Organic Traffic

What is Organic Traffic? – Definition

Organic traffic is free of charge, obtained from users’ entries into a website after they have entered a phrase in the search engine and clicked on a specific link in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) result. Free results appear under paid results, marked as advertising.

How to increase organic traffic on the site?

Sites generating the most organic traffic are located in TOP10 search results, i.e. on the first page of the search engine. To increase organic traffic on your website, you need to take care of an effective SEO process. Some of the basic elements of SEO are correct header structure on the site, meta data optimized for the right keywords, appropriate length of content on the site, correct internal linking.

By working on a website that improves elements affecting SEO, the website will be displayed higher and higher in search results, and thus generate valuable organic traffic.

How to measure organic traffic on the website?

There are several tools to measure organic traffic on the website. The most popular is of course Google Analytics. It is also worth to use such tools as Search Console, Ahrefs or Semrush.

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