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29 September 2022
Search On is an event that always gathers a big audience interested in the new ways Google is going to change the world of search. This year Google did not disappoint and showed how we are going to search in the future with new features. It looks promising, so keep reading to find out what’s Google cooking for us!



Search On was a big event that introduced a lot of new features and tools that we will see in the future on Google search. We combined all the information for you in this article, so you’ll know what to expect!

What are the upcoming changes? Keep reading to find out!

Search Outside the Box with Multisearch

Google is serious about improving visual search.

Earlier this year Google introduced us to multisearch – a combination of image and text that makes searching even more natural and easy. Right now it’s only available in English but in the next couple of months, it will be expanded to over 70 languages proving that this is the future of search.

So, what’s new in this matter?

After all, we’ve already heard about multisearch, some of us even use it daily. During the Search On event, Google announced further development of this new feature. Soon, we will be able to multisearch “near me” by taking pictures of food or items we like and connecting with local businesses.

Google prepared an exciting new feature for all food lovers!

We will be able to find the best restaurant simply by putting a name of a dish we want to try at the moment. But it’s not going to be a standard list of restaurants, we will get an exact dish result with pictures, prices, scores, and places right there right now!

Google is also planning to make browsing menus easier than it is now – let’s be honest it’s a nightmare sometimes, especially if there are only low-quality pictures available. That’s why Google is taking this matter into its own hands.

It will provide digital menus with information from people, merchants, and restaurant websites to give us the most accurate menu descriptions. No more zooming on the pixilated pictures to check for vegetarian options!

Google Maps is going to go through a revolutionary change as well. Instead of a regular 2-D flat map, soon we will experience a multi-dimensional view of the real world.

With this new experience, you can get a feel for a place before you even step foot inside, so you can confidently decide when and where to go. – Google Search On 

Google will give us a feel for what a place is like, not only today but also next week or even next month thanks to its predictive models. Google aims is to let us experience a place as if we are there even before we decide to make a trip.

Since Google is getting better at connecting images and text, soon it will be able to translate text directly from an image. According to Google, it’s as easy as pointing a camera at a poster in another language to see it translated.

What’s new is Google’s ability to blend the translated text into the image, so it looks just like the original.

Explore Information Faster and Easier

It is Google’s aim for some time now to make the search easier and quicker. In the upcoming months Google will roll out a faster way to search – relevant content might appear even before we finish typing in the query and straight in the search bar!

Google will also help us specify what we are looking for by providing keywords and topics to give us more relevant results. It will be easier to go deeper into the topic and discover subjects we didn’t even think about searching for!

What’s really interesting is the way Google is planning to provide us with additional information straight in the search results. The most relevant information will be highlighted in different formats, including content from creators on the open web.

For example, you can see the best places in the city you’re planning to visit straight from those who recently visited it. Google will serve you stories and short videos sprinkled with tips on how to explore the city and get around it. Everything in one place!

To connect with real people, even more, Google added a new feature called “Discussions and forums” which will include content from forums and online discussions. From now on we can read helpful advice and tips from people who have the experience and knowledge we’re looking for.

Make More Sustainable Choices with Google

Google understands that people are looking for more sustainable choices in their lives. That’s why it will soon provide information about the impact a certain item might have on the environment.

Over the next few days, we’ll start to show the annual fuel cost for cars in search results. We’ll also show emissions estimates, so you know how a particular model you have your eye on compares to similar ones. – Google Search On 

Google will help us choose an electric car suited to our needs and more eco-friendly routes to get to the destination with minimum impact. While shopping for clothes we will see the information about pre-owned items to make a more environmentally-friendly choice.

Even your dinner can be more-friendly thanks to Google. Soon, every ingredient will have a piece of information about the ingredient-level emissions. You can compare which products are better for the environment and which are causing the biggest harm.

Personalized Search Results

Google is going to personalize our search results even more.

Knowing our preferences when it comes to movies, books, or cuisine, Google will be able to show more relevant results and even recommend things we might like.

The “About this result” feature will be updated as well to show whether a particular result has been personalized. It will also give an option to manage personalizations, including turning them off.

New Shopping Features from Google

Shopping Graph is going to have 9 new features and tools which will make shopping with Google a more immersive, informed, and personalized experience.

From now on, you can just add the word “shop” to any product you’re looking for to get a visual feed of products, additional research tools, and a nearby inventory. Google will also help you create a whole new look that will go nicely with a product you’re looking for, so you don’t have to worry about styling it.

If you’re planning to reinvent your image Google can help you discover new styles based on your previous shopping searches and direct you to websites where you can make a purchase.

If you’re up for new trends you can count on Google to show you trending products that are popular at the moment. This will also apply to the new shopping filter which will be updated regularly based on the current trends.

For people struggling with making a purchase decision, Google introduced buying guides. They will help with more complex purchases that require taking a lot of factors into consideration. And if you’re still not convinced you can go into the new Google app feature “Page insights” and get more information about the product or website to help you make an informed decision.

Personalization is also going to be a big part of the shopping experience. Google will analyze our previous shopping habits to show us the most relevant results. We can also inform Google about our preferences directly by choosing a brand and department we would like to see more in the future.

The Future of Search is Looking Bright

It seems that searching for information and products will be more intuitive and faster in the future. It’s really exciting to see what new ideas and features Google is introducing to make our lives easier.

The feature of Search really is looking bright! We can’t wait to try some of the new functions and see the impact on the search results and SEO. We will be keeping our fingers on the pulse and let you know how’s Google search changing!

Ania Żur

Junior Marketing Specialist

Absolwentka Studiów Dalekowschodnich i Zarządzania Reklamą i Mediami na Uniwersytecie Jagiellońskim. Do Delante dołączyła w 2021 roku, gdzie rozwija się jako Junior Marketing Specialist. W wolnym czasie udziela korepetycji z języka japońskiego, dużo czyta i podróżuje po świecie. Interesuje się content marketingiem, japońską kulturą i sztuką oraz geopolityką.

Ania Żur

Junior Marketing Specialist

Absolwentka Studiów Dalekowschodnich i Zarządzania Reklamą i Mediami na Uniwersytecie Jagiellońskim. Do Delante dołączyła w 2021 roku, gdzie rozwija się jako Junior Marketing Specialist. W wolnym czasie udziela korepetycji z języka japońskiego, dużo czyta i podróżuje po świecie. Interesuje się content marketingiem, japońską kulturą i sztuką oraz geopolityką.

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