Evergreen Content – how to Create Content that will Last Forever?

Evergreen Content – how to Create Content that will Last Forever?
04 May 2020
It is widely known that when it comes to promoting a brand, it is worth focusing on SEO, efficient PR strategies, and good content marketing. By combining all these elements we can achieve the best possible results. Every owner of every website dreams of getting high traffic. Generating this traffic is, of course, correlated to the content that users may find on the website. Content is king - that's why you should take special care of it. How to do that? By engaging users in the content on the website and keeping them for longer. In this case, evergreen content will be the best choice.

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is a type of content constantly gaining great popularity, generating traffic to the website despite the passing of time, and still up-to-date. It has the potential to last for many weeks, months or even years, continuously increasing traffic. Most often the term refers to the content that appears on a company blog. This content doesn't have an expiration date, readers bookmark them and add them to their favorites just to visit and read them once again. If you want users to love your content, it must be written in a way that is both universal and engaging, in a friendly and understandable language.

News vs. Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is the opposite of news content. The second one becomes out of date after a few days, sometimes even hours. The same thing happens in the case of texts on current trends, fashion, events, or those that present, for example, the actual offer of an online store. This content generates traffic and income just once - usually, users don't come back to it. In order to create popular evergreen content, you should focus on meeting the audience's needs, not just on giving information. In the long term perspective, this will bring additional traffic to the website. Evergreen content - news traffic vs evergreen content traffic

Types of Evergreen Content

The everlasting and universal topics require, of course, appropriate optimization. If you want evergreen content to really work, you need to consider first and foremost: ● strong keywords with stable positions, ● phrases that are gaining in popularity. You should also avoid seasonal keywords - using them may be a bit risky. It is also important that this content is regularly enhanced with links. How to look for timeless topics? You have to choose from a list of ageless content. It may include: ● guides, especially those with content responding to users' needs; ● lists, e.g. 10 tips for effective SEO, 7 reasons why you need an SEO specialist in your marketing team or 9 types of keywords in SEO you should consider; ● answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ); ● film or product reviews, especially in the form of videos; ● charts, as well as rankings which require regular moderation; ● term dictionaries, i.e. content that will be up-to-date and searched for a long time; ● well-conducted case studies that allow readers to draw conclusions from the activity or observe changes based on the experience of others; ● storytelling with the history of the company or brand, thanks to which the company can not only present interesting events and its successes but also to inspire trust and convince people to start cooperation or buy something. By contrast, it is worth noting that news, actual situation reports, posts about fashion or trends, statistics or descriptions of products that one day may be out of stock are the content that expires very quickly. They should not be removed, of course - if users find both types of content on your website, then it will seem more diverse and interesting to them. However, you should especially make sure that your company's blog contains content that generates continuous traffic and is the most effective. On our blog, you will find an example of a topic that is always up to date, a guide that will be useful to users for a long time: Searching with pictures in Google Images. evergreen content - article example In this article, Rafał presented the most important information and definitely managed to exhaust the topic. If someone is looking for information on how to search with an image, this content will surely help to find out the most important things - Rafał explains how to use Google Images and, thanks to examples discussed in detail, guides step by step through an image search. With the right topic choice, the web traffic is continuous: Evergreen Content Marketing - traffic The perfect evergreen content must: ● discuss a topic which is practical, interesting (now and in the future), informative, detailed and accurate; ● be optimized for search engines; ● be effective in getting organic traffic to your website. We should also keep in mind that for each website evergreen content will differ in form. First of all, it must be tailored to the audience - so it's worth doing some research and getting to know your target.

Link Baiting

Evergreen content is often connected to link baiting (on our blog you will find an interesting article about it: What is link baiting?). The content of this type of articles is always created for a given target audience - if these articles are attractive, informative and unique, users will certainly link to them. Timeless content, i.e. content that will always be searched, is, therefore, perfect bait for links.


The most important aspect of evergreen content is its timeliness. It is essential to optimize this content from time to time by introducing the latest information, additional headings or keywords. If you keep monitoring your content, you can extend the lifetime of your blog posts and make them useful and timeless. Thanks to an update, this article is still up-to-date and presents new, recently introduced options for image search. This is exactly how you should keep your content fresh. A great way to increase traffic on the website is also to update older, a bit forgotten blog posts. Sometimes by modifying and expanding their content and then building some links, they become popular again. If you want to learn more about how and whether to update old content on the website, such an article has already been posted on our blog. Take a look at it!

To sum up

Evergreen content marketing is strongly recommended for all companies that run their own blogs. The content posted on a blog has an impact not only on the position in the search results but also on the web traffic. Thanks to this, you will significantly increase user engagement and get more visitors who, when they get what they are looking for in the content, will be more likely to do the conversion.

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