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Client Goals


Improve organic search traffic

LubieButy sells shoes imported from France, the United Kingdom and Poland. Their range of footwear is not only wide but also affordable, yet the website had problems with attracting potential customers. At the time the owner of LubieButy contacted us, the online store was getting +/-10,000 organic visitors a month, which constituted just 18% of the overall web traffic. The client’s ambition was to increase the income generated by the unpaid search traffic.

SEO Team

It’s impossible to get a website noticed by Google, not to mention by the customers, if the pages lack unique and keyword-rich content. That was basically what we had to work on to drive more unpaid traffic to lubimybuty.pl. Combining the copywriters efforts, technical SEO and the off-site process, we succeeded at delivering the desired results to the client working in a highly competitive industry.

Klaudia Tokarska
Klaudia Tokarska SEO Specialist

On-Site Strategy

Creating More Content for the Homepage & Category Pages

The very first thing we had to deal with was the insufficient amount of text that was published on lubiebuty.pl. Without enough content, it’s hard to get a website rank higher.

Why we did it

Web content can be one of those SEO factors that determines whether or not a website appears in searches. When optimized for the target keywords, each page has a chance to attract more visitors, thus increasing organic traffic. Additionally,the insufficient amount of content has a negative impact on the domain’s Spam Score.

One of the biggest obstacles that hindered the client’s website from appearing at the top in the SERPs was the insufficient amount of content that was published on the pages. From what we could see, the homepage and category pages needed to be filled with more keyword-rich texts – that was our priority. Later, we had to expand the product descriptions as they were definitely too short and non-optimized for the right keywords.

Naturally, our copywriting team handled this task, preparing unique pieces of content for our client. When all texts were ready, we sent them to the client, so they could publish the content on the destined pages.

Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long to see the positive outcome of adding more content to the website. Take the buty online (EN shoes online) keyword for example, which we used to optimize the homepage for.

Before we started working on lubiebuty.pl, this keyword had been in the 65th position in the search results. After adding the homepage content and indexing, the same phrase got to the 10th position, and kept crawling up. Eventually, buty online keyphrase made it to the 2nd SERP position.

shoes online keyword graph

Once the content prepared for the homepage was ready and published, we could move on and add more texts to the category pages. Since the number of those pages was pretty large, we focused first on the pages with the highest impression rank. We added around 20 texts, each one being more or less 300-word long. Soon we could notice growing web traffic coming to the client’s website from the unpaid search results.

Take botki na słupku (EN block heel ankle shoes) for example. Before publishing more web content, this phrase was displayed as the 68th result. However, once we started optimizing the client’s website, the same keyword moved up, jumping into the 42th position. Later, when the content was published on the category pages, botki na słupku made it to the 12th position.

Eventually, the category page optimized for botki na słupku appeared as the 2nd result.

block-heel boots keyword graph

Here is another example of a keyword whose position strengthened considerably after we added more content on the espadrilles category page. It was optimized for espadryle tanie (EN cheap espadrilles) keyword:

cheap espadrilles keyword graph

Adding Headings to Homepage & Category Pages

Later, when we fixed the issue of thin content, we had to add headings to the client’s website.

Why we did it

Google bots like clear website content hierarchy. Therefore it’s important to use various-level headings to divide the content into sections showing the most and less important information. Also, headers facilitate crawling, which wins extra points from Google. Last but definitely not least, header tags help the viewers discern the web content more easily, making them stay on the website longer.

From what we could see, there were no header tags used on the client’s website. That was a pity because H1s and lower-level headings are one of the key elements of an effective on-site SEO strategy. Naturally, to every single piece of content that was published on lubiebuty.pl, the web admin added appropriate headings.

Each page featured one H1 at the top, and at least one H2:

lubiebuty heading top

Additionally, more H2s were added to the web content published at the bottom of each page:

lubiebuty heading bottom

It’s also worth noting that H2s were added manually, whereas H1s were generated automatically – they were uploaded from the category names.

Once this change was implemented, which took place at the beginning of November 2017, we noticed a significant improvement in the keyword ranks. Take modne botki (EN fashionable ankle shoes) for example:

fashionable boots keyword graph

Optimizing Meta Descriptions & Title Tags

The last SEO-related elements that required our attention were meta descriptions and title tags.

Why we did it

Title tags and meta descriptions are usually the very first two elements searchers come across when looking for a particular product or service on the internet. Both have to be enticing and descriptive to attract the user and make them click on the search result.

The audit revealed that there were two major issues with meta descriptions and page titles. When it comes to the latter, each one featured the homepage title. This caused two problems: title tags were too long and often duplicated.

Meta descriptions were generated automatically from the page content. Since the category pages didn’t have any text published, the meta descriptions featured the information taken from the web footer. As a result, most meta descriptions were duplicated and practically useless for the searchers.

As our goal was to drive more organic traffic to the client’s website, we had to work on those two SEO elements. To use the full traffic-boosting potential of meta descriptions and title tags, we modified every single one of them manually.

This is how those two elements look before our modifications were introduced:

serp espadrils before

and after:

serp espadrils after

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Off-Site Strategy

To make the website even more visible on Google and improve the domain authority, we kept expanding the link building strategy. Each referral link we managed to receive was obtained from quality pages related to shoes and fashion.


It’s worth noting that as we were working on growing the number of backlinks for lubiebuty.pl, Ahrefs – the tool we use to check Domain Rating and URL Rating – changed the way of measuring those DR and UR. This is where the apparent drop came from.

The metrics before working on the link building for lubiebuty.pl:

ahrefs lubiebuty before

ahrefs lubiebuty backlinks before

The same metrics after running the link building process for 9 months:

ahrefs lubiebuty after

ahrefs lubiebuty backlinks after


RESULT 1 Increase in organic traffic by 617% in 9 months

lubiebuty organic traffic increase graph

RESULT 2 Increase in impressions by 950% in 9 months

lubiebuty number of views increase graph

RESULT 3 Increase of click-throughs by 756% in 9 months

lubiebuty number of clicks increase graph

RESULT 4 Increase in website visibility in search results

lubiebuty higher traffic

lubiebuty higher visibility

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