Google Shopping Searches Update – More Images & New Features

Google Shopping Searches Update – More Images & New Features
21 October 2022
Google is making search results more and more visual. This time the update concerns shopping searches that will be filled with more pictures of products. How is SERP for shopping queries going to look like? Keep reading to find out!

As we discussed earlier this month, Google is introducing a lot of changes to SERPs to make it more eye-catching, user-friendly, and generally more pleasant to browse. Most of the changes were designed for mobile results but Google did not forget about desktop users.

Last month we announced several new features coming to Google, including more visual ways to shop on mobile. And now, in the U.S., we’re bringing you a more visual shopping experience on desktop. – Google Blog

Search results for shopping queries on the desktop in the US will include more pictures of products making the shopping experience more visual and friendly.

This is how the search results will look like for shopping queries:

So, what’s new except for more product pictures?

As we can see from the example, Google will show a row of thumbnail images on the top for the product category search results. This feature will show up for 4 product categories:

  • clothes,
  • electronics,
  • beauty products,
  • home products.

It will be possible to filter product results by their type, brand, retailer, sales, and nearby options giving users more control over what exactly they’re looking for.

Another interesting and useful feature is getting more information about the product without interrupting your search. After clicking on a product a box with more details will show up, so you can read reviews and browse merchants straight in the SERPs.

Google is fulfilling the promise of a new search experience. We can only expect more and more changes and new functionalities. This is not something you want to miss out on!

What does that mean for business owners and marketers?

Take care of your product pictures’ quality and include all the details that might be of interest to your potential clients. You don’t want to look worse than your competition in the search results!

Ania Żur

Junior Marketing Specialist

Absolwentka Studiów Dalekowschodnich i Zarządzania Reklamą i Mediami na Uniwersytecie Jagiellońskim. Do Delante dołączyła w 2021 roku, gdzie rozwija się jako Junior Marketing Specialist. W wolnym czasie udziela korepetycji z języka japońskiego, dużo czyta i podróżuje po świecie. Interesuje się content marketingiem, japońską kulturą i sztuką oraz geopolityką.

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