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Case study - Promees

Promees is a company that manufactures elegant, removable bra straps, which have been very fashionable recently.  Their online store with lingerie accessories launched in 2013.
The store is developing so dynamically that it already has other than only Polish language versions for users in: Austria, Germany, Slovakia, England, USA.
Promees products are very popular – bloggers, celebrities and stars are promoting them. They introduced other products except for bra straps, like chokers, harnesses, garters and other elements of ladies’ dressing. Promees is all about product quality and comfort of wearing, their products are exclusive and every detail is important.


Lingerie and accessories




Organic traffic


Increase in 9 months



Increase in 9 months


Promees online store is based on PrestaShop CMS. It is very popular among medium size online stores and praised for many of its functions, e.g. intuitiveness, possibility to install add-ons, structure of the store. It also has its downsides, however, most of the SEO elements are editable from inside the CMS. We also have access to FTP server where we can edit files, which is a plus, too.

We started cooperation with Promees on March 12, 2017. Google Analytics was installed on the website since December 2016.

The store was not optimized before and its size (number of pages indexed in the search engine) was just 85 pages. The store was small and was not optimized. The website had low Domain and Page Authority ratios (12/100 and 22/100).

Chart of traffic channels on in March 2017.

Majority of users visited the website from Direct and Social traffic, organic traffic constituted only 18% of total traffic.

In March 2017, organic traffic according to Search Console data (28 days) equaled 6 541 visits.

In March 2017, organic traffic according to Google Analytics data (31 days) equaled 9 676 visits.


The store is pretty good at sales, but is invisible in the search engine.

Quick facts

  • New store, not optimized before
  • Based on Presta engine
  • Has mobile version
  • ~6500 visits per month
  • Low authority ratios
  • Highly competitive industry


Long Tail approach

Promees online store had a lot of fans and potential customers, who visited their website almost exclusively using its name. The store was not visible enough for product keywords and general keywords related to lingerie and lingerie accessories.

We wanted to change it with long tail approach.

The website was not optimized before, so we started analyzing current traffic (these were mainly visits and views responding to the brand), but we also researched keywords that might potentially be used to find products offered by Promees. This type of products were brand new on the market then, so its searching habits were just being shaped. Based on the website and the research we created a list of potential words that we wanted to focus on during the SEO process.

Commencement of cooperation: SEO audit, keywords analysis

We started cooperation with Promees on March 12, 2017. In the first month, which we treated as a starting month, we conducted the analysis mentioned above and interpretation of current traffic on the website and the keywords that generate it. We prepared a document with the analysis, including keywords with the potential to generate traffic. We used the following tools during this stage: Google Analytics, Search Console, Keyword Planner, Semstorm, Ahrefs, Majestic, Senuto.

At the same time, we started conducting the SEO audit of the Promees website where we analyzed each of the elements of the website, we reviewed things that required improvements and prepared actionable tips to be implemented. We sent the results of the audit to the Client and to the Administrator of the website.

During the starting stage of our cooperation with Promees we created and planned linking strategy for the website in order to influence increase of trust ratios and factors of the website. We started link building process according to this strategy. Linking channels included: microsites, business directories, profiles, social media, bookmarking sites.

On-site Process

After the audit was finished, we moved on to implementation of the optimizations. We already implemented some of the changes and modifications while we were conducting audit. During the audit we found elements that required improvements and we prepared actionable tips. We implemented some of the elements on our own and some in cooperation with the administrator of the website. We introduced headlines for categories, space for content, and removed 500 errors. In the beginning of April the website transferred to SSL certificate, so we also performed actions necessary to quickly index the website from http to https.

Problem no.1. Simplification of the structure of the website

How to decrease size of the website and not to lose traffic?

The cooperation was going well, we also started building traffic based on product keywords. As part of the On-site SEO process, we introduced optimizations for different categories and products. In May we were notified that Promees website is going to change slightly. There will be new layout and it will be smaller by a half. Promees decided to drop separate products and leave only categories that, based on filtering, will display different models of products.

