What is Conversion? – Definition

Conversion is a situation in which the user completes the desired actions.  The recipient can be, for example, a potential client or a blog reader to whom the marketing campaign or SEO activities are addressed. The desired action is defined according to the goal set on a given website, e.g. buying a product in an online store.

Conversion, and at the same time your website performance, may be measured by means of conversion rate. It is calculated in this way:

The number of conversions (i.e. the number of desired activities that the recipient has performed) is divided by the total number of sessions, which is then multiplied by 100%.

Conversions can be divided into macro and micro conversions. A macro conversion is the primary expected result. Micro conversions, however, is a set of actions contributing to achieving a major goal (macro conversion).

Examples of Conversion

Depending on the type of website and the goal setting, conversion can be defined as, among other things, making a purchase, adding a product to the shopping cart, registering an account, or watching an advertising video. Expectations regarding the actions taken by visitors to a given site are different, which is why it is not possible to provide a clear answer as to what conversion is.

What Is Conversion

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