What is CSS? – Definition

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style sheet language that describes the style of the HTML document.  It describes how HTML elements are displayed on a page. CSS saves a lot of work as it may control the layout of multiple pages at once. Style formatting is usually saved in a separate .css file. Thanks to this, you can modify the layout of the whole site by changing only one file.

CSS Syntax

What is CSS

  • The selector indicates the HTML element that you intend to style.
  • The declaration block consists of one or several declarations, all of which are always separated by semicolons.
  • All declarations contain the CSS property name and values which are separated by colons.
  • Declarations always end with a semicolon, and declaration blocks are surrounded by curly brackets.

How to Change Color with CSS?

CSS definition

In the above example, “p” is the selector, which indicates the element we style, i.e. paragraph (<p>). “Color” is a property whereas “green” is its value. In this way, all <p> elements will have green text.


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