Broad Match Modifier

What is Broad Match Modifier? – Definition

A broad match modifier is used in Google Ads to increase your control over keywords. It allows you to find more precise keywords and reach a more targeted audience. Its implementation may increase the accuracy of creative displays and consequently improve metrics such as CTR or CR.

Broad Match Modifier in Practice

All you have to do is add the plus sign in your keywords before the selected words are important for you. Then, your ads will be displayed on those searches that contain the chosen words (with +), including typos, inflected forms, abbreviations, and acronyms.

Example of Broad Match Modifier

Let’s assume that you want to advertise your calendars for 2021. In this case, you can save keywords by using the broad match modifier in such a form: +calendars for +2021. Then your advertisement will be displayed to users who entered the declared keyword, however, it will also appear on keywords such as: “calendars 2021”, “funny wall calendars 2021” or “where to buy calendars 2021”. Your advertisement will not be displayed to users on such queries: “planner for 2021” or “calendar with black cover”.

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