Delante’s Successes on The International Market. Case Study

Delante’s Successes on The International Market. Case Study

We’re proud of each and every one of our cooperations. The best part of our job is seeing how our clients can grow their business with our help, also internationally! If you didn’t have the chance to take a look at case studies, read this article and meet our clients who, with our support, can now develop their business.

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One thing you can surely say about Delante is that we like a challenge. Thanks to this attitude, for almost 5 years, we’re teaming up with companies from all kinds of industries, even the most demanding. Nothing’s impossible if you just roll up the sleeves and work hard. With that approach, Delante is naturally operating on more and more new markets to help clients with SEO processes in different countries.

Ok, so let’s begin – see what we can do for the business on the international market!

A little shortcut:

  1. Faretti – British market
  2. Money24 – Spanish market
  3. Superloko – German market
  4. Endera – German market


Faretti is a polish shoe manufacturer. The company is well-recognized on the native market and is best known for its elevating shoes for men. Quite a unique product, wouldn’t you say? As Faretti is doing well in Poland and ranks for many keyword phrases in Top3 our help was needed somewhere else. The company came to us with a brand new website with a domain – Faretti wanted to rock the British market.

Quick fact – simultaneously, we’re doing the SEO work for Faretti’s .de domain for the German market!

So, our job was to work together on optimizing Faretti’s website – our main goals were to build its visibility and generate traffic from the very scratch on the new market. Well, not exactly a bread and butter case, but we did our best. Did we succeed? Well, it’s your call, so find out what was the process below 🙂


Faretti turned out to be a great challenge for us technically wise. The first thing, not making the process any easier, was the lack of any analytical tools working for the website. Without having any “inside” data, we reached some external tools to conduct keyword analysis and competition research. Then, the starting point of  our work were  two, previously determined, keywords which helped us with building further and more detailed phrases.

Besides long-tail phrases, we also wanted to promote a branded keywordfaretti. In Italian, the word itself means “headlamps”, which makes the phrase quite competitive (just think about all those dictionary searches!). Initially, before we teamed up with Faretti Shoes, the phrase was out of index but, thanks to our efforts, it made it to the 24th place in the search results.

Another problem turned out to be a wrong multistore setup. In this case, we primarily focused on implementing correct URLs, that turned out to be in Polish also on the English version of the store. We changed them manually. That wasn’t the only technical SEO change we did for Faretti. We also took care of setting up proper 301 redirects and generating a sitemap which later was implemented in the Search Console.

Typically, we addressed the title and meta description issues which we optimized and did some adequate changes. What also appeared to be a great challenge were incorrect headings and product names – the same issues were noticed in the case of subpages’ categories. While optimizing the mentioned elements, we focused on making them more detailed and containing keywords right for the website. In addition, we fixed URLs and changed alternative text for product photos.

Apart from the above, we also noticed one more thing – incorrect units of measure. While optimizing the website for the British market, it was crucial that units would fit the local standard, so we suggested switching from centimeters to inches. 

To complete the whole SEO process, though the whole time of working on the project, we were building a network of valuable links.


So, what did we manage to achieve? Below, you can see a graph that perfectly shows how, from the very scratch, the Faretti’s website visibility constantly grows:

International SEO - Faretti Case

In January 2020 the organic traffic totaled to almost 700 views!

International SEO - Faretti Case

International Market SEO - Faretti Case

Faretti’s website visibility in search results

“Working on the optimization of Faretti’s website was an interesting challenge. It required not only standard SEO activities, content creation, but also the ability to research and understand customer needs. I like managing the projects for clients who want to conquer new markets in particular – it’s always an interesting challenge, especially when a niche industry like height increasing shoes come into play.”

David Carralon SEO
Senior SEO Specialist

Check more details about our work for Faretti:

Another international cooperation in Delante’s portfolio is a Spanish website that provides its clients with quick online loans. Seems risky? Nothing further from the truth as Money24 is actually educating how to get a loan safely and offers multiple companies to choose from. Our client runs a blog to make the whole process clear and explain all the legal aspects that might be hard to understand.

