:

  • Niche industry
  • Not a lot of content on the website
  • The store performed some SEO activities already
  • The site had high visibility
  • Despite the SEO activities, though, it still had low Page and URL ratings


Sortmund was already displayed high in the Search Engine Results Page, but the Client was still aiming for more. Increasing the “well-performing” phrases, however, required perseverance and a dedicated approach. The shop operated in a niche industry, yet, the competitiveness of the phrases was high. A lot of shops selling non-certified clothes and accessories named their products the same way (i.e. “military boots”, even though they were not professional army boots).

We had to be aware of the competitors and their practices. Nonetheless, we decided to aim for long-tail keyword phrases, tailored mostly to product categories, and took a broad-based approach to optimisation.

On-site process

Problem no. 1. Lack of content on category pages

There was no text on the category pages, which was necessary to increase the visibility of the website for keyword phrases associated with these categories. Since we wanted to focus on such keywords, we added the content to the most important category pages.

An example of the content added:

Category text

Problem no. 2. Improper menu structure

The names of categories in the menu should be reflected in the site’s title and H1 heading. These elements actually have an impact on the ranks of the keyword phrases that are included in the category names.

The category names actually didn’t include any keywords before. Here’s a good example:

Police -> badges (changed by us into “police badges”)

Here’s how they initially were displayed in the search results:

Category names in serp

We changed the category names so that they included proper keywords. These keywords were automatically “taken from” titles and H1 headings.

Category name in serp after optimization

Name of the category after optimization

Problem no. 3. Wrong structure of meta descriptions

On the image we’ve already shown, it’s clear to see that the meta descriptions were generated automatically and included category names along with the whole category paths.

Category names in SERPs

We implemented the global settings for adding meta descriptions. Even though we optimised the descriptions manually – they were initially added according to the pattern we defined.

The sequence for the categories:

Global settings for category names

Global category names

The sequence for products:

Global settings for product names

Off site process

From the very beginning of the cooperation, we were strengthening the domain by building quality backlinks. The links were added in catalogues, blogs, Q&A sites, and backup sites. All of them were unique in terms of content and chosen on the basis of relevant topics and domain strength.

The link profile before the start of the cooperation:

Ahrefs data before SEO process

Ahrefs chart before seo proecess

The link profile after more than one year of the cooperation:

Ahrefs data after cooperation


Ahrefs Sortmund


  • Increased visibility of the website, as seen in the Semstorm tool

Sortmund visibility

  • A continuous increase in organic traffic

Sortmund organic traffic growth

  • Increased organic traffic by 34% when comparing the year 2019 to 2018

Organic traffic comparison sortmund

  • Increased revenue from organic traffic by 27% when comparing the year 2019 to 2018
  • After the optimisation of category pages, the keyword phrases important for the client started ranking high:

keyword 1

keyword position changes

SEO Specialist’s comment

When starting to work with Sortmund, I knew that I was up for the challenge. After all, it was about “sculpting” something that was already functioning well for some years – a recognisable brand with good SERP ranks and proper SEO efforts. But, similarly to the Client, we didn’t want to rest on laurels and find Top10 satisfactory. From the beginning, we simply had to aim higher. Thanks to consistent and broad-based SEO efforts, making it into Top3, and even the first rank in the search results for many important phrases was (and still is) possible. It was not only me who worked for this success, though – the whole team involved in the project contributed to it.

Milena Fietko Delante
Milena Fietko
Senior SEO Specialist

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