Why Is It Worth Learning SEO?



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19 October 2022
Should only specialists or people who want to pursue an SEO career have knowledge about search engine optimization? How can copywriters, marketers, IT specialists, and ecommerce owners use SEO trends in their work? How to analyze Google Search Console charts and why is it worth doing it? In today’s entry we’ll answer these and other questions, so make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy our article!



Table of contents: The SEO industry has been thriving for years, and there's still room for new people in it. This shows not only how sizable the market is, but also how the demand for SEO services has been increasing over time. After all, it’s hard to succeed in the online world if your website is displayed on the second, third, or tenth page of the Google search results. Today, we’ll introduce you to 10 reasons why you should learn SEO and we’ll also tell you who can benefit from this knowledge!

Should Only SEO Specialists-to-be Learn SEO?

Definitely not! We believe that basic knowledge of SEO comes in handy regardless of the industry you operate in, and is a must-have for every specialist or company that is active online. So, who can benefit from today’s article the most?


Marketing specialists need to be able to understand the world of online advertising without any problems. For this reason, they should learn not only about social media or Google Ads but also about SEO. This is particularly relevant in smaller marketing departments which require different qualifications. Knowledge of SEO and the ability to work with an external SEO agency or in-house specialist will be invaluable asset. 

Independent entrepreneurs, owners of ecommerce stores and other websites

Do you run your own online store? Or maybe you want your content to rank high for business-relevant phrases, but you aren't sure how to do it? Regardless of whether you decide to act on your own (which can be a challenge in many industries) or hire a specialist or agency, learning SEO will make your life easier. First of all, you'll be able to implement some of the changes on your own, which will decrease your costs (we've written about changes you can deploy during cooperation with an SEO agency in one of our previous articles: Can I make changes on the website during SEO cooperation? – Delante’s tips)

IT specialists

A developer with knowledge of technical SEO or a web designer able to create a website that will serve both SEO and customers are very valuable people in the industry. Unlike SEO specialists, they don't need to have extensive knowledge of all aspects of SEO (tools, keyword phrases, etc.), but it's important that they understand how crucial Core Web Vitals - including page speed and certain technical optimizations - are for the website positions. Besides, such skills and qualifications will look great on the resume!


People who create content for blogs and websites should learn SEO so that their texts support the process. Of course, you can simply use the phrases provided by SEO specialists, but what about headers, keyword saturation, internal linking, or knowledge of how to write to be visible in the search results? A copywriter who wants to be able to create SEO-friendly texts needs to follow good practices, learn basic theory, and use it in practice. seo services support

Why Should You Learn SEO? 10 Key Reasons

Regardless of your profession, learning SEO will help you take your business efforts to the next level! How? Let’s find out.

1. You’ll Understand How Online Visibility Works

In-depth knowledge and understanding of the online environment will help you learn how customers find what they're looking for (companies, products, or services). Moreover, it'll also expand your skills in many areas. For example, as a marketer, you'll learn how to better manage your budget, communicate with SEO specialists, and stay up-to-date with current trends to optimize websites accordingly.

2. You’ll Be Able to Manage Online Marketing Budgets

How much money should you spend on Google Ads and how much on SEO? Which activities should be performed during the pre-holiday period and which pages should be optimized in summer? Act when the time is right and manage your finances to maximize sales at the lowest possible costs. This will allow you to avoid burning your budget and investing in activities that don't support website development.

3. You’ll Learn How to Mix Marketing Strategies and Develop Your Ecommerce Based on Current Trends

Learning SEO will help you avoid basic mistakes (whether it's within your website, Google My Business profile, or social media activity). You'll also be able to effectively and efficiently combine your SEO strategy with other activities such as social media marketing, or content marketing. All this will translate into fine-tuning your website's UX while keeping SEO in mind.

