+77% increase in organic traffic
in 9 months

Clothing eCommerce SEO

Client Goals


Drive more organic traffic to the website

Promees is a Polish online store selling exclusive lingerie sets and lingerie accessories. At the time the owner contacted us, the website was neither optimized for search engines, nor did it generate much unpaid traffic. Google Analytics reports showed that promees.pl got +/- 9,500 organic visitors a month, which constituted just 18% of the overall web traffic. The client aspired to make the organic search the main traffic channel.


Increase revenue

More organic traffic was meant to be only a stirring of the increased sales. To do that, we had to develop a strategy that would not only attract more customers but also make them purchase items from the Promees offer. One way to do so is by establishing the brand as an authority and industry expert, which we were trying to achieve through quality content published on the company blog.

SEO Team

There were three reasons why optimizing Promees was an ambitious and pretty exciting project. Firstly, we worked on promoting products that had been just entering the market, setting a new trend. Secondly, in terms of lingerie, these are pictures that sell the product, not the words – yet, it doesn’t mean we could give up on the written content. Thirdly, after a few months of optimizing, the client decided to create a completely new design for the online store. From that moment I had to work closely with the developer team, giving them suggestions for better UX and SEO.

Gosia Kwiecień
Gosia Kwiecień Head of SEO

On-Site Strategy

Simplifying Website Structure
& Improving UX

Our SEO process started pretty normally: we optimized category and product pages. A few months later the client informed us about the changes in design they were planning to introduce within the next few months. To prevent the website visibility from plunging, we put forward practical suggestions concerning UX and website structure.

Why we did it

The simpler and easier to navigate a website is, the better. Non-complex design and intuitive navigation increase conversion rate and shorten the sales process. Also, simplified website structure speeds up the process of crawling and indexing.

The initial project of the website design was far from being SEO- and UX-friendly. However, during the meeting with a web administrator, we succeeded at working out the best solutions that would bring more customers to the client’s website, and keep them engaged.

Some of the improvements included:

  • category filters
  • more space for web content (mainly on the homepage and category pages)
  • heading structure
  • simplified navigation
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • reduced number of pages

Soon we found out that all the changes helped the client’s website rank higher. Not only did they increase the organic search traffic but they also made the website appear higher in the SERPs.

Creating More Web Content
& Company Blog

When the website finally had a new layout and became more friendly for the users, we could start writing new pieces of text to saturate the pages with keywords.

Why we did it

Web content can be one of those SEO factors that determines whether or not a website appears in Search. When optimized for the target keywords, each page has a chance to attract more visitors, thus increasing unpaid traffic. Besides, the insufficient amount of content has a negative impact on the domain’s Spam Score.

Even though there were just around 40 pages within Promees domain, our copywriting team had much work to do. For example, they prepared texts for homepage sliders and main categories.

Additionally, the client took us up on our suggestion of creating the company blog. This way Promees made a room on the website for more content to

  • drive more organic traffic
  • build trust in customers
  • increase conversions
  • contribute to the social media efforts (Promees was very active on that field)
  • help the customers answer their questions
  • reinforce brand
  • help turn the visitors into buyers

When all the keyword-rich pieces of content were published on the client’s website, we noticed that it started appearing on SERPs more often – it was called out by the product-related keywords.

Adding Product Pages

As the product range was gradually expanding, we suggested adding separate product pages and categories to the website.

Why we did it

Product pages are basically the key elements of an online store. Their contents aim at informing the customers about a particular product, and make them click the “buy” or “add to cart” button. From the SEO standpoint, optimized product pages improve search engine rankings of a website and help bring the customers from SERP to the store.

Promees was growing bigger as they were adding more and more products to their regular offer. This way the almost 40-page website became a website having over 130 pages within one domain. Our copywriting team wrote unique texts for each product page.

Additionally, we had to use 301 redirect to move the traffic from the old pages, which were no longer relevant to a regular user, to their newer counterparts.

To our surprise, the larger number of pages negatively affected the website loading speed. Since long loading time is one of the main reasons for increasing the bounce rate, we suggested downsizing the images used on promees.pl.

At the time of writing this case study, Promees website is achieving highly satisfying results. It is more visible on Google and appears higher in the search engine result page. This in turn has a positive impact on the organic traffic that is driven to the client’s website in greater amounts.

Let’s boost your organic traffic!
Off-Site Strategy

The moment we started optimizing promees.pl for search engines, we also began working on improving the domain authority. The off-site process for Promees depended on receiving quality backlinks from relevant websites covering the topics connected with women’s lingerie.

Before the link building process was launched, there were 286 referring domains that directed the web traffic to the client’s website. Later, it grew to 370.

Here is the link profile before we started the off-site prices for Promees

promeese website parameters ahrefs

promees backlinks graph

Here is the same link profile but after a few months of running the off-site prices for Promees

promees website parameters after optimization

When it comes to Domain and Page Authority, those two metrics also improved as a result of our off-site efforts:


promees da before


promees da after


RESULT 1 Increased organic traffic by 77% in 9 months

promees organic traffic increase graph 

RESULT 2 Increased sales by 52% in 9 months

RESULT 3 Increased visibility

promees visibility increase graph

RESULT 4 Stronger keyword position

  • almost 60 keywords made it to the top 10
  • over 300 keywords made it to the top 50

promees results keywords graph

promees organic traffic results graph

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