What is Cache? – Definition

The cache stores frequently used data so that it can be accessed as quickly as possible. There are many modifications and methods of using cache. We can distinguish, among others:

  • Server side cache – saving cache files on the server, turning it on is aimed to make the page respond as quickly as possible and load at the lowest possible cost of server resources.
  • Client side cache – local cache of the browser (e.g. Chrome), which saves the data once downloaded by the user (e.g. CSS, JS, graphics and photos) to the memory of our computer or phone for the time specified by us in the server configuration. This ensures that the pages do not have to be downloaded from the server again on subsequent visits.

Why is the cache useful?

By using file saving on both the server and user side, we can get web pages to load much faster. Popular and frequently visited website resources are cached on the server and often in compressed form are fed to browsers. When we go to the site again, the heaviest scripts and files load from our browser’s cache, so the site loads up 3-4 times faster.

SEO tip:

Google also uses cache memory to save the pages you visit. The search engine cache can be called by typing cache:address of the in the browser – such a cache of the indexed page can be extremely helpful in situations such as: server failure, webmaster mistake or theft of content on the page. Thanks to the cache we can have access to the content from the day the search engine robots visit it, and in case of illegal misappropriation of information on the site, we are able (up to several days) to recover the stolen content.

Cache application:

  • search engines – Google stores the content of the page. We can check it with the cache command,
  • browser cache – browsers store information about the web pages you are viewing on your local disk to speed up the loading speed considerably,
  • proxy cache – many Internet providers use proxy servers that store the websites you visit. This allows them to be displayed in shorter time and reduces link consumption.
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