AI Will Help to Create Content in Performance Max Campaigns



AI Will Help to Create Content in Performance Max Campaigns
10 November 2023
Google Ads is testing the use of AI resources to make Performance Max campaigns work better. Find out exactly how artificial intelligence can help you create content!



How Will AI Help Create Campaigns?

After giving Google Ads a bunch of information:

  • what the company you want to advertise does,
  • what page the ad will be targeting,
  • what products/services it advertises and what makes it unique,
  • the page that Google may be inspired by when creating content,

we will get generated headlines, descriptions and ads along with Google watermarked images. In the Google Ads panel, there will also be an option to edit the materials directly, which will make the work much easier.

And most importantly, there will always be an option to decide what of what the artificial intelligence creates we want to add to the campaign.

Using AI in Performance Max campaigns

Source: Google Ads panel

When Will this Feature Be Fully Available?

Until the end of this year, content creation for Performance Max campaigns using AI is available in beta version only in the USA. Worldwide, the option will appear with the start of 2024.

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