Broken links

What are Broken Links? – Definition

Broken links (or dead links) are links that do not redirect users to the linked page. They may be, for example:

  • hyperlinks to a website that is no longer available;
  • deleted pages;
  • changed URL structure;
  • domains that have expired, i.e. have not been renewed by their owners.
If broken links occur, 404 errors appear.

How to Check the Website for Broken Links?

Both external and internal links have a great impact on positions in the search results. For this reason, removing and replacing broken links with correct links is an extremely important practice.

Websites with too many broken links are considered to be of low quality and, as a result, drop in the search results.

In the process of checking the site for dead links, such applications can be helpful: Xenu Link Sleuth, Link Checker, DRKSpider, and Firefox browser extension – Link Evaluator. Another popular and widely used program is Screaming Frog SEO Spider.

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