CBM (Community Based Marketing)

What's CBM?

CBM (Community Based Marketing) is all about rallying a community around your brand, product, or service through engagement and building connections.
The aim? To build a loyal customer base that not only uses your offerings regularly but actively advocates for your brand through recommendations, content creation, and involvement.

What Are the Benefits of Community Based Marketing?

🔎 Authenticity: User-generated content reflects genuine opinions and feelings.

Quick issue resolution: Users readily share knowledge and answer queries about products or services.

🖊️ Valuable (and free) content: Forum posts and online group discussions often include helpful recommendations and assistance.

💸 Cost-effectiveness: User-generated content is free and complements your marketing efforts.

🤝 Understanding customer needs: Insights from user-generated content help refine your products and services.

Examples of CBM in Action

Social media groups

Hosting groups on platforms like Facebook allows members to discuss and share insights about your offerings.
⭐ Example: LEGO fan groups

Brand forums

Setting up online forums enables users to seek advice, share tips, and solve issues related to your products.
⭐ Example: Apple Support Community

Ambassador programs

Enlisting loyal customers as brand ambassadors makes them eager to spread the word within their social circles and on social media.
⭐ Example: EF Ambassador Program

Community events

Organizing regular meetups or workshops provides opportunities for customers to connect, share experiences, and network.
⭐ Example: Local running group meetups sponsored by Adidas

Crowdfunding campaigns

Engaging the community in financing new products through platforms like Kickstarter promotes collective support.
⭐ Example: Oculus VR, which raised nearly $2.5 million from the community.

Tips for Effective CBM

  • Build genuine and authentic relationships with customers and treat them as partners, not just consumers.
  • Stay actively involved in the community by responding to queries and fostering discussions.
  • Deliver informative and valuable content that addresses the community's needs and interests.
  • Partner with opinion leaders and influencers to strengthen your brand's message.
  • Create channels for transparent and two-way communication, encouraging community members to share feedback and suggestions.

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