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The client is a big, international online drugstore selling perfumes and cosmetics. For the company, we have been conducting a part of the SEO process – link building activities.

See how the link building strategy helped to introduce the most relevant keywords to the TOP3.

SEO Team

Cooperation with this client was a really interesting challenge – keywords that we together selected for the link building process were very competitive and of high search volume. We had to compete with equally large players in the market, whose domains had a longer history, higher parameters, and SEO budgets. Despite the fierce competition and the fact that we were responsible for just a part of the SEO process, we achieved really good results and increased the most important keywords’ ranks to the TOP3, even TOP1.

Gosia Kwiecień
Gosia Kwiecień Head of SEO


We were conducting the client’s link building process from April to December 2020. Earlier we cooperated as a part of copywriting service – we supported the company in creating content for the drugstore categories.

The company has an internal SEO team that works on increasing the website’s online visibility.

Quick facts:

  • Managing Link Building Service
  • The client has an internal SEO team
  • Highly competitive industry
  • General keywords of high search volume
  • Polish market
  • Managing one part of all SEO process

Link Building Strategy

In the beginning, we want to point out that link building is just a part of the SEO process. It’s about 30% of the whole process and it affects final SEO results accordingly. Therefore, to bring the best possible effects it needs to be strongly correlated with the on-site process. That’s why it was crucial for us to cooperate with the client’s internal SEO team when creating link building strategy for them.

Link building in Delante is a meticulously designed strategy tailored to the client and industry.

At the beginning of cooperation, the client provided us with a list of keywords and URL addresses that were relevant from the business point of view, and which the SEO team was currently working on. Then we selected phrases resulting from our keyword research, added them to the list, and focused on provided URLs when creating:

  • exact match links,
  • links containing keyword and brand,
  • links containing part of the exact match,
  • clear URL links.

Keyword phrases and URLs were updated every 3 months. An off-site process conducted in that way proves to be the most effective tactic.

We were creating 20 links per month.

Links we are creating:

  • have strong parameters (stronger than the client’s website),
  • are created manually,
  • are thematically relevant links,
  • are being obtained from different sources: social media, catalogs, bookmarking sites, articles, forums,
  • have unique content,
  • are encased with adequate content,
  • are being additionally indexed by external tools.

At this point, it’s high time to answer the question – “how to measure link building effectiveness?”. In the linking strategy, we take into consideration effects like:

  • increase in ranks of keywords used in the link building process,
  • increase in the number of links and their parameters.

In addition, we pay attention to a number of views, sessions, and visibility of particular subpages, however, it’s important to remember that these elements are also affected by other activities on- and off-page.

Link Building Process
for an Online Drugstore

We worked in 3-month intervals, during which we made links to selected subpages and set keywords. Every 3 months after consultations with the client, we would change URLs and keywords that were most relevant to the business at the very moment. This way, we could well organize weekly tasks and work with phrases in the longer perspective that would later translate into visible results.

Links already created were also additionally supported by other links to make them stronger and fasten the indexation process. This approach in SEO is called Link Pyramid.

  • First, we focused on general phrases, such as Online perfumery
  •  Perfum (a keyword with incorrect spelling in polish language that was important for the client as many users would make the query with mistake)
  • Online drugstore
  • E-drugstore

Examples of changes in the position of linked general phrases

All data are obtained from external, independent sources.

Keyword: online drugstore
Initial rank: 11
Best rank: 1

general phrases match notino graph

Keyword: e-drugstore
Initial rank: 16
Best rank: 1

online drugstore keyword match graph

In the next stages, we were linking to main categories and constantly were strengthening the main page.

Examples of changes in the position of linked phrases matched to the category

notino cathegory keywords examples

An increase in the number of links for the linking category:

link profile after link building process graph

Keywords ranks:

Keyword: original perfumes
Initial rank: 6
Best rank: 1

notino cathegory keyword graph

Keyword: face serum
Initial rank: 3
Best rank: 1

notino face serum keyword graph

Keyword: cream for men
Initial rank: 14
Best rank: 1

notino cream for men keyword graph

Examples of changes in the position of linked phrases matched to the products

Keyword: Farmona Herbal Care Lavender
Initial rank: 5
Best rank: 2

notino product keyword graph

An increase in the ranks of linked keywords and linking domains combined with on-site activities conducted by the client’s internal SEO team resulted in a stable and constant increase in website visibility:

notino visibility increase graph

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