What is Target? – Definition

One of the problems faced when setting up a new business in the e-commerce industry is the difficulty in defining potential recipients.

Target (target group or audience) is a group of people to whom you address your offer. Taking into account information such as: age, gender, location, social status or nationality, it is possible to determine at the beginning who may use the offered services.

Target - definition

Defining a target group gives you a better chance that your products or services will be purchased.

Target Group in Practice

Imagine that you run an online store that sells wedding invitations. In this case, the target group is mainly the bride and groom couples who are preparing to organize their wedding. Mostly, these are people under 35 years old. However, remember that the bride’s or groom’s parents and other people involved in organizing the wedding may also be the target. With this in mind, you should tailor the entire content and communication directly to a specific group of clients.

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