4. You’ll Learn How to Tweak and Optimize Your Content to Make It SEO-friendly

Everyone knows that content is the cornerstone of online marketing. But many people still have no idea how to create content with both SEO and users in mind. This can be seen when looking at over-optimized websites or websites that don't meet Google's requirements. Although they can be aesthetically impeccable, they aren't likely to appear in top positions in the search results. By building the right content strategy that takes into account SEO trends, you'll increase your online competitiveness. Combining technical SEO and quality content is a simple recipe for success that will allow you to use the full potential of your website.

5. You’ll Learn About Many Technical Aspects That Will Allow You to Design, Create, and Manage Websites

If you deal with websites at any stage of their creation, learning technical SEO will definitely make your job easier. Developers knowing that it’s crucial to place a block of text on the homepage will be able to design a place for it. On the other hand, as a site owner or administrator with knowledge of page speed, you won't install a hundred random WordPress plugins only because you think they're interesting. A good developer will remember to implement lazy loading if necessary, and won't overload the site. Why is it so important? We always remind our clients that SEO starts already at the stage of website development. The better the foundations, the more stable the structure.

You’ll Learn What Users Search for and How They Do It

Knowing how users browse their needs and what they expect is essential for anyone selling online. To successfully attract potential customers, you should analyze:
  • what your target group is;
  • how your recipients use the search engine;
  • what types of keywords they enter into Google to find desired products and services.

7. You’ll Understand the Relationship Between Visibility, Traffic, Conversions, and Sales

What parameters are important for SEO? How does online visibility translate into traffic, and traffic into sales? What does conversion mean and is SEO enough to increase business profits? Conscious monitoring of SEO processes (from understanding keyword analysis to overseeing the link building process or reading reports), understanding where the fluctuations come from, and distinguishing elements that depend on an SEO specialist will help you efficiently boost sales. Check out the diagram below to see what such a process usually looks like, and remember that:

8. You’ll See How SEO Impacts Brand Recognition

It’s hard to improve your brand recognition without good positions in Google. Customers often lose trust in brands when they cannot find them quickly, and they rarely go further than the first few positions in the SERPs. Thanks to learning SEO, you'll be able to improve your positions in the rankings and ensure that your brand and page content inspire customers and Google trust. Then, you’ll see that SEO can really make a difference and boost your brand recognition.

9. You’ll Be Able to Communicate with SEO Specialists and You’ll Find an Offer Tailored to Your Needs

Do you have questions about the SEO process? Or maybe you want to learn why the specialists have chosen specific keywords? What tools are used to monitor your SEO process? It’ll be much easier for you to talk with SEO specialists when you know what they're talking about. It's much easier to communicate and cooperate with educated clients who understand the basics of SEO and know how to express their needs. In this case, cooperation runs smoothly and in mutual understanding. Such a client won't be fooled by unfulfillable promises and doesn't have to be afraid of losing money. Apart from that, basic knowledge of SEO will also come in handy when looking for SEO services for your company. Thanks to it, you'll consciously choose the offer best suited to your needs (budget, business goals) and decide whether a given scope of activities, form of settlement, strategy, or stages of the SEO process meet your expectations. Knowing what questions to ask will help you make an informed decision.
Looking for an agency that you can outsource your SEO efforts to? Check out long tail SEO services in Delante and ask us about everything!

10. You’ll Understand What’s Happening on Your Website

What information is shown in the charts? Why did one phrase go up and another two down? How to read reports and what does this "year-on-year organic traffic" actually mean and why is it so important? Learning SEO will help you read your own results and analyze the case studies you find on companies' websites to see whether the effects of their work meet your expectations. Having a lot of control over what is happening on your site is the key to success.
Check out the Code & Pepper case study to see more.
Knowing the basics of SEO (the importance of organic traffic, current trends, Google updates, and data from the tools), will allow you to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of performed activities.

Where to Start Your SEO Adventure?