We teamed up with Money24 to create some buzz around their brand on the Spanish market and to build their traffic up, once again from scratch. Let’s find out how it went!


When we started working with Money24 the organic traffic wasn’t almost there – only 1,1% of the overall traffic came from organic searches. We decided to take a broad-based approach to SEO. That meant that our focus would go on building the website visibility and choosing a large scale of more detailed keyword phrases.

While working with website we discovered that there’s a large amount of 404 errors. As the website owner helped us and eliminated errors we could take care of the website with incredible potential yet not optimized to make proper results. The content besides being long enough and updated needed extra SEO magic. We optimized it for relevant keywords, added proper headings within the content, and took care of internal links and correct text formatting.

In our eyes, our client was missing the opportunity to generate traffic to the website by not using long-tailed phrases. To change that, we prepared separate subpages with long-tail keywords included and optimized their content for those phrases. What is more, there’s been some work on URLs – our team gradually improved them so they wouldn’t redirect users to any non-existing pages.

Along with the changes made within the page, we paired them with off-site activities. To be precise a link building ones. We were, simultaneously to optimizing the website, building quality backlinks from strong domains. Our aim was to increase the page authority and currently, the number of links and linking domains were constantly increasing during the cooperation.


For us, working with Money24 was yet another challenge to take. From scratch, we were about to get the website available and successful in the Spanish market. Let’s take a look at how it all went!

Remember the organic traffic at the beginning of our cooperation, in September 2018? That mere 6 sessions and 1,1% of total traffic grew over time to become 1484 sessions in April 2019.

International Market SEO - Money 24 Case

Also, the number of page views and clicks increased significantly:

International Market SEO - Money 24 Case

The website’s visibility in search results is constantly growing since October 2018!

International Market SEO - Money 24 Case

Last but not least, the keywords we optimized for started to go all the way up in SERPs, just look:

  • prestamos inmediatos (quick loans) – from not being indexed at all to 2nd place,
  • Money24 – starting from 49th position the branding phrase went up to 2nd place,
  • prestamos en 15 minutos (quick loans in 15 minutes) – not indexed to 10th place,
  • prestamos en linea (online loans) – also not indexed to 15th place.

I don’t know how about you, but I think that went pretty well! Now, let’s leave the finances and change the industry!

Interested in more details about this cooperation? Check here:


Third international cooperation and exciting activity on the German Market. Superloko is an online store with household goods, children’s products, and all the accessories you’d look for when decorating your house or taking care of a garden. Quite a portfolio, right? For Superloko, our goal was to build super visibility and organic traffic on the online store. Let’s dive into some details.


We can say that we’re not new to working with online stores such as Superloko. That’s why we knew that the best way to approach this case was with broad-based SEO. With that in mind, we focused on multi-word and popular phrases that created many more opportunities to generate valuable traffic to the Superloko store.

As the website wasn’t connected to any analytical tools, the first step of our cooperation included implementing, verifying, and setting up all the necessary tools we’d use during the the whole process . Then, we took care of the incorrect metadata that was automatically copied from the Polish version of the store. This allowed the Superloko phrase to finally rank as 1st in the search results!

During the process, we also initiated and supervised the implementation of the SSL certificate to the site and recommended the “Trusted Shop” certification as it makes a real difference when it comes to customers’ trust for the store, especially on German market.

Another game-changer for the Superloko was content activity. In the beginning, the website had no content whatsoever – we started to fill it up with relevant materials at the same time caring for its proper text formatting and structure.

 Speaking of content – the next step was to fix product optimization. Items often had wrong names, titles didn’t match the keywords and descriptions needed some extra care as well. We changed them and the IAI CMS took care of the rest like updating product URLs. Teamwork, huh?

As for off-site SEO activities, we’ve been hard working on building links that would get more traffic to the domain. We also reduced the size of images on site to make it work faster.