We facilitated consultations for the Client both before introducing the new website – so we don’t lose visibility we already built for Promees website – and after its introduction.

The first version of the website was not designed for SEO and UX, but thanks to efficient cooperation with the administrator of the website, we managed to change it quickly.

We introduced filters on categories in such a way that they included changing meta titles and descriptions, we got space for content on the main page and in categories. Initially unfriendly information structure, website’s navigation path and URL links were also improved.


We kept what we already developed and we generated more traffic and higher rankings.

Users promees

We still hoped that the website will have products and categories separately in the future.

Problem no.2. How to improve ranking of such a small website?

Content, content and yet more content.

After the changes, the website was indeed small. It had around 40 pages. Since, as a response to our requests, the website received space for text yet before launching the new layout, we created content for the homepage and all the categories.

In total, we created 5 texts for sliders on the homepage and 7 texts for main categories. The website was filled with content and started appearing as search results to product keywords.

We also started writing a blog on the Promees website in order to increase the number of pages and to simply make it bigger.


The website was enriched with large amount of content, which was visible in the increase of keywords generating visits and clicks.

Promees organic traffic

Problem no.3. How to efficiently add new products?

Back to the beginning, but on a higher level.

They say that dreams come true sometimes and this was one of those cases. In October we were notified that Promees will come back to its earlier concept – categories and products separately.

There was a lot of work ahead, but we knew this will have positive impact on the traffic on the website.

The offer was enriched by a lot of new products and categories.

We created new, unique content for each of them.

As a result, we got a website that has over 130 pages, instead of 40. Additionally, each of them has unique content. We started optimizing new pages, we also analyzed the elements that could be risky. We also had to create 301 redirects and the website required slimming down due to heavy pictures on the homepage and pages.

Currently Promees website ranks even higher in the search engine and appears as a search result to new product keywords which are being gradually ranked higher. This translates into organic traffic.

Organic traffic promees

Off-site process

The moment we started cooperation with Promees, we instantly kicked off with the off-site process, too. Its purpose is to strengthen the website, increase its parameters, build valuable backlinks that come from channels we selected during the strategy building stage.

As part of the off-site process, as planned in the concept developed during the starting stage, we started building valuable backlinks also from thematic websites and microsites created to strengthen the website’s parameters. Off-site and on-site processes were maintained as two complementing activities.

When we started cooperation with Promees, their backlinks came from 286 domains of average quality. Their number was 3.55K


Backlinks chart looked like this:


As a result of the off-site process the number of backlinks grew from 3.55K to 5.37K and the number of domains from 286 to 370.

We were building links also to strengthen the website, so it ranks higher in search results. Below you can see a comparison of parameters showing authority of the website.

PA and DA




In 9 months, we increased organic growth by 107% – Search Console data for 28 days

Search Console data (28 days):

  • March 2017 (6 541)
  • November 2017 (13 587)

In 9 months we increased organic traffic by 77% – Google Analytics data for 31 days

Promees google search console

Google Analytics data (31 days):

  • March 2017 (9 676)
  • November 2017 (17 119)


  • Number of orders increased by 49%
  • Sales grew by 52%

(data based on Presta statistics panel. March 2017 and November 2017).

Website’s visibility chart


TOP 10 and TOP 50 keywords

Promees organic traffic growth


SEO Specialist’s Comment

Cooperating with this brand really was an interesting experience for me. Promees is a polish company created out of a need to make something new and innovative. We worked on new products that were really just shaping the underwear trends. In this industry, to really sell the product you need not only words but most importantly pictures – the graphic layout of the website was changing quite often and I needed to stress out the fact that website content can’t be omitted after all. During all the website design changes I needed to quickly react and give some suggestions to the developer team on what to do to keep the SEO process on the constant, high level. We were testing many solutions to implement only those contributing to increasing website performance. The challenge was that we were trying to reconcile aesthetic focused approach with SEO requirements. And it worked! 🙂

Gosia Tarnawska Delante
Gosia Tarnawska
SEO Team Leader

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