Online and Offline Trainings

Today you can participate in an incredibly wide range of courses. You'll find both offline and online trainings that vary in duration and are tailored to specific levels: for beginners and those a bit more advanced. There are both paid, free, certified, and uncertified courses. You'll certainly find something meeting your expectations.


If you'd like to start a career in the industry, it's worth concerning a paid internship. Many agencies train future employees this way, so it's a practical and lucrative option. Even if it turns out that it isn't the right profession for you, you'll finish the internship with a lot of knowledge that will be useful in various professional situations. On our blog, you can find a special Career category, where we publish entries helping people who are just starting their adventure with SEO. We know from experience that it's often used by candidates (and then future interns or juniors) before they apply to see what it's like to work in our company. Do you want to start your adventure with SEO among the best specialists? Join Delante and apply for an internship!


Industry conferences are a great opportunity to meet specialists and see presentations on the most current and trending topics. On the plus side - the content is always fresh and proven, as only trustworthy speakers are invited to renowned SEO conferences. On the minus side - the prices of such events may seem quite high for beginners.

Industry Blogs

These are great places to gain knowledge for free - just remember to choose your sources wisely. We especially recommend blogs of professional SEO agencies or companies offering SEO tools. Why? They contain regularly updated content. Such an approach will allow you to avoid acquiring outdated, no longer useful information.

Vlogs, Webinars, Podcasts, and Ebooks

You'll find plenty of valuable content like vlogs or webinar recordings on YouTube - check out Ahrefs, Majestic, or Neil Patel's channels. On Spotify or other streaming platforms, you can find podcasts from SEO tycoons like The Search Engine Journal Show or Experts on the Wire. It’s also worth checking valuable reports and ebooks. Why? You'd probably like to learn about the most common mistakes in link building or ecommerce trends in the last year, wouldn’t you?

Facebook Groups

These are places that allow you to explore the industry vocabulary and see what people working in SEO are looking for. Someone has a problem with the code, someone else is looking for a link building specialist... Although Facebook groups aren't a priceless source of knowledge (the advice given there should sometimes be taken with a grain of salt), they're a great way to get to know the industry from the inside. You already know why you should learn SEO and where to look for information. So, what sources should you avoid?
  • Old forums about SEO, with tips and practices from years ago. They frequently recommend black hat SEO practices or other spammy tricks;
  • Old books about SEO that have expired - the life cycle of a book on online marketing, and SEO is very short, so it's rarely worth reading titles that were published a few years ago unless the content is truly timeless.

Learning SEO - The Takeaway

Let’s summarize why it’s worth learning SEO and how you can do it on your own. Who should learn SEO?
  • people thinking about working in the SEO industry,
  • marketers,
  • IT and related professionals,
  • entrepreneurs,
  • ecommerce owners,
  • website owners,
  • copywriters.
What are the benefits of learning SEO?
  • better understanding of online processes,
  • ability to manage the marketing budget, SEO, and other branches,
  • understanding of current online trends,
  • ability to create content that is interesting for people and readable for Google,
  • plenty of technical knowledge,
  • understanding of the relationship between visibility, traffic, and sales,
  • understanding of what and how people search online,
  • ability to communicate with SEO specialists,
  • understanding of the processes that occur on a site during SEO.
How and where to start learning SEO?
  • offline courses,
  • online courses,
  • internships,
  • conferences,
  • industry blogs,
  • vlogs,
  • podcasts,
  • ebooks,
  • reports,
  • Facebook groups.
Gosia Kwiecień Head of SEO Delante
Gosia Kwiecień

Head of SEO

Gosia Kwiecień, Delante’s Head of SEO, leads with a decade of expertise, ensuring client success and fostering a team culture where every member’s growth and contribution is valued.

Gosia Kwiecień Head of SEO Delante
Gosia Kwiecień

Head of SEO

Gosia Kwiecień, Delante’s Head of SEO, leads with a decade of expertise, ensuring client success and fostering a team culture where every member’s growth and contribution is valued.

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