Did all that hard work pay off? We’re saying yes, absolutely. After only 6 months of our cooperation with Superloko, we managed to achieve a 462% increase in organic traffic!

International Market SEO - SuperlokoCase

What’s more, the strategy brought 313% increase in the impressions in the search results.

International Market SEO - SuperlokoCase

And, the changes were quickly noticed by the as well. The visibility of the website grew significantly:

International Market SEO - Superloko Case

Find out more details about our work for Superloko:


Last but certainly not least Endera – another interesting industry and, at this point, well-known for us german market. We’re making ourselves comfortable there, aren’t we? The company offers diagnostic services, repair, and montage of electronics and software in vehicles. Endera needed us to increase their organic traffic, so we rolled up our sleeves and came up with a custom strategy for them.


One of the main challenges we faced during cooperation with Endera was the dedicated CMS they used. In the case of custom content management systems, they often lack modules that enable working with things like meta titles and descriptions. That’s why at the beginning most of the changes were done globally via FTP.

The first thing to take care of via FTP was implementing breadcrumbs to create proper website navigation. Then, we fixed the matter of subpage headings. As the website lacked H1 headings or they were incorrectly placed, we implemented H1 in the correct places.

Another element of the on-site work was implementing a sitemap – we generated it via the external tool and it’s being regularly updated manually by our team. What is more, despite the fact that Endera is not selling its products online the website the offer has product characteristics. That’s why we decided to implement type:product structured data to the site. Additionally, as the company offers services for different car brands, we created subpages for every brand and added content on those most important.


The success of the SEO strategy often depends on internal linking. It’s an important element in the whole process and properly done can really make the website go up in the search results. On Endera’s main page we noticed a common mistake in internal linking. The link was put under an anchor text “MEHR” (eng. more). We changed that and made a category name an anchor text, at the same time using rel=nofollow attribute on the “MEHR” phrase.

On other subpages, we also detected some incorrect activity – in this case, via FTP we changed global settings so that the alt description would be automatically downloaded from the service name and we added anchor texts.

As for the off-site activities we decided to conduct an intensive link building, gathering links from strong external websites. Also, we were working on the anchor cloud that at the beginning of our cooperation with Endera wasn’t properly built.

So, that’s it. As you can see, the strategy was based on a broad approach to the SEO process. Now, it’s time to find out how it all worked out in the end!


We had our hands full as the website needed to be properly optimized. However, after a couple of months of cooperation, we knew our work paid off. We noted an increase in the Endera’s website visibility in

International Market SEO - Endera Case

The same applies to the organic traffic that was constantly increasing since the start of cooperation.

International Market SEO - Endera Case

When we compared the organic traffic from February 2020 and 2019 there was a 135% increase!

International Market SEO - Endera Case

Comparing it year by year we got the 118% increase in organic traffic, our goal was therefore achieved. Also, Endera is constantly going up with its position in search results for most of the keyword phrases we optimized it for.

“SEO process for Endera’s website on the German market is not the easiest task. What’s to maintain is a dedicated CMS with limited content editing options. Many changes on the site were conducted via FTP, and with the help of Delante developers. Thanks to the technical solutions we used and combined with the regular wide positioning process, we have achieved very good results in a competitive industry.”

David Carralon SEO
Senior SEO Specialist

Explore the cooperation in detail here:

Delante International SEO - sum up

And, that’s a wrap. You just learned about all the international successes of our company. But there are more markets we worked on!

International SEO - Delante map

Interested in more success stories? You’ll find all our case studies here:

Wondering how do we do in other industries? Let us know in the comments – we’ll share our thoughts with you!

 Marketing Specialist - Ula

Marketing Specialist

Tries to combine creative soul with the Marketing field. When she graduated, she dived into broadly understood content creation. In Delante, takes care of International Marketing. In the meantime, illustrates, draws, learns the art of tattooing and looks for new music to spend the evenings with.
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