404 Error

What is a 404 Error? – Definition

404 error (also known as: 404, 404 Not Found or HTTP 404) is an HTTP response error code which informs that the server was unable to not find the requested resource (web page). 404 error message indicates that the web browser can connect to the server, however, it is unable to find the resource based on the entered URL. This error most often occurs when a page doesn’t exist anymore, because it was deleted, or the user typed the URL incorrectly. Sometimes a redirect to a new address is sufficient to remove the 404. For this purpose, you can use our htaccess redirect generator!

404 error should not be confused with the “server not found” error, which indicates that the user is unable to connect to the server.

How to Fix 404 Error While Browsing the Internet?

How to fix 404 errors?


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