Broad match

What is Broad Match? – Definition

Broad match is the default keyword match type (for negative keywords as well) used in Google Ads. With a broad match, it is possible to adequately display ads for user queries in the search engine.

Broad Match Keywords

Ads appear on the same and similar keywords to the declared ones. These can also various variants: synonyms, misspellings, or related searches.

The main advantage of this match type is a wide range of ads, however, they may be quite often displayed on inaccurate keywords. This is due to the fact that before and after the declared keywords the user can enter practically anything. For example, if you declare a broad match keyword: “hats for women”, your ad may even appear on “women’s clothing”.

Broad Match and Negative Keywords – How Does It Work?

It is a bit different. When indicating a particular search term on which you don’t want to be displayed in the search results, your ads will not appear, even if the words in the indicated keyword occur in a different order. For example, by excluding the following negative keyword “calligraphy supplies” in broad match, ads will not appear on queries such as “calligraphy supplies” or “calligraphy supplies for beginners”. However, they may still be displayed on keywords such as “letter writing accessories”, “lettering accessories”, “best calligraphy pens”.

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