302 Redirect

What is 302 Redirect? – Definition

Redirect 302 (Found) refers to a temporary redirect entered on a web page. It is similar to 301 redirects, however, search engine crawlers don’t recognize it as a permanent redirect. Both old and new URLs remain indexed, which may increase internal duplication.

A 302 redirect transfers users and robots to another URL in order not to lose organic traffic. However, it has a temporary effect, that’s why it is used much less frequently.

302 redirects definition

When Is It Advisable to Implement a 302 Redirect?

A 302 redirect should be implemented on the website when:

  • a given page is being updated,
  • you conduct A/B tests to assess the functionality and design,
  • a given product is temporarily unavailable,
  • you run a marketing campaign and want to redirect users to a sales page.

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